Monday, August 06, 2007

People are strange...When you're a stranger

What started out as a "secret blog" has been discovered. Do I start a new "secret blog" now? Nah. I'm far too lazy to have to go through all that work. Nothing negative has occurred from the discovery of my blog. Really, it's just a dinky and totally random blog, but I find it very cathartic to write. The only thing that is alarming is that on a few occasions I've gone to social functions and people have come up to me and have said things like, "Oh! I read your blog every day!" or "My son in Toronto reads your blog and reports to me all the time!". It was then that I realized just how accessible people's information is on the internet and how privacy doesn't really exist even if you try to be really low key. It's a good thing I don't list real names and luckily I try to be careful of what I discuss on here.

Though this blog was intended to enable me to keep in touch with friends and family who live far from the Island, I have "met" some wonderful people via the blog. Several people have contacted me and have asked for info on our wedding. The Island is a very popular location for people to have their weddings.

Enter the soon-to-be Mr. and Mrs. PerfectlyInLove. This couple is absolutely amazing! They're young, energetic, full of life, intelligent, funny and beautiful. Mrs. PerfectlyInLove contacted me a few weeks ago, via the blog and we began corresponding via e-mail. Mr. and Mrs. PerfectlyInLove came over to our house today and we looked through our wedding albums, exchanged information about venues, caterers, rentals, photographers, flowers, etc. It felt as though I'd known them forever and we just kept chatting and chatting.

One of my students from South Korea said, "Hmmm. You don't think it's strange that you don't know them and you invited them to your house?" To be honest, I hadn't even thought of that. Of course, I would never ever invite strangers into our home just like that, but I had a good feeling about The PerfectlyInLove family. Trust me, I'll be the very first person to tell you how paranoid I am about internet stalkers and weirdos out there.

The internet is amazing. It has allowed me to keep in touch with loved ones, research material for teaching, look up things that are of interest to me, do some networking, and even make friends with people who share similar interests.

Have you ever met anyone (in person) via your blog?


Uncivil said...

Nope, never met a fellow blogger in person yet:(

t said...

Christine, you are a friendly soul in person and it doesn't surprise me that you'd be helpful to those you've never met either. I think it is neat that you were able to share ideas and your wedding experience with that couple.

I hope you are not too tired from your busy weekend. We;ll be seeing you guys soon.

Chrissy121875 said...

Yeah, it was pretty neat. I've never met any blog friends in person yet, so this was a first! They are such a cool couple.

What are the exact dates you guys will be here? Don't forget we'll be in Montreal for the wedding in two weeks. Say hi to your mom. She e-mailed me the other day! Too cute!

Cherry said...

I met my bloggy friend, Starshine, when she invited me (and a few other bloggy friends) to her bridal shower which was nearby to us! I am thrilled to have met her and had a lovely time.

I also randomly talk to people from my past and they'll mention that they've been keeping up with my blog. I haven't been consistent on who I've passed the URL to, so I never remember who has found it on their own, versus who I've willingly given it to.
My SIL was given the URL by my brother, but she was afraid of reading it for fear that I might have said things on there that I wouldn't want her to see. Very kind of her, but I try to keep the publicness of my blog in mind when I write.

mrinz said...

No I have never met a fellow blogger - would LOVE to. I never seem to find any NZ ones!

hubby said...

It was interesting to meet someone in a way that you have never met anyone before. Our methods of communication are expanding our world of knowledge.

Chrissy121875 said...

If I were to name a few blog friends I'd love to meet in person, I'd have to say that I'd love to meet you, J, Ms.Mamma, Canine Cologne, Lotus, Uncivil, and soooo many others! Many of the people on my blogroll are friends I know in person already though.

I was so happy that you found my blog and even more excited when I saw your blog (when you had it). I LOVE NZ (though I've never been there) and would love to go visit someday. It looks like a gorgeous country! Oh, and I love Kiwis too! They're so much fun!

The PerfectlyInLove couple...weren't they just the friendliest people ever? It was fun meeting them.

Chrissy121875 said...

Ooooops! Forgot to say that I'd love to meet Sharon, Jane and Audrey too! :)

kim said...

I've met bloggy friends before... but that's because they were real, live acquaintances before I got to know them even more thru their blogs.

I tend to agree with your observation, though, Chrissy. The Internet is such an amazing tool for someone who's looking for "mates."

Mrs. Perfectlyinlove said...

Thanks again, Christine, for meeting us. We learned so much and we had such a great time visiting you :)

My Mom is really excited to be coming next summer. She lives in Alberta, and she's going to rent a cottage for 2 weeks to visit with us, and spend time with our kiddies during our honeymoon.

How were the cookies? =)

Mrs. Perfectlyinlove

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