Friday, February 08, 2008

A Household Divided

Even before we were wed, Hubby and I vowed that we would always love, honour and respect each other. We shared similar beliefs and felt the same way about how our lives would be conducted. We were in agreement with all of the fundamentals in life. Love, honesty, support, understanding, compassion...We seemed the perfect match.

My ideal partner would be intelligent and funny. He'd also be someone who has strong moral beliefs, loves animals and most importantly, he'd be someone who wants to have a household filled with children.

Together we overcame many minor differences. In fact, those differences were something that we cherished and loved about each other. I grew up devout Roman Catholic and he was raised United Church of Canada. I was a city girl and he was a country boy. I traveled extensively all over the world and he was tied to the farm. I come from a cultural background that includes Spanish-Filipino-Caribbean-Chinese roots, and while his lineage includes primarily Scottish and English roots. We reveled in our differences and our differences made us love and appreciate each other even more.

Hubby turned out to be all of the above and more. I was sure that we would live a happy life together. Until...

I discovered that Hubby was a Leafs' fan! Oh, the horror! How could this be???Having been raised in Montreal, where hockey is part of the culture (okay, to some it is like a religion), I am a Habs fan through and through. The only time Hubby and I ever disagree with each other is when the Leafs and the Habs play against each other. Last night, the Toronto Maple Leafs beat the Montreal Canadiens 4 to 2.
Sorry, Hubs. I love you, but I don't think I could ever convert. Even though the Canadiens lost, once a Habs fan, always a Habs fan. xoxo

On a completely different note, I found this on one of the blogs I was checking out. So sorry! I can't remember which one! I read soooo many blogs that I sometimes lose track of where I find things.

My results read:
You type 328 characters per minute
You have 63 correct words and you have 0 incorrect words.

I thought I'd get over 70 words per minute :( How many words can you type per minute?

63 words

free Touch typing

Because I'm so anal, I took the test again and this time I came up with the following results:

66 words

Touch Typing

You type 362 characters per minute
You have 66 correct words and you have 0 wrong words.


jan said...

I'm glad it worked out for you. I'm a 49ers fan and just had to break it off with a Cowboys fan before it went any further.

Uncivil said...

You had me worried there for a minute! I was like "Oh no.....there's discord in Camelot"
Then I read it's over your favorite Hockey Team? Whew! I'm glad that's all you two have to worry about!

As for typing........I still hunt and peck! I would be too embarrassed to take that test! I was a terrible student in highschool.
I took typing class because I thought it would be easy, and wound up just changing it over to an athletic study hall!
I sucked at English and History too! I was a C or a D student on those subjects!

Karen MEG said...

Okay, you really need to go for marriage counselling now, C, I mean, this is serious stuff LOL! That was very cute.

Actually, that rivalry runs so deep, it's quite amazing! I can see how you could never convert. I myself can hardly believe that Toronto actually beat Montreal ( I used to be a huge Leafs fan as a kid, but was born in Montreal, so my allegiance sort of waffles).

I've gotta try that typing test. According to Liam I'm the fastest typist in the world, so we'll have to see about that ;)

lisa marie said...

I'm sorry your team lost. :( You guys really need to work out your differences ;)

You type way better than I do. :) But then again it seems everyone does.

Ellie said...

Oh Christine, I am in the same boat as you! I am married to a die hard Leaf's fan. I don't care who the Leaf's are playing, but I always cheer for the other team, just to tease my dh. I even went to a Leaf's game in Toronto and cheered for the other team, I thought I might be lynched on the spot!

I still have to finish my email to you! I will get to it soon!

Anonymous said...

whoa! LEAF FAN HERE!!!!! i traveled to Montreal and Toronto to see hockey games in both cities. I have to say, Montreal fans are the LOUDEST fans ever. I seriously left that game with my ears ringing. It was a fun game. We got seats in the Les Jardins (sp?) level.. free food, pretty cool... but the seats were built for midgets that weighed 80 lbs. we were PACKED in there. Fun game, great city. I'd go back to montreal again when theres no snow so I could enjoy some of the greenery and scenery. We stayed downtown in the Lowes Hotel, great place but some SERIOUS coin (5 star) but it was our first trip away wo/the sofiebug so we splirged. Now for Toronto, Hockey Hall of Fame, AWESOME, that made the city right there. I've been a leaf fan for quite some time, Northstars left MN in 1995ish so i had no team to really root for, I became a leaf fan cause they were brutal on the ice. Tie Domi was in his prime and remember that's when Cujo was AWESOME! oh belfour was a goalie there too, not bad, not bad. Now, Leafs suck, but I still watch all their games. Anyhoo, Toronto is also a GREAT city. China Town, AWESOME. Can't even begin to describe how enormous that China town is. We also went to the Drake Hotel (AWESOMEAWESOMEAWESOME)!! They have the best lounge seating ever! If you go back to Toronto, look it up and go have some appitiezer and cocktail. Ombience is just incredible, and no dress code. When we went to the game, a souviner mug at the game cost me $20 bucks (for coffee) and a pop in a midsize glass was $9 bucks. EXPENSIVE. oh, they lost 8-1 against the Capitals. That SUcked. The leaf fans were chanting "Go RAPTORS". I on the other hand didn't find it funny since that game probably cost me about two grand (hockey tix, plane tix for 2, hotel for 3 nites, food, misc souviners, and a Leafs jersey for my 3 yr old daughter). Anyways, since i've been to Toronto I probably won't go back for any particular reason. But Montreal is 'different'. More European like. But I'm not choosing sides :))
We have the Hockey Ticket on satelite so I can watch Hockey Night in Canada and all of the games. We have season tix to the MN Wild so technically now MNWild is my #1, Toronto is #2, but the city of Montreal is better. Sorry for the Book, but I saw LEAFFAN and I had to tell my short but long story.

