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Fisher-Price~Definitely a Favourite in This Household! {Plus, an Exclusive Discount!} #FPFavourites

When I think of all the many toys that have passed through my parents' house and endured the test of time, tiny hands, sticky fingers, and that have given countless hours of play, I think of Fisher-Price.  I remember playing with the Fisher-Price record player, telephone, airplane, farm, and all the old school Little People when I was a kid. My brothers, cousins and I would spend hours playing with our favourite Fisher-Price toys.

We even kept a few Fisher-Price toys at my grandparents' house so we could play with them when we were there. To this day, I still look back on those days with fondness.

I have to say that when I was little, my favourite Fisher-Price toy was probably the record player. I think it's interesting how children gravitate towards certain toys and have an attachment to them. I know that Little One absolutely loves her Laugh & Learn Say Please Tea Set!

Little One can often be found pouring tea for her friends and playing hostess, serving up imaginary treats! It is endearing! I am also amazed at how much she has grown, learned, and developed in the past year or so. The Laugh & Learn Say Please Tea Set has taught her phrases, numbers, and more! I'm in constant awe of how this toy captures my daughter's imagination.

Though the recommended age for this toy is 6 months to 3 years, Little One is now 4 years old and loves this toy just as much as she did when she first got it 2 years ago.

Another reason I love the Laugh & Learn Say Please Tea Set is because Little One has been severely opposed to learning her numbers. To say she was resistant is an understatement. When she entered Junior Kindergarten last Fall, at 3 years of age, I tried to practice recognizing and writing her numbers and alphabet. She would always get distracted and not want to have anything to do with her numbers and letters. However this particular Fisher-Price toy has recently piqued her interest in numbers without her even knowing it. Before, it seemed like it was all about just playing. Now she's been counting and using her numbers - even when she doesn't realize she is.

It makes me so thrilled to hear her say things like "One tea for you, and one tea for me! That's two cups of tea!" or "If I have five biscuits and Daddy eats one, I eat one, Mommy eats one, and Chancey eats one, we only have one left!"

Apart from the obvious educational element, I'm most pleased about the fact that it's pure joy when Little One plays with her Laugh & Learn Say Please Tea Set.

About the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Say Please Tea Set:

  •    This adorable set has 3 play modes-learning, music and imagination.
  •    Teaches baby about numbers, shapes, opposites, manners, greetings and more
  •    Tip the tea pot to hear fun sound effects. Three sung songs.
  •    Press the teabag to hear a sung song or lift the lid to learn about opposites and manners
  •    Includes 2 teacups and a shape-sorting cookie tray with 3 teethable cookies

Check out the Fisher-Price Favourites! They're specially picked to help give you and your baby a toy box packed full of fun that will help you grow together through the joy of learning.

This is one toy I always tell my friends about. If they don't have it on their "Must Have" list, I get it for their kids for birthdays or Christmas. That's how much we love this toy!
Toys aren't the only things on Mom's "Must Have" list! There are also so many Fisher-Price Baby Gear items that I tell my friends I absolutely loved having (and needed) when Little One was an infant!

A few items I've gotten for expectant mom friends are the My Little Snugabunny Cradle 'n Swing, Ocean Wonders Aquarium, Infant to Toddler Rocker, and the Space Saver High Chair.

To pick just one favourite would be too difficult, because they all have their purposes and they all help make Mama's life a little easier! Having said this, I think the Space Saver High Chair is a definite must.

We certainly didn't have room for a big, bulky high chair. A high chair like this is perfect. It's easy to clean, portable, and it doesn't take up too much space. What's not to love?

Fisher-Price Favourites are toys that have been tried & tested through the years, and year over year have been favourites of moms, not just in Canada, but World over. They encourage child development and support children in achieving important milestones.


I've got a Mom Central and Fisher-Price blogger discount code to share with my readers! With the code FISHERPRICE20 you will be able to receive 20% off Fisher-Price favourites at Toys ‘R Us! This PIN is effective March 29 to April 30. Visit: to use the exclusive PIN code!

If you don't already have the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Say Please Tea Set, I highly recommend it! I'd love to hear what favourites you'll be buying with the use of the special PIN code!

Do you have any Fisher-Price favourites? What are they?

Disclosure: I am part of the Fisher-Price Blogger Campaign with Mom Central Canada and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.


OrangeHeroMama said...

Aww. What a sweet post! LOVE that tea set. We had sooo many FP toys/baby accessories while the girls were little! Such a great company!!

Christine McN said...

Thanks so much! Yes, FP toys are timeless and classic! So well-built and have kids and parents in mind! ;p

Bewildered Bug said...

Oh look at how adorable your LO is in that outfit! I love this tea set - would have died and screamed and cried for that set when I was young!

Christine McN said...

Bewildered Bug:
Awww! Thanks! I know! I wish I had one of those tea sets when I was a kid! I remember having one, but it was really flimsy and had lots of little parts. Still fun, but THIS is tops!

Little Miss Kate said...

We had a space saver high chair and I LOVE it, so much better than a full size high chair. Takes up less room and is easy to transport to grandmas house!

Jennifer Van Huss said...

the say please tea set is my daughters favorite too. I love the smiling face and the sound it makes. Fisher Price is always been a favorite in our house too.

Christine McN said...

Little Miss Kate:
That's for sure! I was a freak about cleanliness and always brought Little One's chair/booster with us...even to restaurants! LOL!

Christine McN said...

Ahhh! That's so sweet! I love the sound it makes when it's pouring the tea! Cute!

Wendy S said...

My nieces have the tea set -- so cute! FP has been a part of so many stages of my daughter's lives....they still play with their FP Loving Family Dollhouse every day!

That's a great discount...and with birthdays coming up it will come in handy!

Christine McN said...

Yes! It's a really great discount! I think we should take advantage of it! I like to stock up on items for birthdays, but if there's a really good sale, I even get extra items for Christmas and keep them in a giant Rubbermaid bin marked "gifts/presents"! I'm all about a great sale!

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