Monday, July 03, 2006

What a horrible mommy!!!

I just know that when the time comes, I’m going to be such a suck when it comes to our kids : ( I can just see it already. I know pets are completely different from children, but if you see the way I treat my pup, you can only imagine the way our own kids will be treated. LOL…I can see J shaking his head now.

Today, Chance (my husky/wolf/lab mix) was limping. He had been hopping on three legs since early last week. When J was swathing in the hay field, Chance ripped off one of his nails in his back paw while running through the freshly cut hay. The poor thing was in pain and bleeding, but never once complained. Here comes John today, clambering out the door to get to work, stepping on Chance’s wounded foot with his big, heavy work boots!

Then here’s me, running out the door, “Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Is my puppy okay?” John replies, “Yeah, he’s okay. He’s just nursing his wound. He’s fine.” “No he isn’t! He’s bleeding and you stepped on his wounded foot!” The guy probably thinks he married a nut case, but seriously, I am severely overprotective of my little baby Chance. The dog’s got a two-bedroom fully insulated dog house with a retractable roof, shingles and siding. He’s got toys to boot and the best food and treats. He’s spoiled. He's my little baby but J thinks he needs to be toughened up a bit. Man, I felt so bad for my little doggy. He’s bleeding!

J’s probably thinking: “Goodness gracious. I hope she’s not like this with our kids!” *sigh*


Ms. Mamma said...

Are you kidding me? Usually the best parents are formed from compassionate pet owners. I'm with the dog on this one, sista. Chance is lucky to have you.

Chrissy121875 said...

Thanks, Heidi! LOL
Unfortunately, Chance is still limping and when he wants to run after me as I make my way to the garden, he hops on three legs!! The poor thing :( He's nursing his back paw still. J doesn't think he needs to see the vet and that he'll be okay. I just hope he's right!!

BTW, do you clip your dog's nails? I try to do Chance's whenever I can, but he's just so sensitive about his feet!!! Argh! Tips or hints on nail clipping for pampered pooches?

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