Tuesday, June 20, 2006

We're married!!!

Well, the day has finally come. We are officially married!! The ceremony was just perfect. Everyone who attended said it was the most magical and majestic wedding they had ever been to. We couldn't have asked for better weather! It poured the night of the rehearsal and the day after the wedding, but on our special day, it was hot and sunny and just spectacular!! Someone was definitely looking out for us!

The beach was gorgeous! Aqua and turquoise water acted as our background, with white sand all around. Wedding guests gathered in beautiful summer attire and my bridesmaids were the show stoppers!! Gorgeous! (Thanks girls, for wearing those beautiful dresses, eventhough it was hard to maneuver in them for photos - esp. the one on top of the rocks!!).

Click on this for some Wedding Photos . More photos to come and the professional ones will be arriving in a week! This was a pretty high profile wedding for the island and we'll be in this week's newspaper :) LOL Lots of people from all over the island came for the reception after supper. What a fun night! It was great to be with friends and family. It makes both J and me really happy to know how very loved we are and how lucky we are to be blessed with so many special people in our lives.


Jill said...

Congrats!!! I am glad everything was so perfect. The pictures are gorgeous and you made a beautiful and radiant bride!!! xoxo

Dina said...

wow christine!! Everything looked wonderful! You were glowing- i love the photo of you and your dad walking down !

Stephen said...

Asolutely beautiful. I agree with Dina - the picture of you and your dad is great. More pictures please, so I can wallow in envy.

E wants to know: When's the honeymoon?

Chrissy121875 said...

Thanks everyone :) It was the perfect ceremony- absolutely the most memorable and emotional day of my life. All my aunts were flagging down my bridesmaids, trying to pass me some tissue because when John said his vows, I started bawling. I dread the photos of me signing the papers, as my makeup was streaked...black lines down my cheeks!!! AND it was ALL waterproof makeup!! LOL

E: the honeymoon will be in the Fall, as things are hectic with the summer season upon us. I can't wait til the honeymoon!!! :) Thanks for the sweet email you sent, E! Love you guys!

Jill, Dina, Stephen and E, wish you were all here with us!!

Ms. Mamma said...

OMG, girlfriend! You had a bagpiper? And a beach? Totally kick ass! Congrats, again! How was that cake?

t said...

Chrissy! You look so pretty! I think it was so cute that you cried when John said his vows! Hehe you weren't the only one crying! It was such a moving ceremony!

Chrissy121875 said...

Heidi, yeah the bagpiper was a nice touch! It added to the intertwining of cultures. Bagpiper for J's background and the Chinese bridesmaids' dresses for mine. Wasn't the beach stunning? White sand!! Oh, and the cake was deeeelish! I've still got some left over...wanna come over for some cake and tea? :)

Anonymous said...

OH Chrissy! You look SO beautiful!! Happiness always

Anonymous said...

love the pic of you and your bridesmaids. You look so beautiful! So happy and glowing! i also love the one of the ring bearer and flower girl walking down together! So cute! Love that you got everyone matching in Chinese dress too. How very exotic!

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