Saturday, September 29, 2007

Catching Up

I haven't been able to blog in almost a week, so here goes!

10 Good Things:
1. My cousin, "Ren" and his girlfriend "Sharmander" came to visit us on the island for almost a week.
2. My friend, "British Lion" is here visiting us for two weeks (and I've coerced him into staying even longer)!
3. My student is absolutely wonderful and we just adore her!
4. I've done whackloads of pickling in the past week! I've made pickled beets, dill pickles, bread and butter pickles, chili sauce, relishes and I've even made apple sauce, tomato juice, tomato soup...tomato everything!
5. We've gone to the beach, on a boat trip, and we have just been enjoying ourselves immensely.
6. Hubby has been enjoying having a full house and having so many people around.
7. Chance's coat has grown in and he isn't so exposed.
8. The kittens haven't had any accidents on the floor in weeks.
9. The fall colours are at their best right now. All the brilliant reds, yellows and oranges are just beautiful.
10. Hubby's birthday is coming up the weekend after Thanksgiving.

10 Bad Things:
1. Ren and Sharmander just left for Montreal this morning. I'm so sad since I just love it when they come visit us on the island! We always have so much fun!
2. I love having British Lion here! He's too funny! I just don't want him to go back to England though! LOL!
3. My student has been here for almost a month. She's got two more months with us and then she'll be studying in Toronto. I'm going to miss her when she leaves!
4. I finally got all the canning and pickling done, but I've got crazy, annoying fruit flies from having the fruits and veggies in the kitchen this week. Grrrr! I hate fruit flies!
5. The beach was gorgeous (I can't believe Ren went swimming!! Crazy!) and the boat ride was fun. The only problem is that I get motion sickness and on the way home, the ride was really, really rocky! I ended up feeling quite ill.
6. Though Hubby's been enjoying all the social interaction with all my friends and family being here, he has been working really, really hard most of the time and hasn't had as much time as he'd like to spend with everyone.
7. Chance's coat has grown back, but it still looks a bit choppy.
8. Though the kittens haven't had any accidents on the floor, they've been very rambunctious around 3AM for the past few days. They keep jumping on Hubby's face and sleeping on his neck. They really keep him up. Poor guy. They haven't been bothering me at all! LOL!
9. Soon the leaves will drop and all the beautiful colours will be gone :(
10. I have no idea what to get Hubby for his birthday!

Photos and a proper post will follow shortly.


Karen MEG said...

You're so busy C!!! I don't know when you have the time to blog, let alone come up with such great posts!
Hey is hubby a Libra? Cuz so am I. My BD is coming up soon too. Though at my age I shouldn't be advertising it so much LOL!

C said...

Yes! Hubby is indeed a Libra! Any big plans for your b-day?

I'm glad to be busy. It has been crazy busy and it seems like we're always busy like this. I'm glad that we've got so much on the go all the time, but I do miss being able to blog regularly. It's sort of theraputic and cathartic. I just like blogging! LOL!

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Life on Manitoulin: Just a bunch of ramblings from a city girl gone country!

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