Sunday, June 04, 2006

two new passions

My SIL2B and I went to the garden center with her 2 little girls. J dreads when I go there because I can spend an entire day just looking at plants and flowers...thinking of which ones I'd like for the house and garden. It's a dangerous place to be! Today, Lori and I picked up some gorgeous annuals that were already potted, to put on either end of the arbor we got for the wedding ceremony. We decorated it with tule and ivy, and we're putting flowers the color of my bridesmaids' dresses. It is going to look soooooooo pretty on the beach!!!

BTW, the arbor/trellis was only $49.99 + tax at Michael's (the craft store). What a deal!! It's not that heavy and is pre-lit! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!! We'll light the arbor at night for photos.

So, gardening is one of my new passions, but now so is finding 'safe' places to eat for my nieces-2B. It is now one of my missions to find safe and healthy alternatives for J's cute little nieces, since it's hard to find places that are aware of gluten and nut allergies.

I now carry in my purse with me at all times, "Acceptability of foods and food ingredients for the gluten-free diet" and "Eat well, Be well: A guide to gluten free manufacturer's products" - both are published by the Canadian Celiac Association. So far, I've found that there are TONS of companies that have gluten-free products and that are safe for the girls. Heinz, Green Giant, Dole, Primo, Unico, Del Monte and a whole bunch of other companies are safe for the girls. PHEWWWW!! I used to think it would be so hard to cater to their food restrictions, but it's not really difficult at all.

I also found out that "East Side Mario's" is 'safe' for them, as East Side is a nut free restaurant! Yippeeee!! The nearest East Side's is in Sudbury, and we don't dine out much at all, but as a treat, it's good to know that we can go there.

Last Christmas I did a lot of research on celiac disease and made a recipe book for Lori so she can have more options for what to cook for Elizabeth. Trips to the health food store are fun too because I get to see all the cool stuff out on the market now. Tinkyada has a line of gluten free pastas that are very good. The girls are also happy to know that they can have Tostitos nacho chips (corn flour) and homemade salsa!! Good job that we grow our own veggies here-- makes cooking for the girls easier because we know what exactly we're putting in our bodies.


Stephen said...

The old mayor of Woking suffered from celiac. I invited him to my workplace as he cliamed to be interested in mental health but bitched at me for not using his proper title (The Lord God Almighty) and my co-workers and I came very close to secretly giving him gluten just so we could watch him shit his pants.

His wife looked like a koopa troopa from Super Mario Brothers.

I don't know why I'm telling you this other than yeah, it's a serious disease but, if you're a really big jerk, you'd better watch out for petty and vindictive people. Like myself.

PS - I'm lazy and your wedding gift will be quite late as it's out of print & Amazon's a bit of a jerk. But it'll be worth it, I promise.

Chrissy121875 said...

LOL!!! Stephen, you're too funny! I would hate to be a celiac and around you!! You, my dear, would probably give me something laced with gluten just for kicks!

Anyway, I love your sense of humour! You're the best. Which is why I've always adored you. Do you know that you and E are very much alike (character/sense of humour-wise)??? :) Love reading your blog!

PS. You don't need to send us a wedding present, silly!! ;) Though it would have been nice if you and E could have attended the wedding au lieu of attending her brother's! JK!!

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