Thursday, February 21, 2008

Throwback Thursday #25

I've been feeling quite uninspired lately. I sometimes go through phases when I just don't feel in the mood to blog. Hopefully soon I'll come up with something newsworthy or even witty to write. For now, at least I still have Throwback Thursdays (thanks to the Throwback originators at Pinks & Blues)!

In this first photo, I was three months old. I had already relocated three times! I was born in Toronto, and Dad decided to move us to Trinidad and Tobago. We didn't last too long since Mom got homesick for her family. We then moved to Montreal, where I spent twenty three years of my life. Though I moved a lot after that, Montreal has always been 'home' for me.
I just love this photo of Dad and me. Check out the funky glasses! The 1970's = wacky fashion. When I was a teenager in the 1980's-1990's, I remember rifling through Mom's old clothes. She had platform shoes, hot pants, bell bottoms, tight jeans, jean jackets with peace signs and 'flower power' all over them and the coolest t-shirts. Mom kept all her old clothes for decades until not too long ago. I think she donated her cool clothes to the Salvation Army. I know I would never fit into her clothes, since she weighed 75 lbs when she got married. It would have been nice to keep them though. I love all that vintage stuff.

This next photo was taken in front of our church, St. Thomas-a-Becket in 1987. One of Mom's sisters is posing with me, along with my grandmother and grandfather. Whenever I see photos of my grandfather, I can't help but feel sad. He died when I was teaching in Japan and I wasn't able to make it to his funeral.

The above photo must have also been taken in 1987 because Baby Bro was still a baby. Middle Bro and I used to always fight over who got to carry Baby Bro or give him his bottle. Funny, I don't recall us ever fighting over who got to change his diaper!
Lastly, another photo in front of our church in Montreal. Check out how cute Baby Bro was! He's the little guy I'm carrying. I love that blue outfit he was wearing. So cute!

I remember being really ticked off because A) Mom cut my hair herself! Note the bowl cut? and B) I hated wearing dresses and I hated pink! Granted, the dress was peach, but it was still hideous. We always had to dress up for church, but for some reason, I think this was a special event. I don't quite remember what it was, but it must have been big for my cousin E3 to be wearing a tux and a little red bow tie!

**P.S. I knew I was forgetting something! I just realized that February 16th marked my 3rd year blogaversary! I can't believe it's been three years since I wrote my first post!**


Jeanna said...

Happy Blogaversary! What are you doing up so late? You and dad are pretty cute there, kiddo.

C said...

Hey, Jeanna!
Thanks! :) That's one of my favourite photos of my Dad and me.
Yeah, I was up pretty late, wasn't I? I couldn't sleep! LOL! My back is killing me. I slipped on my way out yesterday. Our lane way is like a skating rink! It's all ice!

Deb said...

happy blogaversary to you!! I don't even know when mine is...I should check!

I love the bowl haircut. My mother always cut our hair too...I think it's an Asian thang!...or I just think that for some reason. There are probably a lot of things my family does that I just root back to being Asian even if it is not.

I totally understand the not feeling motivated hump. It happens to the best of us. Even our inpirations need a little vacation every now and then I guess.

I love this "way back thursday" concept. so cute!

C. K. said...

Happy blogaversary honey! I know how you feel when you're feeling uninspired to write. I've been cleaning up around the apartment, and I'm so wanting to do Throwback thursdays too... thinking maybe I'll call "Reminicing Thursday" or something like it...

If I post pictures me and my family, I'll password prove it - and of course you already know the password. :)

mrinz said...

Mmm you sure don't look at ease wearing pink!
And happy blogaversary.

I am getting the 'blog blues' also - lack of motivation etc. people only want to look at so many flower pics, and want to read so many travelogues!

Jeanna said...

They've been up on the roof all afternoon chopping down ice dams and such. Better watch that back. Salt and sand my friend.

C said...

Thank you! :) LOL @ the bowl cut! A few other bloggy friends have said the same thing about it being an Asian thang! ;)

Good point. I was actually thinking about that the other day. I am sort of paranoid about things. I thought, "If someone has been viewing your blog for a while, they can get glimpses into your life. They can copy your photos, use your information...and BAM! Instant identity theft!" Yeah, that's the way my mind works! LOL! Seriously though...I'm considering not posting any more photos of family, friends, pets and myself. Too cautious? A little paranoid? Perhaps. I dunno. We'll see what I decide to do.

