Monday, May 15, 2006

the boob tube

I don't really watch much TV at all (even if I do have over 800 channels with satellite TV), but when I do, I like to make sure it's worth my time. If I do have time to watch TV, I enjoy HDTV --just love learning how to beautify my home and garden! Very educational! I also like the Life Network- lotsa inspiring stories. I get weepy when I watch the Baby Story or Wedding Story. I love What Not To Wear!! Once in a while, I also try to watch some shows on the Food Channel. I love learning new recipes and tricks to being a good hostess and to feeding my man some healthy and yummy meals. I rarely get to watch these shows, but when I do, I just love 'em.

Though during the week I don't watch TV much, I'd have to say that one of my guilty pleasures is watching my shows on Sunday nights. John hates Sunday nights. Sundays are the only nights when I have to watch my shows. Poor guy! I have to watch Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy. I can't help it! I'm hooked.

I'm determined to get John into DHW and GA. Hey, I've already got some of the firefighters hooked on DHW!! Can you picture these big, strong men hanging out together on Sunday nights for "Desperate Housewives Night"??? LOL Classic!!

PS. J's got a weakness...He's addicted to CSI (more so just the original CSI and not Miami or NY). However, J's more inclined to picking out weaknesses and improbabilities of various scenarios. His knowledge of these things amazes me. Guess he must have picked up a thing or two whilst working on the fire department and the first response team!! Nonetheless, he enjoys CSI for it's element of surprise and twisty endings.


Dina said...

I know what you mean about Desperate..we always make sure we're home in time to watch it...even if it is a little off the wall at times...can't wait to see what is going to happen with the mike/susan story line...i think they are so meant to be together!
and Grey's Anatamy...LOVE IT!!

Chrissy121875 said...

Is Grey's Anatomy on tonight too???Darn!!! John's mom's got her Island Singers concert that I can't looks like I may miss the season finale!! That or finally learn how to program the VCR!!

Between the inn, my ESL business, J's mom's choir stuff, J's niece's ballet and his other niece's basketball and other school events, my schedule sure does get filled up easily!!! Sheeeesh! :)

Dina said...

yup ga is on tonight's a 2 hours finale- i can't wait! i set the VCR to watch it so that I can see it sans commercials and probably one day when i have some time...can't stay up to 11 pm to watch tv anymore
i also set it for survivor last night as 3 hours of tv at one time is a bit too much for me as well

Ms. Mamma said...

I'm right there with you, sista! Sunday os for DHW & GA GA...OMG, bwhaaaaaaling all over the place tonight!

Chrissy121875 said...

OMG...SOOOO sad! LOL I think J was rather amused because I was bawling like crazy last night while we watched GA!! (I didn't go to my MIL's concert! What a bad DIL I am! BUT I was feeling kinda sick though!) Anyway, when they had to euthanize Doc, I was sobbing uncontrollably. John just said, "It's okay. It's just a TV program and the dog didn't die in real life." LOL I think the sad thing is that I kind of equated the experience with having to put down Boswell. He's very tempermental and was growling at one of the kiddies staying at our inn. There were 15 kiddies and Bos was just irritated with having them all over him. He's already bit me- practically chomped off my nose! But I would hate to have to put him down. I'm torn.

Anyway, back to GA..I can't believe Izzy did that! I can't believe Denny died!! I still can't believe the dog died too :( J thinks I'm nuts. Poor guy had to fetch me the Kleenex box!! LOL

Dina said...

it's okay, i bawled too when they put Doc down...i was looking at my kitties thinking how i would never be able to do that even if it was for their own good...
izzy is a nut bar for doing that but i guess love causes people to do nutty things!!
i ended up watching it last night instead of taping it as I was wide awake and couldn't wait to see it.

Jill said...

I don't watch DHW but love GA. I had to flip back and forth between the first hour last night and 24..and watched the second hour.

It was so good and sad. I too was crying when they put Doc down.

I never thought McDreamy was that great looking, but he was so sexy last night with Meredith. Even thouhg I feel so bad for Addison, he and Meredith are just too hot together to be apart.

Poor Izzy. Poor Denny.

Anyonhe else think Calli may be a little...ummm...insane??

Chrissy121875 said...

LOL! Yes, Jill...Calli was a little freaky last night! I also didn't think McDreamy was all that dreamy before. I was just really upset about the whole married yet fooling around thing. (Yes, I do realize it's JUST a TV show!) I kinda felt bad for Addison too, although she also cheated. Anyway, it's good drama and good story telling. The writers of GA have done a phenomenal job. In the realm of reality though, I know you can't help who you fall in love with...but at least end your relationship with the other person before you jump in the sack with someone else. I mean, a vow is a vow. I guess it's never as easy as it sounds. I guess you can sometimes love more than one person.

I really thought Meredith was going to end up with the vet...then again, maybe I sorta knew it wasn't the end with McDreamy too.

What a great show! lol

Anonymous said...

Hi girls. I saw on the View that next year GA will be airing on Thurs at the same time as CSI. Guess I'll be channel flipping!!

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