Saturday, April 09, 2011

How Did I End Up Here?

 There are days when I  have to stop and pause for a while to think of how on earth I ended up where I am today.  How did this former vegetarian, English Literature Major, world traveling city girl end up living on a farm on an island and married to a beef farmer?  How?

Simple.  I fell in love with a beautiful island and its inhabitants and I fell in love with a kind farmer.  Don't get me wrong.  Life is still sometimes always a struggle to get used to here.  Some days are more challenging than others.  Though I love it here and have made it  my home, I miss my family and my friends.  I do have a great bunch of friends here, and on the Island everyone is your neighbour (even if you live 30 km away!), but I sometimes miss the city.  I miss being able to eat at Japanese, Thai, and Indian restaurants whenever I please.  I miss getting together with girlfriends for Bellinis, Martinis, and a movie.

Then I look at the world Hubby and I have created together.  How could I ever want to be anywhere else?  Well, unless it's the Dominican Republic or somewhere warm!
 There are moments where we delight in the sheer pleasure of the simple things in life (like watching our goofy toddler eat her Japanese okonomiyaki with chopsticks).
There are moments of beauty.
 The celebration of life.
 The sadness of death and loss.

Yes, that's a turkey vulture waiting for a free meal.  Calving season is no fun when death is also looming.  Sometimes you lose a cow or a calf...or both.  Farming is definitely not for the faint of heart. 
There are moments of bliss.
Nothing beats the smell of maple syrup in the air!
 Moments of love.  Little One is such a happy kid.  I love her.
On the farm, there are also moments of disbelief and thankfulness.  I often catch myself saying, "Whoa. This is all ours?! How blessed and fortunate we are!"
There are moments of  frustration. It's not an easy life.
Moments of happiness...
 ...and, moments of taking it all in and relishing every moment.

It may seem crazy, but somehow it all makes sense.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Well worded. I have fallen in love with "The Island" too and now make it my home. I hope to cross paths with you soon. From mutual connections, I have heard how much you've done for the Island and how loved you are.


J at said...

What a nice post! Yeah, you've come a long way baby, from your city girl roots to your country way of living. I've often heard that gratitude is one of the best indicators of happiness. To be grateful and enjoy what you have, what a gift. :)

Jackie said...

sigh, my new fav post of yours.

louann said...

You have got such an awesome outlook on life. I need more of your positive thoughts. Thanks for reminding me that regardless of what, always be thankful.

C said...

You're on the Island too? Have we bumped into each other anywhere before? :) We've got mutual connections? Now, I'm curious!! Send me a private message/e-mail, please!

Oh, dear! LOL! I haven't done anything for the Island! You must have mistaken me for someone else! ;)

C said...

I luv you! Your comments are always make me smile.

C said...

Awww! Thank you! :) We need to finally get together for that coffee! We can discuss being Island "transplants"! ;)

C said...

I'm not always so positive. It takes some convincing myself sometimes. I do try to be appreciative of everything and try not to take things for granted. Most of the time, I'm thankful :) Other days, I feel like I'm going bonkers! LOL!

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