Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Everybody Loves Coffee

My husband and I love our coffee.  True, Hubby has only recently been introduced to the variety and quality of coffees from around the world.  During our honeymoon in the Dominican Republic, he sampled the rich, robust flavours of Dominican coffee beans when we went on a tour and learned about the beloved coffee bean.
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Since then, his tastes in coffee have expanded and he now enjoys coffee from Hawaii, South America, Africa, etc...

Hubby now knows what "good" coffee is.  I attribute this to also hanging out with our friends from Italy and France!

I know. Those of you who know me already know of the adverse effect coffee has on me.  You know it knocks me out cold in five minutes flat.  Yes, my friends. I'm one of the few people in the world that falls asleep if I have coffee.  This isn't necessarily a bad thing! I get to savour coffee when I have insomnia! Need to fall asleep? No problem! A shot of espresso or cappuccino will do it for me!

I just wanted to share this amazing deal with all the coffee loving family, friends, and readers in my life.  Did you know that BuyCoffeeCanada has put together a 45% off deal for 2 lbs of Fair Trade Organic Coffee ($25/2lbs with free shipping) for residents of Ontario? Hang tight. If this promotion is a success, it could be Canada-wide soon!

They also carry Torani syrups (even the sugar-free ones!). If you're like me and have had dreams of having your kitchen equipped so that you could make your own lattes and play "barista", you'll love BuyCoffeeCanada!

If you're interested in the group buy for the coffee, click here!

Disclosure- I am participating in the BuyCoffeeCanada Blogger Program. All the thoughts expressed on this blog are honest and my own.


Multi-Testing Mommy said...

You had me at coffee!

I love coffee -- my favourite drink ever!

Hubby just bought me a Keurig but I do have a make your own K-cup so I might have to check out this deal! Thanks for sharing hon!

Shari G said...

I love coffee too, and I am similar to you. It doesn't knock me out, but it doesn't give me energy either. I mean if I am drinking then jump up and get going, it will help sustain me. But if I sip while I am sitting, I can take a nap too! LOL My hubby can't drink it past 7 pm or he will be up for hours!

Gingermommy said...

The syrups sound delish. I would love to try some for myself. Thanks for sharing

Kathryn Lavallee said...

I am a huge supporter of organic fair-trade coffee; not only is it a better social and environmental choice, the flavour is phenomenal! :)

Deborah Coombs said...

Ooh! Fabulous deal. I love my coffee. I grind beans every morning for a fresh brew on my way to work. I'll check this out!

Callista said...

I was going to say not everyone loves coffee but I do drink Iced Capps from Tim Hortons which is a form of coffee.

Leslie said...

Too bad I don't drink coffee. I have never been a fan, even in desserts. But I do love the smell of a fresh brewed pot...weird!

Talking Momcents said...

I didn't know that coffee can make some people sleepy! I need it to stay awake :)

I'm eager to see a deal like this for all of coffee shelf is looking a tad sparse!

Katrina Brady said...

Oh wow, that cup of coffee looked soooo good! We have tried so many different types of coffee over the last 5 to 10 years since we started travelling. Some amazing coffees out there. Funny how I always thought one coffee was the same as another. Not True!!

Nicole said...

I'm a #zombiemoms who loves coffee. Funny how my love for coffee grew that much more once I became a mother.

This coffee sounds heavenly, as do the syrups.

This Lil Piglet said...

I'm a coffee lover for sure. I cannot get my butt moving in the morning without my 2 cups of fresh hot coffee to kick start my day. I have also flavored many coffee's; there's definitely a difference from a so-so coffee to a must have coffee.

Whispered Inspirations said...

I love coffee!! And I adore organic and free trade. I love brewing it. Taste great and I don't feel guilty.

Jennifer L said...

I love coffee, Thanks for sharing the info!

Kimberly said...

Coffee from Hawaii is hands down the best coffee ever.
We went to Kauai for our honeymoon and visited Kona coffee. I was in heaven. Needless to say we bought lots of coffee there.
I haven't had coffee since October...stupid gallbladder.

Christine said...

Ooooh! I'd love a Keurig! I love hanging out at my friend's because she has one! LoL!

Knit Wit:
Interesting to see how coffee and caffeine affect people differently!

Yes! The syrups are what I'm looking forward to! LOL!

Christine said...

Yes, yes, and yes! I agree with everything you said. ;)

Isn't it a great idea?? :) Love it!

TRUE! :) Oh, and I agree. The Iced Capps are totally yummy!

Christine said...

True. A pot of freshly brewed coffee smells divine!

Talking Momcents:
I know. I'm just one of the weird ones who is unlucky enough to have this problem! LoL! There's only a small percentage of people like this.

It would be great for this to have this program go nation-wide! Can't wait!

Totally right! I went to a few coffee tastings and coffees from different countries and regions are so different! Amazing!

Christine said...

Ha! That's what a lot of my mommy friends say. They rely on their coffee! :) I can totally see why! :) With a 3 year old, I wish coffee didn't put me to sleep! LOL!

This Lil Piglet:
So true! Once you've had the good stuff, it's hard to go back to so-so coffee, I find.

Whispered Inspirations:
So true, Nancy!

Christine said...

You're welcome, Jen! :)

Aww! Bummer! Sorry about your gallbladder! :( I hear ya on the Hawaiian coffee! My uncle has a place in Hawaii an he can't live without his Kona coffee! We tried it and can see why he loves it so much!

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