Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Why Kids Are Smarter Than Adults

I like to blame my loss of brain cells on the fact that my daughter robbed me of them when I was pregnant. I find comfort in knowing that maybe...just maybe carrying her in my womb for several months stripped me of all intelligence. You know...We shared the same food supply, so maybe we shared a brain? Wishful thinking on my part, I guess!

Well, I've discovered that toddlers are indeed smarter than adults.

Case(s) in point:

My three year old nephew was in my Dad's garden feeding the goat.
My sister-in-law: Wow! That goat is eating a lot! What a piggy! Oink! Oink!
Three year old nephew: (laughing) Mommy's silly! That's not a pig! It's a goat!

After not seeing my twin nieces in months, they were up for a visit. Forgetting that children sometimes make strange when they haven't seen people in a while, I lunged forward to cuddle my Goddaughter. She didn't cry, but it was clear that she wasn't sure she wanted to be cuddled by this strange woman she hasn't seen since March.
Me: (Looking at my three year old nephew) I'm so sad! I don't think your sister remembers me!
Three year old nephew: I think Brookie is shy.

Having to go to the bathroom but not wanting to leave my toddler unattended, I paused to think of whether I seek out a family member to watch her or take her to the bathroom with me. My three year old nephew looked at me as I thought out loud.
Three year old nephew: You can go to the bathroom. I'll watch her. I'll take care of her.

My adorable little nephew smiled and squealed in delight as he played with his cousin, Little One.

Three year old nephew: I love [insert Little One's real name here]! Her is such a sweetie! Her has beautiful eyes too!
(Seriously! What three year old says things like that!?! Absolutely precious!)

After my cousin's wedding, we were looking at photos on the digital camera. Some of the photos were really funny, as our family is fun-loving, amazing, and completely crazy. There was a photo of my sister-in-law, cousin, the girlfriends of my male cousins and my youngest brother's girlfriend. We were all drinking wine and had a bit too much wine that night.
Three year old nephew: (laughing hysterically at one of the photos) ALL DRUNK!!!

Ahhhh! I don't want my twin nieces and three year old nephew to go home! I want to freeze our time together forever! I don't want to let go our days together. They are so, so, so sweet! I love my little K-town munchkins!


Marilyn (A Lot of Loves) said...

It sounds like you're having the best time with them. I think this age is so awesome. It's when they come up with the silliest things to say. Love that you wrote these out.

t said...

He really is the cutest kid ever ~ apart from Little One of courrse!

C said...

It's amazing what kids will come up with. Last night, my nephew was "fixing" things around the house with his tool kit. He was naming off all the tools and telling me "You need the right tool for the job"! He's only THREE!

C said...

I'm so glad I wrote these down. Otherwise I'd forget them! He's so cute and so funny!

Calfkeeper said...

They come up with the funniest things, always when you least expect it.

We had a rainstorm last night. Ellen came home from a visit to her grandma and aunt. She announced; "The rain makes auntie's hair fade."

We laughed and laughed. Especially when they told us what her aunt had said was; "The rain makes my hair frizz."

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