Tuesday, March 05, 2013

#WordlessWednesday ~ Am I Crazy???

 Clearly, I must be crazy.

What possessed me to buy a new bed set that is as WHITE as snow? I have no idea except for the fact that I love the fresh crispness of white.

Wonder how long this will last. I'm married to a farmer and have a four year old child...

Hubby keeps taking all the decorative pillows off! He keeps saying, "WHY do you need SO many pilliows?!"

I don't know.

They're pretty?

Link up your Wordless Wednesday posts! We'd love to pop by and check them out! Okay, so maybe this one wasn't so "Wordless"!


Shayna Murray said...

We bought (almost) white leather furniture for our living room a few years ago. Ask me how that is working out? :(

Kathryn Lavallee said...

Every time, EVERY TIME I buy a white (shirt/coat/dress/blanket...) I swear it will be the last when it ends up filthy after its first use. So I feel you, lady. (Did I mention I actually bought a white dress today? Lol)

Misfit Momma said...

I also have a white duvet cover that I ordered online. After I got it, I took one look and decided this wouldn't be the time for it. My kids would have had it destroyed by now because my bed is in the living room and they are constantly walking/jumping on it. One day I'll use it and love it, but I think I'll need a bedroom they aren't allowed into lol.

Christine McN said...

:) Your comment made me smile. I love, love, love whites, cream colours, etc. Our living room furniture was all cream. SO BEAUTIFUL. It was okay when Little One was a baby because she wasn't mobile. After she became mobile, everything went down the crapper! My beautiful cream couches and curtains were all stained from her adorable, chubby yet grubby little hands!

I almost cried.

Then I smartened up and bought sofa and love seat covers and a darker shade curtain.

They're only young once! One day I'll be able to enjoy my light, airy, beautiful furniture. LOL!

Christine McN said...

WOW! I say that every time too! Hahaha! Oh, and you are brave! I always WANT to buy white dresses or outfits, but I KNOW I'm a walking disaster waiting to happen! LOL! 100% of the time things will end up in a stain!

Christine McN said...

Misfit Mama:
SO true! One day we'll get to use our white duvets and enjoy them! Hmmm...maybe when the kids are in college and out of the house?

OrangeHeroMama said...

We don't have a white spread, but we do have white sheets. I love them because they're so crisp and wonderful..and they're bleachable! :)


Margarita Ibbott said...

They are pretty... my husband once made that comment to me and I said: If I wanted my bed to look like a college dorm bed, I would have stayed in school and if I wanted my bed to look like a kids bed I would have filled it with stuffed animals... the thing is we are adults and I want it to look like adults sleeps here.

Wife 1 Hubby 0

Manager to Mom said...

I'd have to agree with hubs here. Well, sort of. I like lots of pillows too but functional ones. :) (Though I have to say your selection looks lovely!)

Elizabeth FrugalMomEh said...

When I went to Cuba for a week two years ago I came home to find all my decorative pillows hidden in the basement. So that was the end of that.

Mom vs. the boys said...

we bought new bedding a few months back, every single one I liked was white!! ugh! it's sooo pretty but seriously with three boys, nothing stays white for long! We ended up with grey lol

Erika Price said...

Ha ha, but there is nothing quite so wonderfully luxurious as crisp white bedlinen!

Tammy said...

I love white too! But I dont buy, too hard to keep clean.

Brandi Yee said...

I love the white too, but find it can dingy looking over time, even without kids. I used to have a beautiful, eyelit lace duvet before I met my hubby....let's just say it's not on my bed anymore lol. We now have brown and burgundy colours on our bed. Too dark though! Love your new bedding...just keep your hubby and little one out of your room LOL jk.

Lyne Proulx said...

The pillows had colour and contrast but men don't get that lol!

Love it!

Multi-Testing Mommy said...

Beautiful, but yup! You're crazy ;)

Shari G said...

I like with or without the pillows. But with 3 little boys...no way I would even begin to consider white.

Natalie @ PegCityLovely said...

Yup, you're nuts! hahaha I must say it does look soooo clean and pretty though!

Carla WorkingMommyJournal said...

love love white sheets and duvets! I hope they last with the hubby and your daughter :P

Lily Ashley said...

i love the white comforters!!!

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caninecologne said...

I love white bed sets! ours is white too but no plethora of pillows.

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