Thursday, December 30, 2010

Post Christmas Blues

 Little One is not the only one who is suffering from Post Christmas Blues. She misses her cousins. I miss all the laughter, the hugs, and the togetherness that the Holidays bring. I miss seeing my toddler holding hands with her older cousin and playing with her twin cousins. The end of the holidays always makes me feel sad that we live so far away from my family.

I'm sad that Little One doesn't get to play with her cousins often enough. It makes me feel like we should contemplate having another baby just so Little One doesn't grow up alone.

It's not that she's "alone" alone. She really isn't. She gets lots of interaction with children her age. We have play dates, play groups, parties, get togethers, and outings with other kids. She just doesn't have a sibling...yet. Part of me thinks we should just have another child. The other part worries about having another preemie and the scary experience we had with my pregnancy with Little One.

 Then I think of how amazing it would be for her to have company all the time. True, we give her all the attention and love one child could ever want. She just doesn't have that special bond siblings have.

In the meantime, she's got her horse, her dog, and her blankie.

 I thought it was so cute how she piled her security blanket and her stuffed doggy onto her rocking horse with her.


J at said...

Maya's an only child, and she's OK. No one to fight with. However, she's asked for YEARS if she could have a little brother or sister, and I do think that they could play together and be happy. :)

C said...

You're right. Only children can turn out perfectly fine :) I wonder if we don't have another one and years from now she asks us for a sibling. What would that feel like? Ugh. Big lump in chest right now. Part of me wants to have another one, but part of me feels that one is perfectly fine too. Ahhh...

I always thought I'd want two, three, four or even five children. Now I think one is hard enough. Two would be great. I don't know.

Then I also think about how expensive it is to have children. I mean, clothing them, feeding them, sending them to school...Oh, and when it's time for university??? The more kids, the more expensive. I'm getting way ahead of myself here. I need to tell my brain to slow down a bit. LOL!

Uncivil said...

I'd settle for the hobby horse!
Happy New Year C !!!!

Ellie said...

Hi C! I know just how you feel, I am suffering withdrawal from my brother and his family, who spent 12 wonderful days here with us over Christmas. I haven't seen him in a year and a half, and they totally surprised me by showing up for Christmas! Now it just feels so quiet again...

As for another baby, just a couple of being that every pregnancy is different, and perhaps the next time they can prevent a premature delivery. is just fine to have one child..and although we have 3, mine still ask for another brother or sister, and our oldest is 18!

You will know what is right for will be able to feel it and know beyond a doubt that it is the right thing for your family. Just enjoy yourself in the now and don't get too caught up in wondering what to do. I think we just seem to "know" when the time is right.

Happy New Year!

Palm Springs Savant said...

today is the day I like least- taking down all the Christmas decorations. the house always looks so empty

C said...

LOL! I figured you'd say something like that! ;) Happy New Year to you and the girls, Jimbo! xx

C said...

Thank you for this, my lovely friend! Hopefully you'll find yourself back on the Island sometime and we can lounge on my deck, have a tea and watch the sunset! You've been such a great friend. Thanks for that! xx

C said...

I always wondered what the protocol was for taking down Christmas decorations. Mine are still up and it's the second week of January!!! lol

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