Sunday, February 10, 2008

Just another day...

I looked out our living room window to see two foxes scampering across the field and heading toward the barn. The dog went to the front door and started barking like crazy. I let him out and followed him across the property. Through the snow we trudged and up the little hill. I spotted animal tracks in the snow. They were smaller than the dog's and larger than the cats'.
Chance led me into the barn, where the footprints were leading. Those pesky foxes were in the barn! Somewhere nestled amongst the bails of hay, they hid. How do I get rid of foxes? I never had to deal with this in the city. The odd raccoon or skunk would find its way to our garbage in the city. The Island is different. Here, you can spot more than just skunks and raccoons. Here you can find deer, black bear, foxes and wolves...just to name a few.

Oh, what did I do next, you ask? Well, I ran out of the barn and went back home! I told Hubby about the foxes when he got in from feeding the cattle! I just wouldn't want foxes living in there! We've got our barn cats, and hay and straw bales in there!

For Jimmy:
Here's a photo of Chance all tuckered out from running after wild animals. I don't know why he insists on sleeping in that old crate. He's free to roam around, but he prefers being in there. Note how he sleeps? On his back with all paws up in the air!

I'm still recovering from that wonderful Greek dinner last night. The turn out was great and it was for a good cause. The ten course meal included:I discovered that if you ever have a ten course meal, just have a few bites of each dish and you won't feel like you're going to explode! I was already full by the time the mousaka was served! That was only the fourth dish!

Chef Theo did an amazing job as usual! There were a lot of very satisfied people there last night!

For Jeanna:
These were given to us (along with several other Swiss Delice sweets). We tried them today and I thought of you. All the talk of chocolate on your blog had me craving some!
These are called Brasilia. They're meringue biscuits with chocolate and delicious hazelnut filling. They're the cutest little things ever! They're about the size of a quarter and about an inch thick. I bit into one just to show you what the inside looks like. They're not overly sweet, and they're extremely flavourful. Just one or two will satisfy that need for something just a tad sweet.

Last but not least...
A Strawberry Banana Smoothie
I'm bad for forgetting to eat breakfast. I know it's the most important meal of the day. Hubby's good and eats his cereal in the morning, but sometimes I just don't feel like eating anything that early. Here's something easy and tasty. Don't forget to share!

Into your blender, put in a banana or two, a handful of strawberries, some milk and a spoonful or two of honey (I use local honey). Blend, pour into glasses, and there you go. LOL! I told you that I don't measure things. Feel free to alter the recipe and tailor it to your liking.

(Smoothie photo found on Google Images)


Uncivil said...

Thanks for the picture of Chance in his crib!!LOL!!
I guess that's were he is used to sleeping as a pup, and it just stuck with him?
Ab & Em still have their crate, but they always sleep with me.
They know what " night, night" means. It means they have to get in their crate.
Hey, I have to keep them on their toes!LOL
There are rare times they need to be crated, and it's good they know where to go!
I have to crate Emily, just to be able to vacuum in peace! LOL!!!

Uncivil said...

Oh,,,yeah....let us know how the "Fox Hunt" comes out?

Dina said...

c-those biscuits looks delish!!
Chance is such a cutie!! he looks as lovable as ever

Also- was wondering about the plural form of fox, is it foxes???

jan said...

Chance looks so cute and relaxed sleeping in his crate. Canines love the idea of having their own den. It gives them a sense of security that goes back to a time before they threw their fate into the hands of humans. And after chasing wildlife, he needs to feel pampered.

C said...

I asked Hubby how we can humanely get rid of the foxes. I don't want to kill them, but if they have mange or some sort of disease, it's not good to have them around.

Remember how small Chance was when I got him? He was tiny!

About the plural form for fox: We can use the word 'fox' to describe the species, and add the -es suffix when pluralizing. Ex: One fox vs. most/many foxes. We can either say "The Red Fox is a rusty, reddish colour" or "Red Foxes are a rusty, reddish colour".

I was about to call you tonight, but wasn't sure what time was good for you! Let me know when a good time would be. Would love to catch up, but not via internet! I'm tired of typing! LOL!

C said...

That's so interesting about canines and their dens! We let Chance sleep in the living room, yet he always ends up in his crate with the door open. When we travel to Montreal, Kingston, Ottawa, Toronto or New York, Chance travels in his crate. He just hops in, snuggles up with his toys and his treats and falls asleep! He just wakes up and does his 'business' when we stop for gas, food or a pit stop! He's a wonderful traveler. You hardly know he's there! He's such a sweet pooch...who is in dire need of a good grooming!!!

