Saturday, October 21, 2006

How safe are we?

Really, I have been a huge dummy. When we moved up here, I thought that there was no crime in the countryside. I thought it was the safest place to be. Living in Toronto, shootings, stabbings and robbery and all that stuff was on the news on a daily basis, so I was used to hearing about those things. There were drug deals and drug busts across the apartment I lived in, and occasionally the police would visit our complex. I also didn't live in the nicest area of Toronto, so that explains a lot. Families yelling and fighting could be heard on a regular basis. One lady would always end up in the hallway outside her apartment, crying (possibly even beaten), with her children huddled close-by. What a sad reality it was. I was shocked. My folks were so upset with me for moving out on my own when they could provide all the luxuries of home, good cooking, a clean, safe and healthy environment...but being 'of age', I knew I needed to be on my own.

Anyway, when I moved to the countryside, I thought there was no crime. Everyone was really friendly and hospitable. Everyone knew each other. This place seemed so fresh and wholesome. People knew were city folk, because we always locked our car doors. So funny, I thought. "Good 'ol country livin'", I thought to myself. I love it! Well, the other night, we were at a dinner party. Several couples (former Torontonians) had bought property up here and we decided to share a meal and get together. The topic of safety came up, and boy was I startled at what my hubby had to say! There have been a few break-ins in the past few months. People have had cars stolen, money, and other valuables too. One of our friends was robbed recently too. The thieves even helped themselves to her kitchen because it appeared they had been making sandwiches!

This is a place where many people did not believe in locking their vehicles or their houses. People had a trust and relied on the honor system. The tackle shop near us even sells worms and live bait by leaving the stuff in an ice box outside of their shop with a sign that says "Please leave your $2.50 in the jar". Where I came from, I am not sure anyone would leave the money at all. Here, if you lose your wallet at a gas station or restaurant, the owners would call all over the place to try to get it back to you ASAP. Some old general stores still offer credit to their longstanding customers. Everyone waves to each other even if they don't know who you are. There's always a "Hello! How ya doin'?" or a "Good day!" and a smile. Things I was not used to, as in the city I never ever dared to look or smile at people on the subway in case it was taken the wrong way.

Despite all this, I was shocked to hear that there is crime (duh...I should have known- I mean crime is everywhere). Guess I was just a little naive. I feel like the little bubble I've been living in has been popped. I insisted to my hubby that we put stronger locks on all our outside doors. He says the locks are fine and if anyone wanted to get in badly enough, they'd just break the windows. Guess he's right.


t said...

So true Chris. Nowhere is one hundred percent safe. Some places are 'safer' than others, but never assume that one can be perfectly safe. Oh brother! Your dog is too friendly to be a guard dog too! Be thankful nothing's ever happened and nothing probably will, but still be precautious (is that a word?). We have fancy locks and alarms at our house, but truly if someone wanted in, I'm sure they'd be able to force their way in somehow.

t said...

Didn't you get robbed while you were in your apartment in Toronto?

Chrissy121875 said...

Oh! You remembered that one! Yes. I was home from work (sick with bronchitis) and was sleeping in my room when it happened. I lived in a basement apartment in a seedy Scarborough neighbourhood. Stuff was stolen and I didn't find out until I woke up. What an awful feeling it is to know that someone was there while I was sleeping. Creepy.

curiositykiller said...
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