Monday, April 04, 2011


Whenever we go out, I make sure to pack a cooler bag and a toy bag for the toddler.  I ensure that there is an adequate variety of snacks, drinks, and if worse comes to worse...treats!  She thinks fruit and yogurt are candy, so I've got it pretty easy there.  In moments of true crisis, I've got dried fruit (which she calls "candy"). Extreme moments of crisis call for chocolate.  Luckily, I've never had to resort to that one yet!

In the toy bag, I have colouring books, a pad of drawing paper, crayons, books, a few little toys (that don't make noise!), and her "blankie'. Little One usually entertains herself for hours if she has the treat bag and toy bag.

Except for today.

We were at church and during the service, Little One decided she wanted to get down and run. She normally sits through the entire service and does her own thing. We were surprised that she didn't want to sit still! I know she's only 2 years old and asking a 2 year old to sit still and quietly for over an hour is a lot to ask for. We never have problems with this though. Well, not until today!

Hubby hung onto her and wouldn't let her down, so she decided to do the unthinkable. All through the church, the shrill sound of "HELLLLLLLP! HELP ME!!!" could be heard from our toddler.  It seriously sounded like someone was doing something awful or inappropriate to her.  I suppose Hubby not letting her run around during church service was awful and inappropriate for her! 

Needless to say, we were in shock.  I don't know where on earth she learned that phrase. We didn't teach that to her.  That's actually something I intended on teaching her when she got to be school-aged. You remember learning in elementary school that when someone is being inappropriate with you or making you feel uncomfortable, you yell for help? Well, she's only just turned 2 a few months ago! Where did she learn this?

I'm just glad that everyone in church thought it was funny that this teeny tiny little munchkin was so theatrical. I was also glad that everyone knew what was going on and that no one called Children's Aid!

Wow. I have a feeling Hubby and I are going to be in for a really adventurous ride with Little One!


hotmommy said...

your kid just cracks me up chris! she is so so so funny! once our oldest didn't want to leave the park and when i took her by the hand to head to the car she screamed "your not my mommy! your not my mommy! i don't know you!" let me tell you i wanted to strangle her! good times, this parenthood thing!

caninecologne said...

omg, "help me!" hilarious! I can just imagine YOUR expression too!!!

C said...

Yikes! "You're not my Mommy! I don't know you!" GAH! LOL! I'd have died of embarrassment! Too funny!

C said...

I'm not sure what the look on my face was like. Shock? Embarrassment? I think I wanted to crawl under our pew and hide for a while. LOL! ;)

J at said...

You know, my daughter took a self defense class when she was 7 or so, and the guy taught them NOT to yell for help, because people might assume that this sort of situation was occurring...just a parent holding on and the child wanting to be let go. What he told them to yell was "FIRE!!", because everyone pays attention to that, even if you're outside in a park or something.

He also taught them to say what hotmommy's daughter said..."You're not my mommy/daddy/brother/whatever" so people will know it's a stranger. I guess the folks at that park knew better. ;)

Which led me to think of how much WORSE your story might have gone if she had started yelling "FIRE!!" in a crowded church. HA!

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