Saturday, May 06, 2006

Wedding Cake Fun

Choosing our wedding cake was a very difficult task for us. We wanted a cake that would blow our guests away and one that they'd remember for a long time. So often, I've attended weddings where hardly anyone ate the cake. I figure if we're paying a lot of money on a cake, people had better be eating it, damnit!! lol

I realize that the wedding cake isn't the most important part of the wedding and that it's the actual day and the promise that the couple makes to each other...but hey, if we're going to be doing this one time in our entire lives, it had better be one amazing cake!!!

The other week, we got together with the owner of the famous Garden's Gate Restaurant (featured in various travel magazines) and she went over some ideas with us. I brought in photos and recipes that I wanted to run by her and she did the same. J was along for the ride, but said, "Whatever you want. This is your day. You're the bride." I corrected him and said it was "our" day though :)

I'll show you some wonderful cake pics, but you'll have to wait until the wedding to find out which gorgeous and delicious cake we chose!!! I can't wait!! 41 days to go!


t said...

I like the first cake. It's really pretty. What is it? A traditional white cake? Lemon?

Just please tell me it isn't fruitcake! lol My DH's mother made us get fruitcake becase back in her days it was traditional. Can i say it was totally gross? I just about cried! lol

Stephen said...

That top cake is the prettiest ... E like's the flowers, I like the side-of-the-cake decorarions.
But where's the trifle?
Or is this one of those CLASSY shindigs?

Chrissy121875 said...

So ya want trifle, eh? WELL, there WOULD HAVE been trifle IF you and E were coming to the wedding! lol ;) j/k I know it's E's brother's wedding around then too. I just like giving you a hard time :)

PS. It ain't gonna be all dat classy a Some old ladies in town wanted to bake some Nanaimo bars and other dessert square type thingymabobbers. Too cute. in a Northern Ontario town...

Jill said...

OOOPs, lost my comment I think. I love all those cakes and cannot wait to see pics and find out which one you chose. They are all a similar style to my cake, so it seems we have similar taste in wedding cakes. I will look for a pic....

Chrissy121875 said...

Jill, what flavour wedding cake did you have? I can't remember, but I recall the cake being reeeeeeally pretty!

Jill said...

We got strawberry shortcake! My favorite!

Chrissy121875 said...

Oh yeah!! Now I remember!! Mmmmmmm...strawberry shortcake!!

Anonymous said...

We also had strawberry shortcake!

Anonymous said...

We had a mocha cake with vanilla buttercream frosting. I like mocha and thought it was a great idea. Unfortunately not all the guests thought it was! Oh well.

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