Saturday, February 18, 2012

Lianne's Quick Guide: Babies 0 to 6 Months - Review and Giveaway!

Before I became a Mom, I never anticipated all the questions, worries, and concerns I'd have after bringing baby home from the hospital. Babies do not come with instruction manuals.

I thought that parents had built-in programming that automatically helped us through all the different stages of our child's development, told us what to do when they cry, make us know just what to do in any circumstances that we should meet. No. It isn't that easy.

There were nights when Little One would cry and would not be consoled. The sleep deprivation and non-stop crying just about did me in. I had no idea that she was cutting teeth. When I discovered that she was getting her first teeth, I still didn't know what to do. I did what I thought was the best thing to do: Consult our family doctor, ask all my mommy friends for advice, ask family members, check out online resources...and I even sought help on Facebook! Back then, my Facebook status updates were mostly of the "OMG! She won't stop crying!" or "Help me! I'm going bonkers!" nature.

I wish I had Lianne's Quick Guide back then! Lianne has written a series of quick guide booklets for all the things you want to know and need to know in a pinch! They're perfect for carrying in your purse or diaper bag. They're compact and designed for busy parents on the go.

I was sent a copy of the Babies 0 to 6 Months quick guide for review purposes.  She covers common encounters that parents experience in their babies' first 6 months.  What I like is how small the booklet is! I know that sounds weird, but when I was a brand new mom, I didn't have the time to look up big, thick parenting books. I needed the answers right then and there. Of course, the book doesn't give you answers, but offers tips and helpful advice from another mom's experience and point of view.

You can find Lianne on her blog as well.  She's a phenomenal woman - so great to correspond with.
I am really looking forward to Lianne's First Aid for Kids booklet! That is something I will definitely be carrying in my purse at all times!

Are you ready to WIN a copy of Lianne's Quick Guide: Babies 0 o 6 Months? If your child is no longer in that age group, the booklet makes a great gift for any new mom!

To enter, fill out the Rafflecopter form below. If you are having difficulty with the Rafflecopter form, just refresh your browser and it should work!

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Disclosure - I received a copy of Lianne's Quick Guide: Babies 0 to 6 Months for review purposes.  All the opinions on this blog are honest and my own.


Susan said...

I am a new mom and this sounds like it would be great to keep in our diaper bag when we are on the go!

Valerie said...

I know a few people who just had babies and could use this.

JohnnysGurl said...

My question:
How do you k now if your baby has had enough milk to drink if you breastfeed? I'm expecting my 1st baby in June and want to know if I'm feeding my baby enough if I breasfeed.

Cherry said...

I feel like I've forgotten everything about caring for a newborn and a quick tip guide sounds perfect.

How do you know when it's time to change diaper size?

Christine said...

It really is handy in size! Do you have any questions for Lianne? :)

Christine said...

They would make great little presents to add into a gift basket or something for a baby shower or present for a new mom.

Christine said...

Johnny's Gurl:
Good question! I remember wondering the same when Little One was small. When she was in the NICU, I nursed her, but the doctors and nurses didn't feel she was gaining weight fast enough, so they had me top her up with a mixture of breast milk and formula :( I would like to think that a baby won't starve him/herself and will take as much as he/she needs. Later on, when I brought Little One home from the hospital, she would cluster feed. She nursed whenever she wanted and gained weight. I would certainly ask your family doctor or midwife/doula if you have any concerns. All babies are different.

Christine said...

Ha! Same here! :) I don't remember!

LiannesGuide said...

Johnny's Gurl:

Here are some tips for knowing that you newborn is getting enough milk:
- Typically your newborn will have at least 4-6 wet diapers every 24 hours.
- He/she should be content and alert when awake, should be sleeping well and gaining weight.

Sleeping well doesn't mean sleeping through the night - it means just that - when sleeping, sleeping and not fussy etc.

In the first weeks my babies were also weighed regularly. It's typical for a newborn to lose a bit of weight in the first week but the gain should come shortly after that.

And don't forget - go with your gut... a new mom usually has a good sense of what's good/not good.

I post newborn content from my book a couple of times a week on my blog at and will also be posting breastfeeding questions in the next couple of months.

Good luck! Lianne

LiannesGuide said...

Cherry: You'll know. It's usually based on weight so you can use that as a guide. And you'll find that you are - either struggling to get the diaper tied up (= too small) or the pee and poop is slipping out on the sides (= too big).

I'm sure that it will all come back to you! Good luck!

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