Friday, August 03, 2007

Addicted to Love

BIG LOVE, that is!!!

I had seen a few episodes of the the show before, but the Mommanista got me even more hooked on the program! I don't know if I should thank her or curse her for introducing me to my latest addictions (blogging and watching BigLove)!
I don't really know what the appeal is, but I find myself drawn to the show. I just love, love, love watching to see what will happen next.
The HBO TV drama is centered around Bill Henrickson, a fundamentalist Mormon and his family. They live in Utah and practice "plural marriage". Bill (Bill Paxton) shares his life with his three wives (Jeanne Tripplehorn, Chloe Sevigny and Ginnifer Goodwin) and their combined family.
The story of their struggle to follow their lifestyle and beliefs while keeping it a secret, is an interesting one. Each episode, the plot gets more and more interesting. Dealings with the Church Prophet from Bill's former compound (Juniper Creek) and dodgy business transactions make the show interesting. However, I'm more fascinated with the interaction between the three wives and how they manage to share a marriage with one husband.
It's a very interesting show and each episode makes me want to see more and more of the show. If you haven't seen it yet, take a look and let me know what you think.

Speaking of love, Ms.Mamma sent some linky luv my way the other day. She totally made my day! Check this out! I just love Ms.Mamma! Thanks for brightening up my day, amiga!


Uncivil said...

I'm first, I'm first!!!!yea!!!!!
We're addicted to you!!!!!!!

hotmommy said...

Hey Chris! I've just gotten back from visiting with the in-laws so only now catching up on reading your blog.

I've seen a few episodes of big love and find myself also addicted to it. I thikn you should write a post about your experience with mormons while overseas. That would be an interesting one! TTYL! I second what uncivil said! We are addicted to you!

japanmanpete said...

Never heard of the program. Must be American by the sounds. Don't know anything about mormon lifestyle or religion other than I see these mormon blokes cycling around Japan trying to talk to people. I didn't know they were polygamists.

Chrissy121875 said...

Tee hee! Thanks! You are the sweetest!

Heehee! Yes, one of these days I will post something about that experience. That was interesting, no doubt!

I didn't know that either. I'm not sure exactly how true to Mormonism the show is, but it is an interesting TV show. I'm sure it's sensationalized for TV purposes, but I'm not sure how much so. I'd love to do more research and find out though!

Dina said...

i saw that one episode at your place and have been thinking i should get the DVD and watch from the beginning. It was a great show!!

The Mommanista said...

Yup, it is a great show. I finished season 1 on DVD, and am watching season 2 now (a friend has been burning them for me!!).

Not all mormons are polygamist, and that is a big part of the show!! Salt Lake City is VERY MORMON and almost everyone in the city is Mormon, however most of the Mormons there are Latter Day Saints, who are no longer practicing polygamy. The Original Book of Mormon does support polygamy, however also indicates that the law of man must be followed, so the LDS have denounced polygamy. People on the show like Wendy and the neighbours are Mormon, but they are LDS, and do not support polygamy.

There are, however, sects of Mormons that still follow the original Book of Mormon and the principal of Plural Marriage, such as Juniper Creek. Bill grew up there, however denounced the principal and became LDS and married Barb. When he had to turn to Roman to help him pay for Barb's cancer treatment, Nikki was sent to help him, and they ended up marrying her and returning to the original principal of Mormonism, however not to Juniper Creek.

The mormons you meet in Asia (Western missionaries, that is) and maybe even in your own life would, for the most part, be LDS and not poluygamist. Most polygamists do not have much to do with "common society", and truly do live in complexes like Juniper creek.

More information about this here:

Karen MEG said...

I remember reading about this show before it aired and thinking it would be so interesting...especially with that cast of terrific actors. I'd better go check it out, regular TV is just so baaaaad these days.

doggy mama said...

I don't get HBO! :(

That means I never got to watch Sex and the City, The Sopranos... I had to wait until they came to network television, which also meant watered down dialogue.

I have heard Big Love is great, though. I will have to rent it on DVD!

Chrissy121875 said...

Yes! I enjoyed watching Big Love with you when you were here! It is such a great show! I really want to watch all of season 1 and start on season 2 so I can get all caught up!

The Mommanista:
Wow! Thanks for shedding some light on the topic and making it even more interesting!!!

I will do a post one day about my experience with some really great Mormon friends in Japan. Just a little prelude though-- While in Japan, I started talking with these really nice guys. They were American and I was missing being able to speak English with people from North America. Turns out they were Mormon and on their mission. We became great friends, but slowly they began talking to me about the Book of Mormon (and yes, they were LDS) and the Prophet and so on. I was actually very interested and intrigued in their beliefs and in their lives. I was even given my own Book of Mormon to reflect on and learn more. It's somewhere with all my boxes of Japan stuff.

The Elders were in their early twenties and so very polite and courteous. They had to learn Japanese before going on their mission in Japan. These guys were FLUENT in Japanese! I was totally impressed.

Anyway, I've got some funny and interesting stories to tell. All of the stories are very positive and funny.

Chrissy121875 said...

We don't watch a lot of TV, but occasionally I go in spurts of needing to watch Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy, Hell's Kitchen, and now Big Love. It's worth a look if you get a chance. If you get to see an episode, let me know what you think :)

I only recently realized we had HBO at our house! LOL! One night, I couldn't sleep, so I turned on the TV and Big Love was on. I sat through the entire show and watched in awe! Then I thought, "Oh, man! What have I been missing out on all these months without knowing we had HBO!?!?!" LOL! Too funny!

Ms. Mamma said...

You're way cooler than Big Love, Chrissy.

Chrissy121875 said...

Awwww! LOL :) Well, I think you're the coolest ;)

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