Thursday, July 29, 2010


I get home from work. I'm tired. The house is a DISASTER. Laundry needs to get done. Dishes need to get done. Meals need to be prepared. Nothing gets done unless I do it and there aren't enough hours in the day to get things done. Seriously, how hard is it to replace the milk bag when it's empty? Or, how hard is it to clean up after the baby eats instead of leaving all the crumbs and leftovers that she thew all over the floor? I don't get it.

The farm eats up most of our time. We don't do things as a family because we have to maximize our daylight hours to get work done on the farm. We don't go anywhere because we can't leave the farm. Hubby and I both have to work several jobs to keep the farm running.

The baby is whining and yelling "Mamamamamamama!!!" as she claws into my legs and reaches up for me to carry her. Sometimes I feel like this soooooooo isn't what I signed up for.

Then I look at this sweet little thing...
Somehow everything else no longer seems to matter. I'm in luuuuuuuv with this precious little monkey. Even if she exhausts me to no end.
Oh, alright! We do go places together as a family. Not often though. We try to go away once or twice a year. This said, Little One's childhood will definitely be different from the one I knew and this makes me sad. I grew up with lots of traveling (within Canada, the US, and overseas). My parents took us to Trinidad and Tobago, Florida, New York, Virginia, and all over the place when we were kids). I want that for Little One too. I want her to explore the world and know that there is a lot to discover outside of the world she lives in. I want her to learn about other cultures, customs, and make friends with people from all over the globe.

We may still be able to do this. With or without Hubby joining us though. Someone (not Hubby) once told me that "farmers never leave the farm". Great.


Carrie said...

yup, that pretty much sounds like my evening, every evening. You want to spend quality time with your kid but LIFE keeps getting in the way.

Sigh...if I win the lottery I am SO getting a personal chef...and a maid...and a massuse ;)

C said...

Ohhh! I am soooo with you on that! I guess I should start playing the lottery if I want to win though, right? LOL!

Definitely need a personal chef, maid, AND masseuse! LOL! :) Maybe not every day, but most of the days? Haha!

This Mom said...

We live in a farming community, but it didn't take much prodding to get my husband off the farm!

Luckily as teachers we have our summers together.

I can totally relate to the daily hassles some genders just not notice crumbs, or do they choose not to clean them up? I truly don't know which it is...

Kate @ This Mom Loves

hotmommy said...

dude forget the cleaning and stressing about the state of your house. i'm sure it's fine. if its worth anything my husband doesn't do any house chores or anything either. i don't clean or cook so the kids have to fend for themselves. jus kidding! we do get a lot of take out though.doesn't help that we can order chinese, pizza, greek, swiss chalet and get it in less than hlaf and hour..that's a different meal a day for 7 days a week. just joking we eat out about 5 days and have half made home made 2 days.

J at said...

I wish we could travel more, but there just isn't money for it. Maya's itching to go overseas, and truth be told, Ted and I would love to do that as well. Maybe some day.

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