Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Celebrate & Save with Fisher-Price! #FisherPriceMoms

Fall equals the beginning of the school year, but to me it signals the beginning of months and months of Holidays!  There's Canadian Thanksgiving, American Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas, Hanukkah, Little One's birthday, my birthday...

There are SO many special days to celebrate!  With an ever growing family (so many nieces and nephews Little One's age, and friends with young children Little One's age), there are always so many gifts to get! I put special thought into the gifts we give - this means making sure it's something the recipient of the gift is "into" and loves (keeping in mind interests and hobbies), as well as doing research (because safety is paramount).

I don't know about you, but before I make a purchase, I go online and check consumer reports and reviews from parents just like me.  I am so thankful that Fisher-Price has a community of moms where I can draw info from.  It's incredibly important to read the reviews before buying gifts this holiday. After all, parents know best!

Plus, I'm all about the savings!

  • 1: I like to be wise with my money 


  • 2: I'm married to a frugal farmer!
Check out the fabulous deals Fisher-Price has to help you save for the holidays! Click here to view the Fisher-Price Celebrate & Save online coupons!

I've got quite a few friends with babies, so the $15.00 off any Fisher-Price swing $129 + is fabulous!

Got any Little People lovers? How does $10.00 off Fisher-Price Little People Disney Princess Songs Palace or Imaginext Eagle Talon Castle sound?

I'm already prepared for Christmas, thanks to Fisher-Price! We're spending Christmas with my brother's family 11 hours away by car! Little One is super excited to be spending the holidays with her cousins! Can't wait to see the looks on all their faces!

Do you do research online or read consumer reviews before making purchases for your kids' products and toys?

Disclosure: I am a Fisher-Price Play Ambassador and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.


Brandi Yee said...

Fisher Price always has such great deals and I love how easy they make it to find what you need and how suitable it will be for your child. Fisher Price is always under the tree at Christmas! ;)

SamiJoe said...

We're huge Fisher Price lovers too! At Preschool the other day I discovered Rescue Rangers and they are so awesome.

Fisher Price never goes out of style.

~ The Country Mouse ~ said...

I never buy anything without researching it first. I am so thankful to others for taking time to leave their opinions, so I can make an educated decision.

ourfamilyworld said...

I never purchase before reading a review too, very helpful! My daughter loves Fisher Price!

MrDisco said...

Coupons are always appreciated!

Lisa said...

Your frugal farmer, is my frugal gym teacher! Haha. I'm learning to stay on budget but it's haarrrrd! *said in a really whiny voice* And yes, I do research most items before buying. I've avoided some big shopping mistakes that way!

Christine McN said...

That's what I love about FP! You can always find the perfect gift for each age group! Love the variety and love how the toys really are age-appropriate.

Christine McN said...

So true! FP never goes out of style! Rescue Rangers! My twin nieces and my nephew love RR!!

Christine McN said...

Country Mouse:
Same here! Shopping sure has changed a lot since our parents' days! I don't recall my mom ever reading consumer reports or product reviews for items she purchased for our household!

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