Saturday, December 18, 2010


I'm officially in another age bracket.

You know, when you fill out surveys and questionnaires and they ask you to check the box that corresponds to your age group? Well, I've officially graduated to the next box. I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

Truth be told, my thirties have been the greatest. My twenties were fun and exciting, but my thirties are even better.

Here are 35 things you may not know about me.

1. I'm one of those paranoid, must double check, confirm and confirm again girls. I check three times to see if my front door is locked before I leave my house.

2. I can't sleep with anything covering my feet. My toddler has picked up this quirky little thing from me and can't have anything covering her feet when she sleeps either.

3. I am a grammar nut. One of my favourite websites is the Grammar Girl site.

4. I secretly get really annoyed when I'm out and hear whiny, tantrum-throwing, screaming children. The shrill sounds of toddlers and kids screaming in protest or because they don't get their way just pierces my ear drums. Please don't hate me for saying this!

5. I feel the same way when Little One whines and cries for me. I know she misses me and wants my attention, but when I have taught from 9AM to 3:30 PM, it's exhausting to come home to her wanting to hang onto me all the time. Cooking supper is hard with a toddler clinging to you. I love her so much, but the whining...ack!

6. I used to be pretty laid back and chilled out. I need to learn to chillax more.

7. I picked out my new glasses while totally doped up on cold meds and right after the optometrist put drops into my eyes to dilate them. Needless to say, because I was doped up and practically blind at the time of picking out my new glasses, my new frames are totally funky and totally purple. Totally not "me", but they are pretty cool!

8. I never know how amazing it would be to be a Mom! I love watching my Little One play when she's not aware that I'm watching her. I also love that when I ask her to throw something in the garbage, she actually does it! :)

9. I never knew how exhausting it would be to be a Mom! Whoa! Seriously? Nothing anyone tells you can adequately prepare you for motherhood :)

10. I sometimes feel like I need a time out!

11. I'm obsessed with Sharpies. I secretly think my handwriting looks better when I write with Sharpies!

12. I need to use medium point pens. Everything else just feels so wrong.

13. Hate, hate, hate fine and ultra fine tip pens.

14. I like chocolate ice cream. I like strawberry ice cream. I like vanilla ice cream. I just don't like them all together. For some reason, Neapolitan ice cream grosses me out and I cannot bring myself to eat it even when all my favourite flavours are combined together.

15. It really bugs me when people say "Napoleon" ice cream instead of "Neapolitan" ice cream.

16. I'm addicted to word games like Scrabble and Wordscraper.

17. I'm only a little bit competitive at games.

18. There was a time when I used to be able to watch horror movies in the dark, at midnight, in the myself.

19. Now, I'm afraid of horror movies.

20. I get freaked out if I'm at home at night and Hubby's away.

21. My toddler amazes me. She teaches me new things every day.

22. I recently learned that toddlers have selective hearing.

23. I have a million cookbooks.

24. I love collecting cookbooks.

25. I rarely follow recipes and end up throwing meals together from taste.

26. I'm obsessed with pillows. Pretty pillows.

27. I have 9 pillows on our bed.

28. My husband wonders why anyone would need 9 pillows on their bed. He sometimes doesn't even use one!

29. I love throwing dinner parties.

30. I need to surround myself with people. I thrive in that environment.

31. I also love having alone time.

32. I rarely have alone time.

33. I need more alone time.

34. I'm a mom of a toddler. I probably won't have alone time for a LONG time.

35. That's okay, because I love, love, love my munchkin.


caninecologne said...

Happy Birthday C! Woohoo!!!!!

Enjoy your 30's!!!! You are a fun and fabulous gal! Have a wonderful birthday!!!!

word ver:
WTF!!! ha ha!

Frau Guten Tag said...

Happy Birthday!!

I'm 38, I struggled hard with turning 30, but as soon as the birthday came I got over it, instantly. But I've never struggled with any other birthday so far & I really doubt I will. It was just the idea of leaving behind my young 20's days, of being older than all the up & coming celebrities, etc.

But the way I saw it then was that most celebrities (women at least) look their best (IMO) in their 30s & I have to say that I think I look my best so far this decade. I think the 20s are spent experimenting with your look & by the 30s you've honed in on it & perfect it & learn how to make the most of what you have to work with.

#3 Though I know I'm not perfect when it comes to grammar it is something I notice--my pet peeves are the your, you're, they're, their, there, to, two, too, LOL. However, often when I'm reviewing things I've typed (& not proof-read) I find myself making those horrible errors! But whenever hubby is sending out a letter or email I always ask him to let me proof-read it cuz his spelling & grammar are not good & I feel like it makes a bad impression to the person receiving it, LOL He doesn't mind one bit though.

9) You are not kidding!! I am sooo tired all the time. I am quite certain if I had had my child in my younger days I wouldn't be this tired, but man, I am always so freakin' exhausted!!

#14 & 15) I totally agree on all points about the neapolitan ice cream

I personally LOVE & cherish my alone time, always have. But as a mother of a toddler I doubt I'll be getting any for a really long time. But when he naps I cherish that time soooo much. But of course I know that won't last forever either. So I am learning how to cope with little to no alone time these days.

Karen MEG said...

These are great, C. 30's are great - honestly, that's the decade where you come into your own, independent, confident and many of us become mommies!

I didn't even bother trying to do this for my birthday - too many numbers LOL!

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