Monday, July 08, 2013

Confessions of a Guilt-Ridden Mom

I have a confession.  I'm a guilt-ridden mom.  I know this insanity has to stop, but I can't help it.  I'm conflicted.  Little One started camp today and I don't know how I feel about it.

I'm excited for her.  In fact, I'm super excited.  She gets to spend a few weeks this Summer hanging out with her cohorts, learning new things, and having fun.

The other part of me feels guilty about not letting her have an easy, restful Summer vacation.  After all, Summer vacation, as we all know is fleeting.  It goes by far too quickly and kids are only little for a short time.  Part of me contemplated letting Little One stay home this Summer and not having structured activities.  She could play outside, play on the trampoline, and we could go to the beach after I finish work.

Yes, I work from a home office, but I put in regular working hours.  The only difference is that I don't leave my house to go to my office.  I know it's a new concept for many and most people who don't work from home cannot comprehend that just because your office is in your home, you can't just take off or do what you want whenever you want.  To be honest, I find it's more of a juggling act to accommodate scheduling and activities. For this reason, it is so difficult for me to work when Little One is home during the day.  Summer camp has been a huge blessing.

The community's Summer Recreation Program is fantastic, and so reasonably priced!  $15 a week! $20 with field trip. You can't beat that!

This week, the kids have Outdoor Expedition Week. They'll be making terrariums, going on a fossil hunt on the beach, making homemade bird feeders, and even going on a field trip to Manitoulin Streams where they will be exploring habitats and creatures in the water.  Manitoulin Streams will be taking the kids on a "Stream Detective" workshop where the children will be netting aquatic bugs, building a bass spawning nest, and more.

Little One is very excited about the upcoming Hands-On Science week.  They'll be doing hands-on experiments, including making their own lava lamps out of an empty plastic bottle!

Despite the fact that I know Little One will have a great time, I only wish I could spend more of the Summer with her. She's only four years old.  When I was four, we didn't do any organized activities during the Summer. For us, Summer meant getting to sleep late, sleep in, hang out with our friends and  play all day. Summer meant freedom.  It was a break from school and just a time to relax and be kids.  I put Little One in Junior Kindergarten at three years of age and now Summer camp activities at four years old.  I'm wondering if I'm doing the right thing.

Do your kids go to camp or Summer activities?  What's your take on this? Should kids just be kids and take it easy for the Summer or do you think they need organized activities?


Jennifer Van Huss said...

Girl you are the best mom ever!! Don't forget it! Let Little One enjoy! Going to camp is what they want! They have tons of fun and enjoy themselves so much!

Christine McN said...

Can I say that I wish you lived closer?!?! You and Katie (LilMissKate) keep me sane :)

Everything Mom and Baby said...

with twins i can't be bothered to rush everyone out to get my son to camp. you see for his age group its only half days which is like 2 1/2 hours. So we hang out and get to the park eventually, watch movies while i nurse or do crafts. next summer i'll put him in camp as it will full day.

Little Miss Kate said...

Love you too!
I know the guilt is killer. I feel it every time I drop Monkey off at daycare. Even though I know it is best for him and me. It is still tough!

Kerrie @ Family Food and Travel said...

I always wished that I went to camp! I think LO is going to have lots of great new experiences, and a chance to do activities that you aren't able to take her to.
I feel bad about the things I miss out on when I am at work but at the same time I know that they are learning valuable life skills and our income is what supports our family.
No need to feel guilty :)

Country Mouse, City Mouse said...

My blogging is only a part time hobby, though my computer is always open. After all my friends live in the thing :) You are making a living through social media and I give you big credit as I know the commitment you have to have.

Your little girl will have a great summer. With her at the day program it will give you a chance to get your work done while she is gone, and when she comes home you can enjoy the evening together.

My son is in a day program this week. He is gone 8 - 5 all week. Hope he is having fun!

Randa Derkson said...

Ugh I feel guilty all the time but for opposite reasons. I haven't put my little guy (16 mos) in a program yet. The problem is everything is always when it's his nap time.

Julie Harrison said...

Personally, I like to give my kids a mix of both unstructured time and organized time. It gives them a chance to hang out with kids their own ages, do some new things, and take a break from siblings. (I can't believe it's only $15!! You'd faint if you know what we have to pay here in Ottawa!)

JeannetteNL said...

I felt the same way when my son went to the summer camp. They operated from 9-noon and 1 to 4 and my son had the time of his life! He is now too old for it but he still talks about the fun times he had and the great memories. We lived in Espanola (near your neck of the woods) then and it was offered by the town for a very reasonable price and the activities were fantastic. I think my son had more fun there than he ever would have at home. I bet she will have a great time. ;-)

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