Curiosity Killer said...

You guys have differences?

Ooooooh - the Leafs vs. Montreal... well, it's a good thing you're a great cook - he can never leave ya. ;)

I tried that typing test, I was like, "WHAT!!" and did it. I scored 88 with 0 mistakes, baby!!! Wondering about Karen now, I'm competitive that way. LOL

Hubby said...

Yes it is a struggle with her and her Habs addiction. I know the Leafs have not won in over four decades, but they are the most valuable NHL Hockey franchise. Loalty runs deep so I will try to over look this difference.

As for typing twenty words a minute is great when you have spell check.

C said...

Yes, I told Hubby that this is serious business. Will we ever work out our differences? LOL! ;)

LOL! I know :) Sorry for worrying you there! Yes, the honeymoon is officially over and Hubby's true colours are showing. I cannot believe I married a Leafs' fan!!!

C said...

LOL! I know! That's exactly what I told Hubby! ;)

In all seriousness, I'm sure you (being from Montreal) know how patriotic Montreal fans are :) I remember on game nights, hanging out with my cousins and friends and sending one of them out for a La Belle Province or Valentine's run! Poutine, beer and a Montreal Canadiens game...*sigh*

Lisa Marie:
Thank you :) Now I have to endure Hubby's gloating for a while. *sigh*

I think it was your blog that I may have found that speed test on! :) BTW, mind if I link you? Loooove your blog!

C said...

Yay! See? This is why I love ya! LOL! I told Hubby that if the Habs won that he'd make supper and if the Leafs won then he'd make supper. LOL! I thought that was funny, but he didn't. LOL! *sigh*

WHOA! Seriously???? Wow! I would have never made you out to be a Leafs fan! Oooof! My aching heart! First Hubby and now you???

BTW, I love long comments! I love that you had a great time at the Leafs-Habs games. I love that you enjoyed your trips to Toronto and Montreal! Both cities have so much to offer. They're so different, aren't they?

The leaf fans were chanting "Go RAPTORS". That is too funny!!

I'm in Toronto every few months but never for hockey. When I lived in Toronto, I used to catch the games at a local pub or sports bar.

I usually just go to Toronto to visit family and friends now. Oh! I also go shopping for Asian ingredients since we don't get the variety up here on the Island. China Town is pretty impressive, isn't it? In Toronto, there is also Greek Town, Korea Town, Little Italy, etc. Love it!!!

C said...

LOL! You're too funny! Yes, there's trouble brewing in paradise when your husband is a Leafs' fan!!! ;)

Whoa! 88 words per minute with no mistakes??? Your fingers are just a flyin' away, girlfriend!!! I am impressed!

Very funny!!! ;p I still love you...even with this terrible flaw of yours! :)

hotmommy said...

very cute and funny post c! you had us all worried for a sec!

baby~amore' said...

Very sweet ...I am glad it is all settled.
Your typing is awesome - I am going to practice. The best i got was 30 *sigh* thanks for the link and visiting me as always.

t said...

You are crazy! Hah hah hah! Don't ever scare me like that again! ps Go Leafs!

Rachie-Babe said...

Like Uncivil, I was a little worried as I read your post. After all, I have to live wedded bliss through someone. ;-) Thank goodness you'll be able to work out that Hockey dispute!

C said...

Hot Mommy:
;) Sorry for worrying you! I was just being silly.

I'm actually very disappointed in my typing! I found out a friend of mine can do 88 words per minute with no mistakes! I must try to beat her, but I'm stuck at 66 wpm!

C said...

Sorry for scaring you! LOL! Now, how do I get Hubby to convert? It's horrible having a member of the family who is a Leafs' fan! Horrible!

You are too cute! :) I'm off to visit you now (your blog, I mean).

Curiosity Killer said...

Hey I'm anal too. I did the test again after I realized how great Karen's speed was. Sigh. I'm so terribly competitive.

C said...

You are competitive! LOL! LOVE it! I'm still mad that you scored WAY higher than I did! Now I'm going to have to take the test over until I at least get 100 wpm! LOL!

Jeanna said...

Is that like being a Sox fan to someone's misguided Cubs support?
Niners fan, lol, what is that, arena football?

mrinz said...

Yup, sport can divide a nation let alone a marriage!

Cherry said...

That typing test is addicting! It's 4:30am and I can't stop retaking that test. STOP ME! (perhaps I'll take it again after I've had more sleep)

Lucky us, neither hubs or I are into the sports love, so we don't have to worry about that one. I think its totally cute that you two have something like hockey to disagree on. There needs to be something!

BeachMama said...

I am still a Habs fan at heart. If the Sens and the Habs are playing I go for the Habs. But, in my house sometimes it is just easier to join in, especially because I don't watch as much hockey as I used to.

caninecologne said...

i type 94 words per minute

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