Sunday, July 11, 2010

It Suddenly Occurred To Me

Little One is not a baby anymore.

She walks runs.

She eats on her own.

She drinks from a sippy cup.

She talks. Okay, she babbles in a language only she understands.

Most of all, she's got so much character and a personality of her own.

She makes a scrunchy happy face and laughs when she thinks something is funny.

She puts her finger to her lips and says, "Shhhh!"

She is fiercely independent.

She's a bit stubborn (like her Mom).

She learns new things every day and is proud and excited to show everyone what she can do.

Yep. She's definitely no longer a baby.
This is where I start bawling my eyes out. How on earth did she grow up so fast?


Stephen said...

You've... got a toddler now!

Barbara said...

Enjoy every second C. The time goes by faster and faster the older they get. Each age is a joy unto itself.


caninecologne said...

hi c- i agree with barbara - enjoy every second. even my 9 yr old (going on 20) is still my 'baby'!

wait til she starts talking!!!


Jane said...

It is certainly bittersweet! What a beauty she is. :-)

@AMotherhoodBlog said...

They grow up too fast & your little one is too cute!

C said...

So true!! ACK! How did that happen?!?

C said...

Hey! I have been thinking of you!!! Yes, you are right. :) How are you doing, btw? Hope you are enjoying the summer!

C said...

Ha! You're right! You do have a 9 yr old going on 20! :) BTW, I haven't had a chance to get some more of the items for your care package. It's been crazy and the play starts up again this weekend and next week we have four performances. We'll be done for the summer after that. THEN I'll be able to send all that stuff to you :) XOOXXOXO

C said...

It certainly is. I know I'm supposed to be happy, but it is hard at the same time! I sometimes wish I could freeze time and keep her a sweet, innocent, happy baby! :)

C said...

Awww! Thanks! xo

caninecologne said...

hi c- no worries! oh you know what's cool, stephen is now following my blog! him and some other new chick (food blogger from central calif.). wow, i didn't expect that, so yay!

good luck with the last bit of the play and don't worry about the package, ok?

word ver:

Cherry said...

Wait just a second. THEY GROW UP?

It's been wonderful to be able to follow her from belly to now.

Calfkeeper said...

She's so sweet! They do grow so fast don't they? *sigh*

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