Saturday, December 04, 2010

It's Funny Because Most People Have Absolutely NO CLUE...

what cartoon this is...
I am a product of the 80s. I grew up on cheesy TV commercials, TV shows with catchy (albeit also cheesy) music, pop artists who wore fluorescent t-shirts and skintight jeans, lots of blue eyeliner and fire engine red lipstick...oh, and we can't forget about the big, teased bangs held up by a full can of hairspray. Those were the days when we had magazine pics of our favourite TV actors and pop musicians plastered all over our walls in our rooms and on the inside of our lockers at school.

Those were the days when we actually looked forward to Saturday morning cartoons. Saturday morning cartoons were actually really good back then.

I'll give you $10 if you can name my favourite 1980s cartoon.

No? Okay, I'll tell you anyway. Remember Kidd Video? This cartoon is the epitome of everything that was 1980s. From the new wave fashions, big hair, and super "cool" music, this show is the perfect example of 80s pop culture. Do you remember the show at all? Kidd Video is about a band (three guys and a girl) who get sucked into a mirror by an evil overlord record producer, which takes them to the "flipside". All the while, they play their music - which just happens to be the best music of the 80s.

I also loved these shows:

The All-New Scooby and Scrappy-Doo Show 
Dennis the Menace  
Denver the Last Dinosaur 
The Flintstones 
Fraggle Rock 
Garfield and Friends
G.I. Joe 
He-Man and the Masters of the Universe 
Inspector Gadget  
Muppet Babies  
The New Fat Albert Show 
The Real Ghostbusters 
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 
Tranzor Z 
Voltron: Defender of the Universe

I remember rushing home after school so I could catch the last bit of G.I. Joe. My brother, cousins and I would go to my grandparents after school, and my grandparents would have "merienda" (snack) ready for us after school. We'd watch G.I. Joe, and maybe one other cartoon, while we had our merienda and then we'd do our homework. If we were done our homework, we'd play outside with the neighbourhood kids before our parents came to pick us up after work. Those were the good ol' days. 1980s cartoons always remind me of this happy, innocent, carefree time. They also remind me of the time we spent with my grandfather before he died.
Which were your favourite cartoons?


Anonymous said...

scooby doo

Barbara said...

I loved watching He Man with the kids that I babysat when I was in middle school! What a blast from the past. My favorite cartoon however is Scooby Doo.

Great post C!

Cherry said...

I forgot about Kidd Video, but now I can totally hear the theme song in my head! HA!

I watched all of those shows, plus a lot more, I do believe, except maybe Scooby Doo, it scared me even though I always knew it was just a guy in a mask who was the bad guy.

Voltron was a particular favorite as was Robotech. I had a pretty heavy crush on "Rick" from Robotech. My brother and I would call it our Japanese Kids Soap Opera.

Good Memories!

Frau Guten Tag said...

I do not remember Kidd Video AT ALL.....

I loved watching Looney Tunes, Popeye, Tom & Jerry, Yogi Bear, Scooby Doo, & I'm sure there were others that I can't remember, but those were the faves for sure, especially Looney Tunes.

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