Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I'm in Love with Steven & Chris (plus, a recipe)!

It might come to no surprise to anyone when I confess my love for two men -- Neither of whom are my husband.
I've been in love with Steven and Chris for years!  They are the funniest, wittiest, best dressed guys on TV.  They know fashion, relationships, food, cooking, home decor, shoes, and all things trendy and beautiful.

Yes, my friends...Long before the days of Pinterest, it was Steven and Chris.  My dream is to have them someday help me redecorate our old farm house. We need some serious help! I'm not kidding!

I've been watching the show for years and am addicted to their style tips and basically everything on the show.  Who can throw the most amazing cocktail party? Steven and Chris. Who will tell you that those pants just don't do your posterior any favours? Steven and Chris. Well, no. They're not that brazen. At least Steven isn't! Let me just say that these two are HI-LA-RI-OUS!

The episode that got me hooked was the one when Chris was talking about how he was at a friend's dinner party and opened up the medicine cabinet in the bathroom and spilled a bottle of something (I can't remember if it was oil or cream of some sort) all over the place. Then he asked the audience if anyone had ever been guilty of doing that. You know, going into someone's bathroom and snooping around!

I have to say that I don't do that, but know for a fact that people have done it at my house. The episode made me very self-conscious of my bathroom and the condition my bathroom cupboards are in! Yikes!

Thus began my love for Steven and Chris.

I often make the recipes they have on their show. They always have the most amazing guests and chefs/cooks! Tonight I made the Pine Nut & Raisin Stuffed Pork Loin.

Okay, perhaps it wasn't exactly Pine Nut & Raisin Stuffed Pork Loin. We ran out of pine nuts and since I'm married to a beef farmer, he asked me to use beef loin instead of pork. We didn't have any Emmenthal left, so I substituted another cheese for it.  Fine. The recipe was quite different from nothing at all like the original recipe posted, but it was still very delicious! Click here for the original recipe.

I'm hoping to have a Steven and Chris date with my friends, Geek with Style and Bewildered Bug next time I'm in Toronto. Geek with Style shares my love for S & C, so we're hoping to make it to the taping of one of their shows together.

Do you love Steven and Chris too?  What do you love the most about them and their show?


Mom vs. the boys said...

I love that show too, I would love to see a live taping some day. the dinner looks lovely!

Katrina Brady said...

I hate to confess this but I've never watched eeekk

Multi-Testing Mommy said...

I agree, Steven and Chris ROCK! I could use their help over here too!

Whispered Inspirations said...

Me too! Next time I'm down Aeryn invited me to go to a taping too! Can't wait!

Christine said...

Mom vs the Boys:
Let's all go together next time we're all in Toronto! :)

Christine said...

:) Ohhhh...if you ever do catch them, you'll be hooked! LOL! I even got my mother-in-law in love with them! She thinks they're the greatest! Muahahahahaha!

Christine said...

Yes! Gotta love S & C! :)

Christine said...

Aeryn and I were actually talking about that the other week! We said that we should get together with you and Serena too (next time you and I are in T.O.)! Wouldn't it be fun??? :)

LiannesGuide said...

Living in Amsterdam means I don't get to watch their show but I also have a "love affair" with 2 men that weren't my husband: Ben & Gerry.... It was long lasting!!!

OrangeHeroMama said...

i know who they are, but don't watch..i don't have cable!

this was totally a fantastic post though! <3

Kathleen said...

I must confess I spent the whole time reading the post wondering when you were going to say the name of the show. It wasn't till I got to the end and hovered over the link that says Steven and Chris, did I realize that must be the name of the show.

As a Windsorite, I watch mostly American TV although I do get CBC.

Now I must say that dinner looks yummy!

shabby chic decor said...

Me too! I love there DIY segment!

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