Monday, October 02, 2006


I have never been able to get 'into' the TV program, "The Bachelor" (or "The Bachelorette" for that matter). The entire premise of finding your soul mate in such a short time and under such unnatural circumstances...and competing for that person's affection and attention seems to me, totally and utterly ridiculous! It amazes me what kind of programs TV producers come with.

I read that this season's bachelor is a prince from Italy. What would a PRINCE be doing on TV looking for true love? WHY would he NEED to go to such lengths to meet someone? Would he not have ample opportunities to meet a suitable partner through his friends, family, business associates, etc? The entire idea of such a show amazes (and baffles) me.

Perhaps I am just being a bit opinionated. I guess the show is sort of a diversion from people's real lives. I just think it's dumb.

LOL! This said, just to quench my curiosity, I MAY take a look in between commercials and CSI Miami. (Uhh...yeah, I know. CSI isn't exactly "realistic" either- like real CSI's don't solve cases in a day), BUT it's entertaining and oh so full of suspense. My, I ever opinionated tonight! :) We don't watch much TV, but CSI (Las Vegas, Miami and NY) are ones we do watch.


Dina said...

i agree the premis of the bachelor is stupid but i have to admit that i have watched the show for pure entertainment (and nothing else on at that time of day) it is so hilarious to see all these women fighting and argueing for the attention/affection of some guy they don't even know-and will probably break up with after the show ends anyway...

Stephen said...

My current TV addiction: Party Poker. The Bachelor(ette) dosan't bother me so much, I mean this may be heartless and cynical but anyone who chooses to participate in a horror show like that gets what they deserve.

And I doubt it ends with 'and they lived happily ever after.'

Chrissy121875 said...

True, true!

Stephen, my brothers and my husband are into that whole Party Poker thing. I wasn't aware of how big poker's gotten recently. Surely, the game has been around for ages, but seems lately more and more people are into it. My dad even plays poker online for fun! LOL!

Dina, I am embarrassed to say this, but I caved...LOL! I ended up watching the last 40 mins of the Bachelor last night! You're's just too funny for words! It kind of horrifies me to see women vying for some guy's attention like that. How realistic is it to think you will end up with your prince just like that? One girl sold her car and put her life on hold to go on the show and ended up getting the boot in the first episode. Imagine thinking (and I mean really honestly believing) that you will meet someone and he'll pick you out of dozens of other beautiful women and you'll get married and live happily ever after? BUT, this kind of TV sells, because millions of people get sucked into watching :) Me included! Soooo embarrassed! LOL

Anonymous said...

I actually love the Bachelor and Bachelorette! Heh Heh

curiositykiller said...
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curiositykiller said...

I confess! I've watched a few "Bachelor" episodes~! Only on average once per season, just to see who's on the show and what the bachelor is like. And part of the fun being the audience, is to watch pretty people "act" in front of the camera, and what they actually think.

That being said, the boys (bachelors) are just really there to find their "market value" like a piece of meat,,, and the girls are there to prove they're good enough, and boost the man's ego along the way. It's all about expectations, standards and fame! SAD... but they sure got our attention!!

Anonymous said...

I hate all those just makes me so mad that people's emotions get used like that. It is easy for me to laugh at them now that I am married, but who knows what I would be willing to do if I was still single and nothing else had worked to meet the right guy?? I probably wouldn't do that, but watching it would make me so sad...and hopeless. If girls like that need to resort to fighting over 1 guy on TV...

Anonymous said...

PS I like CSI a lot...

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