Monday, June 12, 2006

the most insane week of my life!!!

So, we're 5 days away from the wedding. There are soooo many last minute things to do. Everything from picking up the beverage fountain (I also wanted to rent a chocolate fountain, but everyone else didn't seem to think it was as cool as I did!) to re-organizing the seating arrangement, decorating the beach, manicures and pedicures, etc, etc, etc..

Good news: Old John isn't dead :) I dropped by the hospital thinking he was still on his death bed, but was surprised to see him up and laughing. He had 4 other ladies visiting him in the hospital. We joked around about how he's like a cat..with his 9 lives and all! I doubt he'll be strong enough to attend our wedding, but I am just so so soooo happy he's alive and well :) The doc's said he had 4 days left and he was on morphine..but guess he fooled them!


Dina said...

good choice on the chocolate fountain. My bro had one at his wedding and it was SOOO little cousin had chocolate all over her white flower girl dress and i saw others with dirty clothes because of the fountain- i stayed far far away from it!!
Wedding planning is such an adrenelin rush though(especially at the end!!)

Chrissy121875 said...

Yeah...guess it was a good idea that I was coerced into NOT getting the chocolate fountain. Guess it was the novelty I was thinking of and not the practical side!!

This "simple" wedding has turned into a HUGE affair! Hmph!! Even "simple" weddings can end up being VERRRRY expensive! LOL

It's going to be gorgeous and so much fun though! :) What a rush!!

Can't wait to meet your little one, Dina! Only a few short days till your bundle of joy arrives!

Ms. Mamma said...

would he like some of your wine, perhaps? one last special sip, made by you?

Chrissy121875 said... mamma :) It was the oddest thing! Last week, he had only 4 days left to live and he was seriously on his death bed! I go in to see him and he's sitting up, rosy cheeked, laughing and flirting with all the other 80 something year old ladies at the hospital. Crazy! lol

I'm so happy he's hanging on. Maybe I'm selfish, as I know he's suffering and it's inevitable that he will pass eventually...we all will, but that doesn't make it easy.

What sense of humour he has though!

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Life on Manitoulin: Just a bunch of ramblings from a city girl gone country!

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