Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Totally Melts My Heart

Lately it seems that all I write about is what my toddler has been up to, what kind of interesting baby/toddler products I've discovered, and pretty much all of that boring stuff that comes with everyday life. I could write about how depressing it can sometimes be to be a former city girl trying to adapt to life on a farm. Let me first say that I love the farm and I love where we live. It's just the hardships that come with farming, and the death and dying part I have a hard time with. I could write about how difficult it is to watch a newborn calf die or how incredibly sad it is to see a mother cow die after childbirth. These things do happen.
Instead, I will write about how my ESL students say that "the outside air smells like caramel" when we boil our maple sap to make maple syrup.

Instead, I'll blog about how my two year old daughter makes me all mushy and gushy with all the cute things she comes up with.

In the past two weeks, she's had big jump in her speech. She comes up with things like "I happy, Mama!" or "Ahhh...Funny!"

She was having a minor meltdown the other day because she was tired and I had to wake her up so we could hit the road early in the morning (we were driving back to the Island from Montreal - an 11 hour drive!). I told her, "Honey, crying is for when  you're sad or hurt, and..."  then she interjected, "I sad, Mama! I sleeping!!!"  Good point. What was I thinking?

Today was the first time she has ever told me, "I love you, Mama!" and it totally melted my heart. Moments like these are priceless. I must always remember these moments of pure love...especially when my toddler tests my patience.

Today she also said "I like shopping!" when we were at the mall. Where on earth did she learn that sentence from!?!


BusyMamma said...

it is amazing how they make our hearts totally mushy!! My 2 LO's do that to me all the time. DS said to me the other day, after i put on a litle make up and earings- "mommy you look beautiful."It was such a special moment!
and when DD says "mommy i love you" even after i yell at her I feel such guilt and love all at once.
The trials and tribulations of being a parent!

J at said...

OK, regarding the 'i love you' stuff...when my daughter was little, like, 3, she used to kiss us SO hard, she loved us SO much, it made us uncomfortable. Like in our adult minds, we thought she wanted to make out. In her toddler mind, she wanted to show us she loved us. It was weird. Just a warning, because L.O. loves you a LOT. If she wants to make out, just be ready for whatever conversation might come from that. ;)

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