Sunday, March 03, 2013

My Love Affair: Why Choosing Between Two Loves is so Difficult

Confession time.

Dear readers, you know how I am always 100% honest with you, right? I wear my heart on my sleeve. I share moments of total #MomFails and all those other moments of laughter, tears, and even self-deprecation with you. I tell you the good, the bad, and the ugly about everything. This blog's not just roses and sunshine all the time. It's the truth.

I'm about to tell you about my love affair and why choosing between two loves is so difficult.  How can one be torn between two loves? There are qualities in both that make leaving either of them so challenging.

When I left my BlackBerry Curve for the BlackBerry Bold 9900, there was no contest. Loved my Curve, but the Bold 9900 quickly won me over. Everything about the Bold 9900 was attractive to me. I had the best of all worlds. Touchscreen and keyboard! That was very important to me! I loved the fact that I could use the touchscreen, but type quick like a ninja on the physical keyboard!

Photo of my 3 BlackBerry loves taken with my BlackBerry PlayBook. Can you tell I am a BlackBerry supporter?

I loved everything about my Bold 9900. I was in Heaven!

However, after almost a year, things became just a tad lacklustre. My 9900 kept freezing. I'd have to do a few battery pulls because of all the use it was getting. I was getting a little frustrated, but was still in love with it. Like I said, it had lots of qualities I look for in a smartphone.

Then I was introduced to the BlackBerry Z10.

My life changed when I first held my Z10 and got to know it!  It was so sleek, so fast, so exciting! It blew me away! Plus, it never lets me down with how fast it is! Web browsing is super fast, no time outs, no freezing...just super fast and super efficient.

There are so many qualities in the 9900 that I still adore. I love that I can use multiple Twitter accounts and go back and forth between them really easily.  Since I now work in social media and digital marketing, I manage 4 accounts and have to be able to access all 4 quickly and with ease.

I can't do this on the Z10...yet.

Though this drives me crazy, there are so many characteristics about the Z10 that has made me fall in love with it. Don't get me wrong. I can go into the browser and open up Twitter and sign in as a different user, but it's not the same as being able to switch back and forth in a pinch. I do love that the Z10 is not your average touchscreen. I like the predictive text and how the keyboard learns the way I type and can predict which words I may want to use.

I also love how I can have several apps open and go back and forth easily without having to close any of them. The Hub is also one of my favourite features. I can quickly peek and see what messages I have in my gmail, hotmail, yahoo, BBM, text messages, Facebook, Twitter, phone calls, and voicemail. If it's not imperative that I reply right away, I can go back later. I just love that I have the ability to quickly check without having to open up a page and go into the accounts to check!

The truth is, I'm in love with BOTH. I'm still very much enamoured by my 9900's Twitter abilities. Plus, I'm 100% comfortable with my old BlackBerry. I guess we always hold on to what is comfortable for us.

Though I've fallen head over heels for the Z10, I'm still learning how to figure it out. I love the calendar, Remember, Docs to Go, Connect to Dropbox, Print to Go, Story Maker, camera with Time Shift,Voice to Text, and BBM video with Screen Share.

I really do feel like I am having an affair and it's about time I choose one and only one smartphone to keep glued  to my right hand at all times.

I switched over to my Z10 and am really in love and invested in my relationship with it. I do admit that I long for some of the other qualities my 9900 possesses though (namely being able to use the multiple Twitter accounts). I am committed to my Z10  and I know I still need to grow and learn in this relationship.

I must also mention: Thank goodness we have the BlackBerry blog to consult for insight and all the ins and outs regarding the Z10 and all things BlackBerry!

Disclosure - I am a #BBElite and though I have a relationship with BlackBerry, all the thoughts and opinions expressed on this blog are honest and my own.


Bubbie Bonnie said...

This is a fantastic post Christine. I am a dedicated BlackBerry 9900 User. I updated the software and all my freezes ended. The Z10 looks lovely but I need a keyboard - can't stand visual keyboards, so I'm waiting for the Q10 to come out and some of my fav apps to be available, like Ubersocial!

Christine McN said...

Bubbie Bonnie:
That is so awesome! Yes, I miss having Ubersocial! Part of me is itching to try out the Q10! Like I said, I am learning to love the touch keyboard. The technology behind this device is incredible! I just have attachment issues and have difficulty leaving my old love! LOL! LOVE my Z10 though.

Bubbie Bonnie said...

Hopefully once the new BlackBerry Z10 is introduced in the U.S. a lot of the apps we love will become available for this new operating system. I can wait until that happens. I would love the faster processor and am looking forward to that. The virtual keyboard will never be my thing - I'm a very fast typist and I have long nails, so it just doesn't work for me!

Christine McN said...

Bubbie Bonnie:
When you get the Q10, can I come over for some matzo ball soup and to play with your new BlackBerry?? LOL! Please and thank you? xoxo

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