Thursday, August 02, 2007

Throwback Thursday #7

My lovely blog friend, Jane recently lost her beloved canine baby to cancer. Young Bismarck was diagnosed lymphoma of the GI tract. When you read Jane's blog, you know instantly just how much she loves her beautiful pups.

Jane's love for her fur babies has prompted me to reflect on my life with my precious pooch. Reading Jane's posts about what she and her family have been going through in the recent months with Bizzy's cancer and cancer treatments, just got me all choked up inside. Jane, we're thinking of you guys and hope you find some comfort in all the memories you have of Biz and know that he was the happiest pup ever with you guys! Thank you for posting about what you are going through. There's no doubt that your posts reflect what a big heart you have.

I felt that this Throwback Thursday post should be of my pup and not of me. Here's Chance at the tender age of 2 months old. When I got him, he was the teeniest, tiniest little pup ever. He weighed 4 lbs and was so small that he could fit in the palm of my hand. Now he's 47 lbs and a big fluffball!

Not the greatest pic, since Chance's coat is really dark. You can tell in this pic that Chance loves to cuddle. He loves sleeping with his stuffed animals and is such a big baby! He's just a gentle, gentle soul.
Chance has been through a lot with me. We've gone on road trips from Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Kingston, New York and everywhere in between. He's been there through thick and thin and my most peaceful, quiet moments of reflection are with him.

Chance loves his new home on Manitoulin Island. I don't think he misses the city. He's just happy to have his loved ones with him...Oh, and he doesn't mind having tons of land to run around on either!


Dina said...

what a beautiful post chrissy! Chance is such a sweet dog and i am so happy he has a great place to live and love with you guys. He was such an adorable puppy and he is a beautiful grown dog too!!
You are lucky to have each other!!

doggy mama said...

Oh, Christine, this just warmed my heart! Chance is soooo lucky to have you as his Mommy! Chance was SUCH an adorable puppy! And he is just SO adorable now. I love that he has been so many places, and through so much with you. What a special TT post. And thank you for thinking of my special, unforgettable Bismarck. Rydie sends kisses your way, too! :)

MomOf3 said...

Your puppy is so absolutely adorable! I love his baby picture! :)

Ms. Mamma said...

Great tribute, Chrissy. Hey... I had a white cast iron trundle bed like the one on your photo...

Uncivil said...

Chance is "Beautimus"! He's one lucky fella!
Bullie Huggs & Boston kisses!

Chrissy121875 said...

Hi! I remember the time you and Sam came over and saw Chance when he was a tiny pup! He was soooooo small! He really loves it up here. He gets to run around all day (except when we're not around, because we don't want him running onto the highway). He loves going to the beach. Like me, he is very much a beach bum!

:) Thanks! I think he's kinda cute too! Thinking of you guys. XOXO

Chrissy121875 said...

Thanks! :) Going over to check out your blog now!

LOL! That white cast iron trundle bed was my ex bf's! I haven't seen many like those around anymore.

Awww...Thanks! Chance is a happy-go-lucky pooch. That's for sure!

Curiosity.Killer said...

Chance looks so serious in solitude. He's so sweet!

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