Anonymous said...

Great blog site! Is that photo wiht the water (at the top part of your blog site) from the island you live on? I didn't know the water could be that color in Canada! It looks turqoise or aquamarine!

Amy said...

Our puppies preferred to sleep in small confined places for a long time. I've heard that it like a den for them, which they choose out of instinct.

Thanks for you very sweet comment. I hope that Chance lives a very long life, and he has fun ridding you of those foxes.

mrinz said...

What a different life you are leading from your former life in the city! Tracking down foxes! I guess they are just looking for somewhere warm and dry.

Sandy C. said...

Oh Chance is too cute! It's so funny when they sleep like that...
All of that food is making me hungry :)
So sorry to hear about the fox's. I'm a city gal too, I've never even seen one. Good luck and keep us posted!

C. K. said...

Ok. That's just too cute. I think I'm going to be sick.


C said...

Hi there! Yes, the photo used for my header is from the Island. It's actually a photo of the beach that Hubby and I got married on. The colour of the water is quite amazing. It's hard to believe that we have beaches like that in Ontario! :)

Thanks :) That was a beautiful post about your dog.

C said...

Hello! Just thinking about the warm weather you've got in NZ is making me very jealous at the moment! :)
Yes, it is quite the difference living in the country! It's polar opposites! Everything is different! From high heels to farm boots...$65 haircuts to $12 ones! From having to dress up every day to only on special occasions. It was quite the adjustment. I think I'm still adjusting in many ways, but I do love my new lifestyle. I get to the city every other month or so, so I don't miss it too much.

Thanks for popping by! Love your blog!

LOL! ;) What's so cute? Chance or the meringue biscuits?
Thanks for telling me I have to "Bye Lean"! Now I know what I've been doing wrong! LOL! ;)

C said...

I always thought that the red envelopes were just for kids? Like until we reach 18 or 20? Dang! I need to learn more from you!

Jeanna said...

Thanks, C. looks scrumptious. And that's exactly how Roscoe sleeps. He sends himself to his crate if someone sounds like they're mad at him. I put little treats in there for him when I think of it.

lisa marie said...

Are you trying to make me hungry with your smoothie and brasilia?! Ouch!

Foxes? Cool! Your pup looks exhausted!

Greek wedding, did you hear about that poor lady who died at her Greek Wedding? So sad! During her first dance she collapsed. I have been thinking about her all day.

C said...

Roscoe sounds like such a cutie! Chance is really funny. He just goes into his crate and hangs out there. He'll watch the odd TV program with us and then he'll go off and do his own thing. He sometimes gets excited when we have visitors and he doesn't realize that people don't always appreciate stinky doggy kisses. We tell him, "Chance dans ta cage!" or "Couche!" and he'll go lay down. He's a bilingual doggy and responds to the French commands for "Chance, in your cage" and "Lay down". Too funny!

I still can't get over those great photos on your blog! :)
Oh, the event we went to on the weekend was a Greek dinner/fundraiser and not a wedding. However, when you mentioned the story of that lady who died at her Greek wedding, I had to go check it out. I read it here:

That is such a sad story!
Have you ever been to a Greek wedding? They're really fun. I've been to a few and they are so much like the movie "My Big Fat Greek Wedding"! One of my cousins married a Greek guy and their wedding was such a hoot! Filipino weddings are also so much fun!

BeachMama said...

I love the photo of the barn. If I wasn't allergic to hay we would probobly be living on a farm of some sort. Hubby has always wanted to, but for now we are city slickers.

Don Mills Diva said...

Mmm - 10 courses! Actually I always find dinners that big a bit much. I have no self-control and have already gorged myself by the time I hit the fourth course or so!

C said...

I had really bad allergies and hay fever but for some reason, after living here for almost 4 years, I think my allergies have either gone away or have subsided somewhat. Weird!

Can't wait to hear about more Winterlude fun! :)

Don Mills Diva:
I know what you mean! Even though I only had a few bites of each dish, my tummy was totally suffering. I can't do big meals like that. Though everything was delicious, I'm glad we don't eat like that on a regular basis!

Glad you and Graham got home okay. I hear Toronto is getting even more snow soon.

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