Saturday, February 23, 2008

I'm back!!!!

Yes, I'm back. I thought I'd be away from the blog indefinitely. But, alas! I have returned to the blog world with lots and lots of good news. Happy! Happy! Things have been very busy with a bunch of different projects on the go. Unfortunately, I cannot report any details...


Until then, I can share some other things that I find wonderful!
My Dad's delicious homemade Wonton Soup! Dad made Wontons the other day and decided to bring some over for his favourite daughter and his favourite son-in-law! Haha! He only has one daughter, and therefore only one son-in-law! Unfortunately, I can't give out his recipe because if I did, I'd have to kill you. You know...Ancient Chinese secret. Just kidding :) It is a family recipe, so I am not at liberty to dish it out. You can use this recipe, as it is similar to the Wonton Soup my Dad makes. See? I'm not that mean, am I?
Please excuse my messy kitchen. It's the painting that I am directing your attention to. Baby Bro is moving from the house he is renting with his university friends and I thought I'd make him a housewarming gift. After I painted it, I decided it might be too girlie for Baby Bro's house.
Since I've moved to the Island, I've had the fortune of seeing quite a few sundogs! In the city, I had never seen one. Heck, I had never even heard of a sundog! These extraordinary sights and shared moments with Hubby are among some of the many things I truly treasure now. It was Hubby who pointed out the sunset the other evening. This was the day before the lunar eclipse. While admiring the sunset, I noticed a bright pink-red beam of light shooting upward into the clouds. It was the first time I had seen a sundog like that! This is the view of the sundog from our living room window. Truly amazing!
Silly pets! You know by now that Chance loves sleeping in his crate with the door open. He wanted to go to sleep, but Spike was sleeping in his crate! Here's a photo of the two of them co-sleeping. What silly pets!
...And a partridge in a birch tree!


lisa marie said...

I had no idea those had a name - sundog. Cool!

I'm not into wonton soup but hubby may want to try that recipe. :)

Happy weekend!

Nabeel said...

welcome back :) the sunset is pretty cool .. it's like a final ray burst to the top ..

Cherry said...

I have been so into wonton soup lately, but have yet to make any myself. I bought some wrappers last week, so I'm going to try out the recipe you linked to. I'm all about the comfort food right now!

I have never seen a sundog. That looks like quite the site to behold.

Looking forward to you sharing some of your news! My mind has it's own ideas!

Deb said...

yay! your hump is gone! :)

yummmmm...wonton soup. I have never tried to make it myself. what a concept! it looks soooo tasty!

love the painting! very cool.

i have never heard of a sundog. i assume it has something to do with that gorgeous sunset!

pets are silly and strange. gotta love them.

C said...

Lisa Marie:
I only discovered the other year that they were called "sundogs".

I'm a bit of a wonton soup snob. I only eat it if my Dad makes it! LOL! The kind you get at "Chinese" restaurants tastes so artificial. Unless you go to an authentic Chinese restaurant, then you might get a good wonton soup, bird's nest or hot and sour soup. I love fried wontons, but don't eat them often. Hubby and I try not to eat fried food, but if my Dad brings some fried wontons over, then we definitely won't turn them down! LOL!

Thank you! "it's like a final ray burst to the top .." I like that!

C said...

Hey! :) I enjoy wrapping wontons with my Dad. It's fun to sit with him and listen to his stories. I do the same with my Mom when we wrap lumpia (Filipino Spring Rolls). I'm glad they taught me how to make some of their traditional dishes. I sometimes feel badly that I was brought up without really learning as much as I could have of my parents' cultures. I'd like to have something to pass onto our kids someday (when we do eventually have kids).

:) Yeah, guess it was one of those days! Thanks so much for your tip!! You are awesome!

japanmanpete said...

Beautiful image that is! The pink ray of light is spectacular indeed.

Just had me some banoffee pie. Jealous?


Uncivil said... be sitting on your back porch eating home made wonton soup and hotdogs while watching sundogs!

Anonymous said...

What do you mean you are going to be gone indefinately??

The soup looked wonderful. Mmmm.

J at said...

You're positively giddy in this post. What a balm to read someone's joy when I am stressed right now. That soup looks YUMMY, I love the picture, and I'm jealous of the syrup, though the yumminess would be lost on me...we eat Mrs. Butterworths around here. (Hangs head in shame).


C said...

Thanks! It was quite the view! Very pretty :) Oh, yes! I AM jealous! Actually, I've never tried banoffee pie, but you and Ms. Moneypenny (who used to visit the blog before) used to rave about banoffee pie all the time. One of these days, I'm going to have to try it.

;) Nice image! Chance would be sitting by my feet, keeping them warm...even if it wasn't a cold day!

C said...

Hi! :) I was actually feeling really uninspired. I've got a lot of things on my plate right now. I wasn't sure if I even felt like blogging anymore :( I was going to go on a brief hiatus & hopefully get back into the swing of things. Then something happened and I'm inspired again :)

If you lived closer, I'd totally give you some maple syrup!!! Does your cute little Bug love pancakes and maple syrup?? :)

Hang in there :) Hope you're okay. Wednesday is tomorrow, so hopefully soon you and your mom will be able to rest up! Thinking of you both. Wish I could send you some maple syrup! LOL!


Karen MEG said...

Welcome back, C!!
And that picture of the wonton
soup, to die for!! I used to wrap wontons with my Dad when I was little too, and then we were in charge of deep-frying them. Yum, but soooo bad for you LOL!

Beautiful shot of that sunset as well. And your painting, that's really pretty! You've got talent, girl!

C said...

Awww, shucks! You always have the nicest things to say :)
Hubby prefers the fried wontons better than the soup. Go figure! LOL! We don't eat fried food often, so he totally takes advantage of it when my Dad makes the fried wontons! Yum!

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