Saturday, August 14, 2010

Because I'm Crazy Like That

We had our cast party for the Burns Wharf Theatre Players the other week and it was so much fun. Great company, great food, great location, and great times. It was a potluck dinner and since we *did* perform in Gilbert and Sullivan's musical operetta, Iolanthe, I decided I'd make Peers and Fairies cupcakes.

With a toddler running around and destroying the house, and me having to work in the morning, I was a bit too ambitious in my thoughts of making exquisite cupcakes for the party. I ended up just making Private Willis and Iolanthe. For a rush job, they turned out okay.

Not bad, considering I did this all in less than two hours (including baking time). Oh, and there was a *tiny* situation too. Little One discovered that she could push the dining chairs to the table so she could climb on top of them and then hoist herself up onto the dining room table. She then proceeded to sit on the table and help herself to cupcakes. Luckily, I managed to save all but one poor cupcake.

When I said, "[insert toddler's real name here]! Did you eat a cupcake?!" she looked at me (with icing all over her face) and furiously shook her head "No"! What a kid!

I also baked a cheesecake for my Grandmother's 90th birthday on August 11th. Though she celebrated her birthday in the Philippines, I baked a cheesecake in her honour. We ate her birthday cheesecake while talking to her on the telephone.

Little One thinks the idea of "Cheesecake eating & telephone sessions" is pretty odd. I think she was also confused because we were yelling on the phone. Great-Grandma was having a difficult time hearing us, and the long distance connection was terrible.

Happy 90th Birthday, Mommy! We love you!

In case you're wondering who that girl is beside Little One, that's our summer student! :)


Marilyn (A Lot of Loves) said...

You cupcakes look amazing! Good enough to eat...a lot.

Barbara said...

Cupcakes look wonderful! Your description of your 'situation' had me in stitches! Little One if very funny.


Crystal said...

wow looks like a lot of hard work went into those cupcakes
Good job!
fyi-i'm hosting a great giveaway for 1 free bumpy books book. It's a multisensory book that helps you teach your kids to read. My kids really love it
drop by at your leisure to enter to win at

Dina said...

wow C you did an awesome job on those cupcakes. Too cute to eat IMO!!!

C said...

Awwww! Thanks! They *were* good! LOL! Well, or so I was told!! :)

C said...

Haha! Yes, Little One is a handful. I was telling some other moms at the party that it's a wonder why I'm not a size 0 with all the running I have to do after her! LOL!

C said...

It was a bit labour intensive, but fun :) My friends at the party were impressed, but also added "WHY would you do anything like that?! As if you have TIME!?!?!" Haha! I'm insane.

C said...

Awww! Thanks! :)

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