Friday, January 15, 2010

I Love You, Neti

I love you, Neti.
Oh, yes it's true!
I love you, Neti.
And, this is true.
When I'm not near you,
I'm blue.
Oh, Neti!
I love you!

There are certain things in life that are so very private and intimate that you sometimes don't even want to share them with your spouse.

My love affair with my Neti is one of those things.

I was introduced to my fair Neti a few years ago. A friend highly recommended Neti and sent her my way. We have been inseparable ever since.

Neti and I have had our quiet, special moments together. Just her and I. In the bathroom. In the kitchen. Hovering over the sink.

My husband has seen Neti before, but he has never witnessed the special relationship we share. At least, not until today.

I accidentally left the bathroom door open while Neti and I were doing our thing. I didn't notice Hubby standing in the door way in silence.

"Having fun, honey?"

I gasped. I was caught red-handed. I didn't know whether to be embarrassed or not. After all, this was a very normal, natural thing. Why should I be embarrassed?

I suffer from allergies and sinus related issues. When you live on a farm, apparently you are not supposed to be allergic to anything. My Neti Pot has helped me tremendously with my sinuses and allergies. I have to admit, that it was a relief for me that my husband actually witnessed me with Neti! Now I don't feel like I need to use the Neti Pot in secrecy anymore. The process is kind of gross, but the result? You're left feeling oh-so-clean and refreshed!

*Photo from Google Images*


J at said...

I also love my Neti. :) Such a help on those bad sinus days!

Deb said...

OMG! Sparky uses the neti pot too and loves it!! I always tease him and watch while he does it. He always tries to get me to do it too because I have SMALL sinus issues every once in awhile...but it's so scary to me for some reason!

C said...

Ms.Mamma was the one who told me about the Neti Pot and then sent one over to me. It's the greatest thing EVER!!! Love, love, LOVE it!!!

C said...

LOL!!! Okay, to be honest, I was so scared to try it at first. Putting anything in my nose just scares me! I mustered up the courage and tried it, and have been hooked ever since! TOTALLY does wonders for the sinuses!

Cherry said...

you'll get a kick out of this....

My husband and I generally don't close the bathroom door (its just us the two at the moment, plus the cats just come banging on the door if/when we do close it). But when I do a sinus rinse I just can't have him see that. I've seen him plenty of times, he has the super bad allergies and sinus issues 10x worse than me, and it doesn't bother me to see him do it, but I just can't have anyone witness it when I do it.

To make matters worse. With my super sensitive gag reflex with this whole pregnancy thing I puke about half the time I do a rinse now. Which pretty much keeps me from doing them as much as I should....

Thank you for this post. As I am suffering right now from a cold and sinus headaches and have avoided the rinse. I shall go do it now. sigh.

BTW - I use the Sinus Rinse squeeze bottle instead of a Neti Pot. I find it gets stuff out a tad better for me.

C said...

HAHAHA!! OMG! I'm the same way! We don't close the bathroom door when it's just us (Hubby, the baby and myself)...but for using the Neti, I HAVE TO do it in privacy! Weird that I can pee with the door open and not care, but I can't cleanse my nose with the door open!!

Like you, when I was pregnant with Little One, the gag reflexes were soooo bad, that doing the rinse would make me puke all the time too! I think you might remember that I had ALL DAY SICKNESS for my entire pregnancy!!! Not just morning sickness! Morning-Noon-and-Night Sickness! Gah!

Hope you're feeling okay and that you're enjoying feeling those exciting little kicks and jabs from your little one! Aren't those the greatest!? Have you felt any baby hiccups yet? I remember thinking those were sooooo weird!!! *sigh* I miss being pregnant! LOL! Comments like those make all my friends tease me that it's time for Little One to have a sibling! LOL! Ummmm...I don't know about that yet! I want to enjoy having her all to myself and vice versa! LOL!

Thinking of you. Please drop me a line and give me a pregnancy update. I want the scoop on that precious little one of yours and I want to know how you're feeling.

Lots of hugs from the three of us! xo

Uncivil said...

Only your nose knows for sure?

J at said...

C, you and Cherry are TMI on the bathroom thing! We're all very closed door around here. :) I do my neti in the shower often, but it wouldn't bother me in the least if Ted saw me doing it. Funny how everyone has their little hangups, huh?

I'm glad you mentioned the baby hiccups. I had completely forgotten those, but they were so funny and sweet! Then they were obliterated in my mind by the feet crammed in my ribcage, and the acid reflux, and the sore, leaking boobs, and all of the other indignities of pregnancy. It's nice to think about the sweet things as well.

Karen MEG said...

"having fun honey?" oh you two are hilarious! Made it sound like you were up to something extremely naughty with your Neti :)!

C said...

Tee hee! ;)

C said...

Hehe! Funny about the quirks, eh? Another quirk I have is that I can't put things anywhere near my eyes. I can't even put contacts in...although I'd love to! Glasses are so cumbersome and contacts would be way better! I just can't though. Anything near the eye just grosses me out. I even have issues putting on mascara...but I do apply mascara because I've got wimpy lashes. LOL!

One last quirk:
I've got crazy gag reflexes (even when I'm not pregnant)! Just the thought of anything gross or stinky makes me gag and eventually hurl. Okay, now THAT'S TMI! ;)

C said...

HAHAHA!!! Ohhhh...I hadn't even thought of that!!!!! Too funny!!!

Momisodes said...

LOL! That photo is hilarious.

I have to admit, the Neti sounds pretty refreshing. Especially after going weeks with horrible cold congestion. I'll have to give it a try.

C said...

Yeah, I was contemplating posting a pic of ME using the Neti. Not! LOL! I can't even use the Neti in front of my husband without feeling self-conscious! LOL! It's kind of gross to see saline solution going in one nostril and out the other. ;) This said, it feels soooooo good though! So refreshing and clean! LOL!

I used it a lot when I was pregnant. I get bad sinus headaches and sometimes with allergies I get congested. This seemed like a great solution for a pregnant woman since we can't take certain meds when pregnant. I liked that it was a natural solution to my headaches and stuffiness.

Frau Guten Tag said...

I love mine too!!! I have a lot of ear problems & it really helps! My hubby knows all about it, I even got him to try it once, LOL!! He always asks me if a genie is gonna pop out??

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