Friday, July 08, 2011

Another Round of...What's in your Purse?!?!

These days, I've been feeling a little like Inspector Gadget.

I can magically produce anything and everything  from my purse. There once was a time when my purse contained just lip gloss, my wallet, keys, and cell phone.

Now, it looks more like this:

Oh, I know. It looks misleadingly normal from the outside. This is one of my favourite Christianna Jones originals. I've got four purses made by her and I love them all. What I love about this one is that it's roomy, but not too big. It's light and because it's neutral, it goes with pretty much everything.

Wait! Look at the inside of my purse!


1. Born Free Twist 'n Pop Straw Cup (I made a mango smoothie for Little One to take on our grocery/bank/post office/do everything and be home to make supper excursion)

2. Purolator slip (picked up an awesome parcel from Hallmark for being part of the Press Pause Panel! Blog post to come!)

3. Business card holder with business cards

4. Lip gloss (Rimmel "East End Snob")

5. 2 diapers for Little One (just in case)

6. Wipes

7. Keys

8. Wallet (don't get too excited, people! I've got no money!)

9. Sandra Boynton books (to keep Little One entertained in case she gets restless)

10. Assorted toys (see #9)

11. Hand cream, children's sunblock (Aubrey Natural Green Tea Sunblock) and hand sanitizer

12. Kleenex

13. Hair clips, elastics, and ribbons for Little One's hair (she always seems to yank them out, so I don't know why I even bother)

14. Memo pad and a few pens (for jotting down notes, addresses, phone numbers, directions, grocery lists, etc).

15. BlackBerry (can't live without it!)

16. Seaweed

Yes! I said SEAWEED!
I carry a few packets of seaweed in my purse because they keep Little One busy and content when waiting in line, at restaurants, in the car, etc. I'm tellin' ya, seaweed saved my life a few times. Little One LOVES seaweed and thinks they're "chips"! Seaweed and kale chips...gotta love 'em!

What's in your purse? Go ahead! I challenge you to reveal what a mess your purse is (or isn't)! 

Seriously, I've been looking for a purse that is fashionable, big enough (but not the size of an overnight travel bag!), and has compartments so I don't lose my keys and cell phone amongst all the other "stuff" all the time! Any ideas?


Robyn said...

I'll play. I normally don't carry a purse, but when I need more than what can be carried in my pocket I have a few on standby (either that or I still carry a diaper bag and throw my wallet in it).

My most recent purse contains the following: one diaper, magnetic railway car from the train set, camera, cheque book, pen, hair clip, strange red stick-on butterfly that I only vaguely recall seeing once before, small purple gel pen, 2 AA rechargeable batteries in serious need of a charge, and 3 Ricola Echinacea Honey Lemon drops.

Now, just for fun let's peak in my pant pocket. I have: Driver's Licence, Health Card, Debit Card, $10 bill, $2 coin, one penny, hair barrette, fresh mint tic tacs and a receipt for the local grocery store. Hey... where did I put my keys???? LOL

caninecologne said...

hi c - in ny purse i have:
my phone, wallet, hand sanitizer,a trio of mini tokidoki pouches which contain receipts, spare change, and coupons, a mini makeup bag with my lipliner, lipstick, and vaseline plus liquid eyeliner (gotta have my makeup with me!), a teasing comb, my ipod, my camera, a tiny notepad, a pen, a couple of tissues, and my keys.

that damn bag must weight 5 lbs!

C said...

Hey! I noticed that you don't normally carry a purse! :) I used to carry the diaper bag everywhere and just stick my keys and wallet in there too. Now that Little One is over 2.5 yrs old, I don't seem to need the diaper bag too much. I just stick a few diapers and a small thing of wipes in my purse. LOL!

Mmmm...Tic Tacs! I used to always have the orange ones in my purse!

P.S. The word verification is hilarious for this comment: cowbrie

I live on a farm with cows and my fave cheese is Brie! lol

C said...

LOL! My purse weighs more than a small child.

I love how you're always so organized, lady! I'm trying to find a purse that has dividers or compartments so I don't have to search for things when I need them!

Cherry said...

HA I LOVE THE SEAWEED! Since we are sista's, you will not be surprised we have also found the awesomeness that is the roasted seaweed snack! Elizabeth LOVES it, but I think Eric eats more than anyone.

I actually only carry a purse if I have Elizabeth with me and no Eric. And even then not really all the time. I keep an organizer in the trunk of the car with stuff in it I might need. I generally just carry a wallet and my phone.

BusyMamma said...

love this one!!!
I just recently bought a bigger purse to accommodate all the things I need to carry but still have way less stuff than you.
I have my wallet (it's small) my sunglasses, my WW tracker and booklet, a few pens, cell phone and keys. I don't carry stuff for the kids in my bag, they have their own backpacks that they carry their own stuff in. Oh yeah, i have 2 lip glosses and a hair brush and elastic too. That's all!

Gingermommy said...

Looks like my purse. Hubby says I need to clean out my purse, I say I need a bigger purse :)

C said...

Yes, I suppose mine's rather excessive! LOL! I packed a little Skip*hop backpack for Little One, but even with just a few items in it, it's so huge and heavy for her. She's so tiny! LOL!

C said...

I sometimes just carry my wallet and cell phone, but if they're not in a purse/bag, I usually lose them! LOL! I'm totally not kidding. I'm awful that way!

C said...

Bahahahaha! I love your comment! The reason I love it is because that's the EXACT conversation I had with Hubby last week! I said, "ARRRRGH! We NEED more storage room in this house!!!!"

Hubby said, "No. We need less stuff."


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