Sunday, May 14, 2006

Absolutely SICK!!!

I've always had a soft spot for animals and am very anti animal cruelty. I was horrified to discover this morning that the old man who lives in town had an unfortunate experience with his dog recently. Hershey is the sweetest little dog ever. She's so friendly and so happy and everyone just loves her.

Well...apparently not everyone. Our old friend leaves his dog untied, as he's of the old mentality that farm dogs should not be tied and that it's cruel to do so. Hershey wanders into the township on a daily basis, plays with all the kids (everyone knows Hershey), and just has a jolly good time. A few days ago, someone, obviously against untied dogs, took a hook and smacked Hershey in the back of the head because she was wandering about town. The hook went through the back of her head and to her eye. The poor thing has survived the blow, but may lose her eye. She also has a gaping wide hole in her neck, but the vet said she may be ok. Man, that just pisses me off. If someone has a problem and doesn't want to have dogs running around town, just talk to the dog owner...don't injure, harm or inflict pain on the animal. I mean, c'mon! This is some old man's companion!!!

If the dog were wild, rabid, had mange or something, or if it were causing problems then do what you have to do to save your life. I do know for a fact that this was not the case. I'm very good friends with the old fella who owns Hershey and I have babysat Hershey while he was in the hospital. She is the sweetest, most docile, gentle dog ever. This whole thing just makes me so angry!!

Now, isn't that ABSOLUTELY disgusting? How could ANY human being with a heart ever do something like that to an animal? Sick, sick, sick! I'm absolutely enrgaged!
This being said, I do believe that pets should be tied up if they are not supervised. If you've got hundreds of acres and the dog remains on your property and doesn't wander, then sure. We let Chance loose on the property if J or I are around. Otherwise, he's tied up but on a long leash. We've screwed stakes into the ground and ran a clothesline-like wire through so he can run around, yet still be on leash.

As a pet owner, I feel that my dog's safety is important. I wouldn't want him running into the highway or getting cornered by a pack of wolves...or shot by a farmer who is upest that he's on the loose. Personally, I'd prefer dogs who live in the city or township to be on leash. I hate driving up the highway and having dogs running in packs or trying to bite my tires as I drive by. It surprises me that some pet owners do let their dogs loose like that. Aren't they worried that their pet will get hit by a car one day??

Anyway, even if Hershey was roaming, I still think it is a horrible thing to cause injury like that to an animal. Who is the animal now? I believe whoever did that is far more barbaric than Hershey could ever be.


t said...

OH! That IS sick! What a terrible thing. I hope Hershey isn't too bad. Will she lose her eye because of it? What about that hole in her neck? Poor thing!

Ms. Mamma said...

OMG, Chrissy how horrible. This person lives among you, scary. They are everywhere though. A very thoughtful post and I totally agree with you as a compassionate animal lover. Updates on her progress, please!

Chrissy121875 said...

Hi Ms. Mamma :) I visited the old dude and his dog today. I almost cried when I saw her. Her eye is really creepy looking. It's all cloudy and I know she can't see out of it. She's only a year and a half--so young to be scarred like this for life. The hole in her neck is healing, but I fear she will lose that eye. That is SO sick! I wonder...can a person have charges laid on them for cruelty to animals in a case like this?

Hershey's just a pup still. It makes me so sad...and so angry. She's such a good dog- very obedient, very friendly. She was a bit skittish when I approached her, but once she knew it was me, she was back to her old tail-waggin' friendly self.

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