Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Proof That I Am THE WORST Mom EVER!

Is it wrong that I think this is the most hilarious photo ever?
I know, I know. Bad Mommy!

For the past few weeks, Little One  has been really interested in Santa. Last year, she had her photo taken with Santa and didn't seem to mind. This year, however, a completely different story!

She patiently waited in line, smiled at Santa, yelled "Santa! Santa!", waved, and blew kisses at him. As soon as I placed her on his lap...


There was no consoling Little One. She totally flipped out.

My only consolation was that the six kids ahead of us bawled their eyes out too.


J at www.jellyjules.com said...

Little One's face is adorable, but look at Santa's face? Poor guy. Can you imagine a day filled with crying babies? Not a job I would want.

C said...

Oh, Julie! The tears! They were heartbreaking yet adorable. It was so weird how one minute she was so happy and excited, and the next minute she was petrified! I suppose she's at that age where she's more aware of things. We do tell her not to go with strangers, and yet I just plopped her on some strange guy's lap. Poor thing. POOR SANTA! Yeah, a day filled with crying babies = no fun!

E said...

Oh my goodness. That really is the most hilarious photo! I do feel more sorry for Santa than RA, though...

Maria said...

SO cute! I have photos of the boys like that too!!

Barbara said...

C I saw this on your FB and had to click over right away. As soon as I saw the photo I burst out in laughter! Poor little one. You have a memory to treasure even if it was through lots of tears. She is sooooo cute.


Cherry said...

I just told J that this picture might have me heading down to the mall after all. How priceless! (and had me laughing out loud)

C said...

It really *is* funny, isn't it? Every time I look at this photo, I can't help but laugh. Poor kid is going to grow up with a complex if her mother keeps putting her in these kinds of situations and then proceeds to laugh her head off!

C said...

Got your Christmas card today! :) Would love to see a pic of the boys and Santa. Did they cry too?

C said...

My sentiments exactly! When the lady who took the photos said, "You don't have to buy one because she was crying", I took a look and said "NO WAY! I'm TOTALLY getting multiple copies!!!" LOL! This will be fab when she's in high school. J/K

C said...

I told Hubby that I am making it a Christmas tradition to have Little One's photo taken with Santa. LOL! She had her first one taken in the NICU, one last year (which was fine and she didn't seem to mind at all), and this one (where she totally freaked out). If you get E's done, I wanna see it! She's still young, so she may not even care :) Little One was like that last year. She went to everyone and didn't mind. Now she's a bit more cautious. I guess that's a good thing, right? We teach our kids not to go with strangers, yet at Christmas time we thrust them into the arms of strange men with white beards and red suits. Hmmm.

caninecologne said...

hi c -
awwwww, look at her expression!!!! and her flailing limbs!!!!

omfg, i just posted a really sarcastic post on photos with Santa Claus!!!!

that is the reason i stopped taking pix of tc w/santa.

well, there's a photo that won't be forgotten! wait'll she gets older and she can look back on "moments" like this! it's actually pretty priceless.

word ver:

Karen MEG said...

Okay, I'm a "badder" mommy because I'm totally cracking up over here AND feeling sorry for Santa as well! This is priceless!!!

Too funny that she was so looking forward to visiting him just seconds before!

This would be a wonderful Christmas tradition - especially if she bawled her eyes out each and every year (which she won't, don't worry :)!

merinz said...

Oh dear, poor Santa!

A very happy Christmas to you all!

Palm Springs Savant said...

Oh its VERY cute, I love that photo. It will be even better in a few years, looking back.

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