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A Turtle's Tale 2: Sammy's Escape From Paradise ~ Dive into a Fun-Filled Adventure! #TurtlesTale2

Imagine yourself in a house full of 3, 4, and 5 year olds (and their moms), sprawled out on the floor with their sleeping bags and pillows!  Popcorn, every single flavour of Goldfish crackers available to mankind, fruit and veggie platters decorated like fish, a coral reef and starfish and  multi-coloured gummy frogs and turtles swimming in a sea of blue Jello?!  What mom would willingly open up her house to a dozen junior kindergarten kids for a fun movie matinee? Me! That's who!

An underwater-themed snack table went hand in hand with the feature presentation: A Turtle's Tale 2: Sammy's Escape From Paradise
When you're a kid (and even when you're an adult), one of the most exciting parts of a party is the food!

A Turtle’s Tale 2, which is being released on DVD this Tuesday July 9 2013, is a cute movie for kids of  all ages. *ahem!* Adults included!  Intended for the 3 – 10 year old crowd and rated G,this movie captures the attention of  more than just the littlest movie watchers !  I have to say that though all the children started off watching the movie with little bowls of popcorn and goldfish crackers in hand, half of the kids ended up in the toy room!  Those who were deep into the movie stayed put for the entire movie. 
I forgot how active 3-5 year olds are and how having them sit through an entire movie can sometimes be a challenge. 
Nonetheless, the kids enjoyed A Turtle's Tale 2 immensely.  It's almost impossible to not fall in love with Ray and Sammy, the two little turtles in the first Turtle's Tale movie!  We see them again in A Turtle's Tale 2, only this time they are the big turtles!

The Plot

Sammy and Ray return to the screen in A Turtle’s Tale 2 and they are  ready to “Dive into a Fun Filled Adventure”!  The  dynamic due struggles to escape The Tank, an underwater aquarium, in an effort to find their two adorable little grand-turtles, Ricky and Ella.   Working together with some new friends, they discover that when you work together anything is possible!
There were many oooohs and ahhhhs, giggles, and gasps throughout the movie.  The kids really responded to Sammy, Ray, Ella, Ricky and all their new friends. They thought Anna, the little pink girl octopus was adorable.  As Little One said, "Ohhhh! Anna is a cutie patootie!" Quite cute hearing a four year old say that!

What the moms thought

 It was a cute movie and a good one for family movie night.  The characters are sweet and there's a distinct message of teamwork. The animation and graphics are very well done.  Two of the moms mentioned that they'd like to get A Turtle's Tale 2 for their  movie collections. 

What the kids thought

I was surprised that even the youngest of our movie watchers was able to pick up on the underlying message of caring for our ocean & the creatures in it.  The 3, 4, and 5 year olds were heard chatting about the environment and keeping animals safe, and how mankind should take care of  the fish and other water creatures.
One thing both the moms and kids agreed upon was that this movie had some suspenseful moments and the younger children thought it was a little bit scary.  My daughter in particular is a bit sensitive to suspense-filled movies and gets nightmares. She didn't have any nightmares and has watched this movie three times since the first time she saw it with her friends on the weekend, but she did say she thought some parts were scary.  
Unlike her friends, Little One was seen hiding behind her hands or under her sleeping bag a few times. She doesn't like "bad guys" or villains.  To be honest, I was going to screen the movie beforehand, but didn't have time.  I figured it couldn't be that scary considering its intended age group/audience.
Our A Turtle's Tale 2 movie matinee was a hit and the kids had lots of fun!  Makes me think I should host movie matinee play dates more often...if I'm brave enough to do so!
Here's the trailer for  A Turtle’s Tale 2:
Both Turtle's Tale movies are adorable and have characters kids will fall in love with.  Definitely a great addition to any family movie night or DVD collection.

Disclosure: I am participating in A Turtle’s Tale 2 – Sammy Escapes From Paradise Blogger Campaign by Mom Central Canada. I received compensation as a thank you for participating and for sharing my honest opinion. The opinions on this blog are my own.


wanda said...

My little one enjoyed the movie and play time. What a great idea......you were a brave mommy to have so many over...., thanks again

Christine McN said...

So happy to hear that she had a great time! She is so adorable and a pleasure to have over! Please tell her that she is welcome to come over any time she wants! Little One adores her!

Janet said...

My girls had a blast! My youngest was asking to go to your house again yesterday. She didn't want to go home, she kept asking to go to Little One's house! Thanks for having us, it was a blast! My kids loved the blue jello and gummi frogs!

Christine McN said...

Awww! You guys are ALWAYS welcome to come over to play at Little One's house! I'll even make blue jello! LOL! Just kidding. Confession time: I don't make Jello. I don't know how since I don't ever make it! My student made it for the kids' party! LOL!

mamawee said...

sounds like a super cute movie, and love the snacks that go with it!

newcountrymama said...

DD loved the movie and hanging out with all the children. She didn't want to leave. Thanks again for having us over.

Christine McN said...

:) Thanks! It was a cute movie and the kids were all over the snacks since pretty much all of the kids don't normally get treats like blue jello and gummy frogs! LOL! It was a novelty!

Christine McN said...

We loved having you guys over! Your DD is always welcome to come over any time. Not wanting to leave is a good thing, right? A sign of a good time had by all :)

Kelly said...

Looks like a great party! Love your turtle themed goodies! We had one too and also did an underwater theme. So fun!

Christine McN said...

So awesome! Would you be able to leave your link? I'd love to check out your post too! What fun!

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