Monday, July 08, 2013

mOmma Spill-Proof Cup is the mOmma of all Cups! @LansinohUSA

When Little One was a baby, I noticed that Lansinoh seemed to be one of the brands all my breast-feeding mom friends talked about.  Lansinoh has everything from breast pumps to breast pads, breast milk storage and bottles and drinking sets.

In fact, one of the best gifts a friend ever gave me was a basket she put together filled with baby necessities from Lansinoh.  The Lansinoh Disposable Nursing Pads came in really handy, as did the Lansinoh HPA Lanolin.

I was excited to see that Lansinoh also has items for feeding babies as they continue through different stages of their development.  When I first saw the mOmma Spill-Proof Cup with dual handles and Straw Cup, I was intrigued by their unique design.

Because of the round ergonomic shape and soft handles that are designed for baby's hands to grip, and the fact that pliable silicone spout is for of baby's developing teeth and gums, this makes for a great cup. With babies that like to toss things or drop things frequently, it really helps that the spout is spill-proof.

Gadget Girl, one of my mom testers was given the opportunity to try out both the mOmma Spill-Proof Cup with dual handles and the Straw Cup.

Gadget Girl's Thoughts

My 10-month-old daughter is still mainly using bottles, but we have started to introduce sippy cups. She will try to get them to her mouth (a feat she can’t do with a bottle unless she is lying down) and has tried a few types so far. I love the shape of the mOmma, however, when you turn the cap to close the cup, the sipper also turns and can become uneven with the handles. 

Perhaps if the sippy cup had the handles on the top but separate from the cap/sipper feature, it would make it easier to make the sipper and handles line up, thereby allowing the baby to get the sipper to its mouth. The handles are very helpful in helping her get the sippy cup close to her mouth. 

Over all a good sippy and has not leaked yet even though my daughter throws it around.

Can’t wait to try the mOmma straw cup when she is ready for a straw. She's still not quite ready, but she is eager to try sipping out of the straw!

Did you know that the mOmma Spill-Proof Cup has been awarded the PTPA Seal of Approval? Parents Tested and Parents Approved.

Editor's Note:  When using the Lansinoh mOmma cups, it is important to note that one needs to push the spout down all the way inside the collar of the cup before closing to avoid unevenness.  Pushing the spout down all the way inside the collar of the cup will help ensure proper use and an optimal drinking experience for child. 

Disclosure - Our Mom Tester received products to facilitate this honest review.


Tanya said...

I really like these cups and the straw cup is fabulous. I like that they are shaped in a way that it easy for my DD to hold. Also like the straw cup a lot. Never had any issues with lining up the handles though? Maybe your tester didn't put it on properly?

Christine McN said...

Thanks for popping by and commenting :) Happy to hear you love the mOmma cups too! I know that PTPA parents have tested it and loved! Very cool concept and design!

DeBalino said...

I have to say - the design is a show stopper! I wish I could go back in time when I was on the hunt for the perfect sippy cup for my Little One. I would definitely give this a whirl! Plus I LOVE the colors! I'm pretty much done with blue and pink everything :) Thanks for posting!

Jennifer Van Huss said...

A spill proof cup is a MUST in my house even for my 7 year old!! Love the look of this one!!

Mom vs. the boys said...

these look really cute but they aren't my favourite style. I find they take up too much room in my cupboard because of the wide size

Ashley said...

Why are all the good baby cups available now that my girls are grown? We spent sooo much money on trying out bad cups.

Jodi Shaw said...

Man I wish I had these when my boys were little. The cups I used said spill proof but never were. These are adorably cute, perfect for any baby shower or gift.

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