C said...

I've never really liked pink. It was way too girlie for me. LOL! I grew up with 10 boy cousins and 2 brothers. I hated dresses and only wanted to wear blue! LOL!

I don't know why I'm in a bloggy slump at the moment. I just don't feel very inspired at all. Usually, I have a million and one thoughts going on and can't wait to blog about them., zero, zilch, nada. Absolutely nuthin' interesting to talk about.

You are so right! In between wincing in pain, I asked Hubby, "Why the heck don't we have salt or sand to put on our lane way?!?!?!?!!" LOL! Our lane way is about the length of a short residential street that one would find in the suburbs. It's not really a "driveway", it's almost a street! I don't think the hubster ever thought about putting salt or sand on the entire lane way before he married me!

BeachMama said...

Happy Blogaversary!!! Three years! I think I am getting up there too ;).

I Love your throwback photos. And I do know exactly how you feel about being unispired to write something. I find that January and February are the two hardest months to blog, too much hibernating going on.

Karen MEG said...

Wow, your 3rd anniversary - what a milestone!!!
I love your throwbacks, you were such an adorable baby.

jan said...

Three years!!! That is great. I have a few months to go, but on my anniversaries I really make a big obnoxious deal of it with balloons and champagne.

Congratulations and many many more.

Calfkeeper said...

Cute baby pics! Love them.

Happy blogaversary!

Hey, they are doing a monthly NaBloPo thing now. The theme for March is "lists."

That ought to inspire you!



pinks & blues girls said...

Awwww, C, I love seeing pictures of a little you!! I'm sorry we didn't post a TT up on our blog today... too crazy busy with the baby shower!! I'm glad you still went ahead and did one, though!!

Wow, 3 years! You're a blogging pro! I just had my 1st blogaversary and I thought that was cool... but you have me beat by 2 years!!!

Hope all is well with you and your hubby and the fur-babies!


Uncivil said...

Happy Blogaversary! Got me by a year!!!
I love that pic of your Dad. Tell hime the Uncivilone likes his "Elton John" glasses!!!!LOL~~~

C said...

:) Thanks! Hopefully I'll have something exciting to blog about soon!

Thank you! I still can't get over how similar you and I looked with our bowl cuts! ;) What's even funnier is the age gap between your siblings and you is the same as the age gap between my siblings and me.

C said...

LOL! :) I can't believe I've been blogging for three years. It surprised me because I really didn't think I had been doing it all that long. A girl friend of mine started a blog and I used to read it. She was the one who got me into blogging. It was around the time when I was planning and prepping for my wedding, so I had a lot of questions for fellow bloggers. It was sort of a venting about the wedding blog! LOL! Then I continued blogging because I found it to be a good way to keep in touch with friends, students and family who live far from me.

Calf Keeper:
Thank you!! :) Wow! Another NaBlo thingy?!?! Are you doing it? I'll have to see since I'll be away quite a bit in the month of March ;) Lists...I love lists! LOL!

C said...

I was looking for your TT! Then I realized the baby shower would be taking up a lot of time and energy! It looks sooooo cool! That's by far the biggest and best baby shower I've ever heard of! Very cool! ;)
Oh, I've got something to e-mail you about, so check your e-mail later on today! :)

LOL!!! It does look like Elton John eyeglasses!! LOL! You are too funny! You should see my parents' wedding photo! Now, that was hilarious! Gotta love the 70's!!!

t said...

that photo of you bobby and pj is so cute. your hair was so long and wavy there !

Palm Springs Savant said...

don't panic about the inspiration will come. btw- you were a cute baby!!!

J at said...

Happy Blogaversary! I love the pictures you posted, and your pretty carnations. They are my Grandma's favorite flower, and always make me think of her.

C said...

*sigh* Yes, I miss my long hair!

Palm Springs Savant:
Thanks! You're awesome! :)

Thank you! Wow! I didn't know your grandmother's favourite flower is the carnation! When people ask me what my favourite flower is, I often say I love orchids, lilies, tulips, or salmon coloured roses. I do love the simplicity of the carnation though!

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