Wednesday, August 02, 2006


I hate those pesky mosquitoes! The horrible blotchy red welts they've given me make me look like a leper! Oh, and they're sooooo itchy and painful! Surprisingly, the mosquitoes from Montreal are more brutal than the ones on the island!!!

I use citronella (or sometimes Skin so Soft), but for some reason, the little buggers seem to have become immune to it! Boooerz!! Any idea of what to use to quell the pain and itch?? What do you use to ward off the little pests? Ohhh, I hate, hate, hate mosquitoes! Maybe I need a pet bat to eat the suckers!!!


t said...

Chrissy try using Off? They have several different types like Off-skintastic and for kids. Comes in cream or spray. Muskol works well too but stinks. If you don't care what you smell like then use Muskol I think it's more effective than Off.

Anonymous said...

deet works well. a dime sized dollop on the palm, rubbed together and spread all over you arms, legs and whatever else works well. you can buy in drug stores but I think only 30% deet available now. If you're in the states you can buy 100% deet. be careful when using though. anyway, if you know anyone in the US then you can get them to get you some. If not 30% works ok too.

rrrrrrren said...

Dearest Tin, to quell itch and pain from mosquito bites, try this: 1st, do NOT scratch (remember, the bite wants you to scratch so that it can get bigger). Second, if you have hand sanitizer (ie: Purell) or rubbing alcohol, pour some drops directly on the bite, but do NOT rub it in; just let it soak and evaporate (which should soothe and cleanse at the same time). In the meantime, just take deep breaths whenever you fell the urge to itch. This method takes a more conscious effort than normal, but I've found that the bites go away more quickly with less scarring. Good luck!

Chrissy121875 said...

Thanks all! Very useful info!
Ren! Thanks for your interesting adive! Makes a lot of sense. I do have Purell in my bag all the time too, so that's good! You're right about the not scratching part too. John keeps telling me not to scratch. He says it spreads the whachamacallit stuff from the 'squitoes (he told me what it's called, but I forget) and that causes the itch.

Chrissy121875 said...

ummm...Ren, that would be 'advice' and not 'advive'. Sorries! lol

ROAR! said...

It may sound crazy but this remedy goes back to my grandmother many, many years ago and it's guaranteed to work. The magic potion to immediatly take away all itching from bug bites is... nail polish remover!

Now, does anyone have a cure for poision ivy, including how to kill both the plant and the itch? HELP!

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