Thursday, July 06, 2006

Nothing wasted…

In between two loads of laundry, vacuuming, cleaning the kitchen, cleaning the bathroom, doing dishes, gardening/weeding and preparing for the arrival of my two students (organizing final touches for their curriculum and planning field trips, etc), I managed to make use of some remnants of yesterday’s juicing experience. Years ago, I bought a juicer (an awesome Hamilton Beach juicer) and when I first got it, I used it on an almost daily basis…until the novelty wore out! I made homemade juices, smoothies, soups…and then just got tired of the whole thing.

I’ve resurrected my juicer and last night, I made my hubby one of my favorite energy elixirs. My famous carrot-apple juice! I know it sounds like an odd combination, but it is delicious, nutritious and just a boost of energy in a glass.

Carrot-apple juice:
Pop 4 carrots, 3 apples, and a cup of water into the juicer. Blend all ingredients and pour into glasses. This makes enough for two small servings.

My juicer has a catcher for all the pulpy stuff left over from the juice extractor. I hate throwing away or wasting food, so I had three options:
A) Feed the veggie and fruit scraps to the cattle
B) Throw the scraps into the compost
C) Use the scraps for cooking something else

The creative person in me decided to opt for choice C. I took my brand spanking new Kitchen Aid blender (a wedding gift from two of our favorite people from St. Marys) and I made a carrot soup for tonight’s supper. I simply threw in the mushy remainder of yesterday’s juicing stuff, added some vegetable stock and water, pressed the convenient “liquefy” button on my blender, and presto change-o, I had made carrot soup! I will also garnish the soup with fresh chives from the garden, and serve with a salad (lettuce and other veggies from the garden too). Since J’s a meat boy, I’ll probably also serve some roast beef with it.

Well, off I go to take the clothes down from the clothesline! Until next time, I bid thee adieu!


Anonymous said...

too cool! love that you're still into not wasting anything. we as a society are very wasteful. many can learn from the ltttle things you do. just a little changes here and there a day can reallyu amount to alot in the end/ something we need to all teach our kids. i hate how wasteful people are nowadays.

Ms. Mamma said...

my mom juices that recipe and it is tasty. everything sounds delish!

Chrissy121875 said...

Ms. Mamma, does your mom have any other favorite juices she makes? I'm looking for more recipes, as I tire easily (and quickly) of the ones I have.

Anonymous said...

our fave- into juicer or blender put strawberries, banana, orange juice and ice. nakes a nice summer drink. if you dont want to put banana, you don't need to.

we also like pineapple and orange.

we never measure either/.

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