Monday, February 27, 2012

Daddy Did It!

Our three year old has got the craziest hair I have ever seen.  Do you remember reading Mr. Mugs  when you were in elementary school?  Well, her hairdo reminds me of Mr. Mugs. No matter what we do, her hair is always in her face.
The resemblance is uncanny! Don't you think? She looks like that adorable sheepdog I used to read about when I was a kid. 

Pretty little clips or decorative ponytail elastics simply do not last long in her hair.  She'll leave them in for a while to entertain me, but within no time, they're gone.  Sometimes they're gone forever!  She conveniently misplaces them or hides them.

I gave her a haircut before Christmas, and it actually turned out okay. What was supposed to be a straight trim turned out to be a rather stylish layered bob! A complete fluke!

Still, the hair in her face persisted and it really bothered us.  "Please push the hair away from your eyes, Honey" and "Please don't suck on your hair!" were common phrases up until a few days ago.  Yes, Little One had developed the rather gross habit of sucking on her hair because it was always in her face.

I was shocked when Hubby went to the bathroom, returned with scissors, and chopped off the hair that was always falling and covering Little One's face! 

"Oh! No! You gave her bangs! I never wanted her to have bangs!"
I was cursed with the "little Asian girl bangs" when I was a kid.  It seemed pretty standard for my generation.  Every kid had those straight bangs.  I wanted to avoid that with Little One.

"There! Now she can see!", said Hubby.

I have to admit, she looks kinda cute.
QUESTION: Parents, do you take your children to the hairdresser's for their haircuts or do you trim your kids' hair yourselves? 
I always said I'd never cut my own child's hair, but the frugal farmer doesn't think it's such a bad thing :) As Rosy Soobrattee (from Recipe to Riches) wrote on my Facebook, "a cute face goes well with everything"!


Multi-Testing Mommy said...

OMG I loved Mr Mugs!!!!

Your daughter is a cutie ;)

We use an electric trimmer on my son's hair at home, in the shower!

For my daughter, I cut her hair until she was 4 and then she wanted to get it done at one of those kiddie places - so that is where we go now. In the summer, I cut their hair at the cottage on the deck!

Heather said...

I remember Mr. Mugs! Your daughter is cute sporting both styles :)

Jennifer L said...

aww she looks cute Christine! I cut everyone's hair at home, even hubby's. I didn't want my DD to have bangs either but she has thin fine long hair and we had the same trouble always move the hair and clips would slip out or hmm she would remove them.. lol I love the creaclip though :) works wonders for styling girls hair :)

Kelly @ City Mom said...

So cute! We had the same problem & boy did it bother us. The straw that broke the camels back for me was when we attended a classroom holiday party and I hugged my daughter upon seeing her and her hair was crusty & stinky from chewing on it. A few days later we were at the hairdresser getting it cut to a length where none of it could reach to her mouth. The result is a super cute & stylish wedge cut that we all love!

Just Us Girls said...

What a cutie, she looks adorable! :)

Cherry said...

Ahh the constant hair in the face! Although Elizabeth is getting better at keeping ponytail holders in... sometimes. Barrettes, never. and she hasn't started the hair chewing thing ...yet!

I am continuing to resist the urge to cut bangs. I also had the Asian straight bangs and am trying so hard to keep that from Elizabeth. The bang grow out takes so long!

Of course your LO is adorable with them, I'm just doing my darnedest to resist. Its HARD! Especially when Eric and all the grandma's tell me to.

~ The Country Mouse ~ said...

She looks completely adorable with her new haircut. We cut (rather buzz) my sons hair at home. My youngest gets her's cut at the salon a couple times a year, the rest of the time I trim it.

Mom vs. the boys said...

awww I actually like it, and totally impressed at the straightness of it all! I cut my little boys hair in between hair cuts to stretch them out. but always return for a nice cut every few months.

Deborah Coombs said...

She's adorable! My guy moves around too much to cut his hair. I have tried, but it never ends well. But I've got a great gal who cuts his and mine together for $30, so I'm all over it. I have given him a quick clean-up on the back of his neck and over the ears, when necessary between salon visits. With the clippers. And I've shaved his head twice when there's been a lice outbreak at school. That requires no finesse!!

caninecologne said...

The bangs are cute!!!!

I take TC to my hairstylist. She has been going there since she was three, just for trims. But for the past year and a half, now that she's a "tween", has wanted her hair styled or layered a certain way (sigh).

Bert had to fix TC's hair once when she was a year old. His mom, unbeknownst to us, chopped up some of her bangs. When I finally noticed it, I freaked out so my husband trimmed it a bit to even it out. I was so mad!!!! My MIL didn't even ask - she just did it. Luckily her hair wasn't more messed up that it already way.

Well, hair is hair and it will grow at least!

Karen MEG said...

Oh your little one ROCKS those bangs ... and avoid them though you try, it's just in the DNA - sorry! The good thing is that they always grow back.
G spent two months growing hers out over the summer, then had them cut straight across again in the fall just after school pictures. As soon as it came time for a bang trim - she decided she wanted to grow them OUT again. Styles, come and go with the wind. Lots for you to look forward to C!
Haven't been by in a LONNNNNNG time, amazing to see how lovely everything is going and how your blogging has grown to new heights!
And in answer to your question, I've taken both the girl and the boy to the same hairstylist since they were under 2. I wouldn't want to subject them to my bowl cutting techniques LOL!

Kimberly said...

I don't trust myself with sharp objects near my face leg alone my sons!! So yea we fork over the moolah.
She is a doll!
Ps. I have bangs. They're glorious ;)

Christine said...

Multi-Testing Mommy:
Thank goodness SOMEONE else who remembers Mr. Mugs! LOL!

When I was in Montreal, I took Little One to one of those kiddie places. I didn't take her for a hair cut though. I took her to get her ears pierced! I wish they had kiddie hairdressers around here!

Christine said...

Yay! Another one who remembers Mr. Mugs! Thanks for the kind words :) She doesn't seem to prefer any style. She's so easy going...unlike her mother! LOL!

Christine said...

Jennifer L:
You are a super mama! Hubby always asks me to cut his hair for him. I keep telling him that's what hairdressers are for. He recently asked me to shave his head. I was so skittish and didn't want to hurt him. Halfway through, he was yelling "Ow! Ow! Ow!" LOL! I forgot to put the guard on the razor! Yikes.

Christine said...

I know, right? LOL! Someone told me, "Oh, it's so endearing that she has that habit." I was thinking, "Ewww. Gross. Eating or sucking on hair is not endearing." ;p

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