Thursday, August 12, 2010

Dearest Little One

Who would have thought that we'd go from this...

to this....
in the span of 21 months?

Yesterday, you turned 21 months old. I still cry whenever I see photos of your very first days. I cry because I'm happy. I cry because I remember those early days in the NICU so very well. They seem like just yesterday, yet at times they seem so long ago.

You will be 2 years old on November 11th. How quickly time flies.

Yesterday, you spent your monthaversary in the "Big Smoke". You dazzled your medical team at your Neonatal Follow-Up. You showed them that you could dance, run, clean up after you've played with toys (something you have never done at home!), colour with crayons, twirl, sing, tell stories, feed a baby doll, and do all kinds of amazing things.

It really is hard to believe that when we first started going to your Neonatal Follow-Ups, you were so tiny. Now, you're pretty much caught up. The Speech Pathologist was very pleased with your ability to communicate. The Physiotherapist was impressed by your range of motion and ability to do so many things that they didn't expect you to do until after you turn 2 years old.

You are still only 21 lbs. We thought you'd be much heavier because of the way you eat. You are an eating machine! Your nutritionist said that we can bump up your fat intake if we want to. They aren't worried about your weight and say that you are well in your range and just have a very fast metabolism. In other words, you are so active and burn off your calories quickly. In any case, we were told to put extra butter on your veggies, potatoes, and bread, and give you milkshakes (with fruit!). The medical team really isn't concerned though. They say you're absolutely fine and not all babies are chubby babies.

The only thing that Mommy is worried about is your night terrors. Apparently, this is not uncommon for wee ones. Your pediatrician said it's due to an active imagination combined with a developing brain. There isn't much Mommy and Daddy can do about this, but keep you safe and comforted. It really is sad and scary to see you screaming in your sleep at night. Hopefully, your night terrors go away soon.

Happy monthaversary, Little One.



Dragonfly said...

OMG C! What great news!!! I;m so glad that LO is doing sooooo well!Please give a big sqweeze for me! Sorry I had to cut my vaca short, or I would of done so myself!!! Hope to see you soon!


Anonymous said...

i remeber u in thenicu thefirst days,, she was so small andnoel was alreday 3 months there and looked huge comparing to robyn ahsley.. now its so funy they are probbaly same size,, kiss robyn ashley from us and imiss u,,, and kisses... from anna ,,

C said...

Awww! No worries! We'll try to get to MTL sometime this fall or winter if we can. There's always next year for a family trip to the Island if you want! Our door is always open to family and friends. xo

C said...

I remember those days too. You looked like such a rock star! I was amazed. You seemed to know what you were doing and were so "together". For me, those early days were like roller coaster rides. I never know whether it would be an "up" day or a "down" day. Thank goodness for Mt. Sinai and the NICU. We are eternally grateful.

Miss you guys! Big hugs for all of you! XOX

Frau Guten Tag said...

That is so awesome! God is soooo good & faithful. I will never forget the days while I was still pregnant & on modified bed rest & I found your blog (through Calf Keeper). How many weeks was the pregnancy when she was born? I can't remember exactly, but I know it was REALLY early. I was reading & praying as often as I could.

As for the night terrors, it does seem like this is what Joseph has. Although he doesn't get them every night & he sometimes gets them during his naps (naps are more likely than at night it seems), while it's hard to watch & hear I do take comfort in knowing that he has such an active imagination.

Oh & just my 2 cents: I wouldn't worry about her weight at all if I were you, nothing wrong with being petite & she will catch up when she's ready. My little Joseph hardly eats in my opinion, yet he weighs a ton (27+ pounds & only 15 months), go figure! And he is NON-STOP active! But I refuse to try to force anything on him, just letting nature take it's course.

C said...

Isn't the blog world amazing? I'm grateful for Calf Keeper and for you :)

Oh, and you are so right about letting nature take its course with LO's weight. The docs did say that she may very well be a petite girl. Then again, there are many preemies who end up being tall or big. Who knows? You're right. I need to not worry about her weight. She's fine just as she is :) xo

Frau Guten Tag said...

The blog world (heck the whole internet world) is sooooo amazing!! I often think back to pre-internet days & how the kids nowadays have it so good (& bad too, internet does work both ways unfortunately).

I often wonder if someone is out there reading my own blog that doesn't even know's a funny thought

Calfkeeper said...

It's so awesome that LO is doing so well. Ellen doesn't even jump yet, she's not the adventurer like LO.

haha...I am glad I was able to be the go-between foryou and Frau. Friends are made in the most interesting ways.

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