Monday, January 21, 2013

Servin' Up Dinner with Chef Little One #CavendishFromTheFarm

Like for all busy families, mealtimes for us are often rushed.  Who has time to slave over the stove for hours when you have work, family, activities, and everything in between?  Having said this, of course we all want to feed our families good food. Healthy food. Food that tastes amazing. Right?

I'm one of those people who loves cooking. I love creating delectable dishes for all to enjoy. I love spices and fragrances, and cultivating my four year old daughter's love for exploring cuisine from all over the world.

I have to admit that lately I've been looking for ways to get dinner on the table faster. Everyone is hungry after work and school, but time I only have about a one hour window to get our meal on the table. One hour...from prep to finish.

I was more than excited to be part of the #CavendishFromTheFarm blog tour. Always willing to try new food or experiment with new recipes and save time in the kitchen, this was the perfect tour for me!

What I love about the Cavendish From the Farm potatoes is that they are harvested exclusively from the rich red soil of PEI! That's right! They're Canadian, eh! Only the most delicious premium potatoes are chosen.

Since supper is my family's only time to spend together during the work week where we have some quality family time, I want our meals to be something we all enjoy. The experience has to be one that everyone remembers. Sounds crazy, I know. That's how much I value the time I do have to spend with Hubs and Little One though.

Here's Little One helping me get the cucumber salad ready.  I let her be in charge of cutting the cucumbers...with a butter knife, of course!
Now time to make the dressing.
Here's our Yummy Yummy Sauce recipe:
  • Juice of 1/2 a large lemon
  • Honey (use your discretion - I rarely measure ingredients unless it's for baking)
  • 3-4 cloves garlic, minced (I have a hand-grater/rasp that I use for garlic)
  • Salt & pepper to taste
In a bowl, whisk all ingredients together. Pour over sliced cucumbers, making sure to coat evenly with the "Yummy Yummy Sauce". Voila! Done!

We tried the Cavendish From the Farm Wedges for this meal.

Cavendish From the Farm also has
 Straight Cut

Rustic Reds

We got all three varieties and will be trying out the other two soon!

The Wedges are "thick-cut" and "skin on", and seasoned with sea salt. I put Chef Little One to work by having her crack some black pepper and sprinkle a bit of chopped parsley over the wedges before we baked them.

They were a great side dish! What I loved the most was the cooking time! 12 minutes in a 450 degree oven, turn and then another 8-12 minutes, and done!
Cavendish from the Farm Wedges info from the Cavendish website:

  • Low in saturated fat
  • Trans fat free
  • Cholesterol free
  • Source of fibre
  • Low in fat
  • Source of potassium 

  • Our dinner:
    • Cavendish Fresh from the Farm Wedges
    • Cucumber Salad with Yummy Yummy Sauce
    • Balsamic glazed beets
    • Grilled chicken
    • Asparagus

    So good!

    I also took the liberty of perusing the site and was excited to discover that Cavendish included a recipes section! I think I'll try making the Eggs Benedict with Hollandaise Sauce for brunch next weekend!

    Disclosure – I am participating in the From the Farm blog tour by Mom Central Canada on behalf of Cavendish. I received compensation as a thank you for participating and for sharing my honest opinion. The opinions on this blog are my own.


    Anonymous said...

    YUM! I think I need to hire little RA to help me with dinner! looks delish!

    Randa @ The Bewitchin' Kitchen said...

    That looks delicious!

    Mom vs. the boys said...

    these look great, I was on the search for them just this morning. tried two stores without any luck

    Christine McN said...

    Awww! She really is a good little helper! LOVES to cook and bake!

    Christine McN said...

    Thank you! :) Now I'm hungry! LOL!

    Christine McN said...

    Aww! Hope you have some luck finding them soon! They are SOOOOO GOOOOOOD! Your boys will love them!

    Paula Schuck said...

    Um first of all how is it possible she is four?? Wow! time flies. We tried the sweet potato fries tonight. They are good too. I love sweet potatoes. What a great meal!

    stephanie said...

    Little one looks so adorable in the kitchen! I think it's great you're getting her involved in cooking at such an early age!

    Christine McN said...

    Mmmm! I luv me my sweet potato fries! LOL!

    I know, right?! How is it possible that she's already four!?! I am totally going to cry! LOL! It's kind of neat that people who have read the blog for a while have been able to see her grow and reach milestones. Love how it feels like we're all friends/family and keeping up w/ everyone's kids' growth, etc! Love my bloggy friends!

    Christine McN said...

    Awww! Thanks so much! She LOVES being in the kitchen. Sometimes a little too much! LOL!

    caninecologne said...

    What an excellent sous chef you have there! I love how LO helped you make the potatoes! I bet she was so proud!

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