Wednesday, September 12, 2007

You know you're an English (as a second language) teacher when...

1) You get a kick out of Engrish and laugh for hours about a funny sentence or word.

2) You can understand your students when no one else can :)

3) You love doing grammar activities with your students!

4) One of your favourite websites is (Photo from

5) Your dreams are filled with dipthongs and dangling modifiers.

6) You know that "iJa Ja Ja!" means "Ha ha ha!" in Spanish, "Chusok" is Korean Thanksgiving, "Ohanami" is the Japanese cherry blossom festival and "Caipirinha" is Brazil's national cocktail.

7) You keep a book of all your favourite quotes from students.

8) Your students are some of the most important people to you.

I actually do have a book of quotes from students. I take out the book and read some passages when I need a pick-me-up :) Some of the quotes are so endearing and just so sweet. Take for example:

*"I love to eat octopus balls." *"I hate he!" *"Time flies like arrow."

*"I am confusion." *"I like to play with my boyfriend on weekends."


Cherry said...

ohh.. Octopus balls! Actually I just had Takoyaki for the first time today!

Isn't it awesome that you love your work? Truly few people are able to find a career they are so passionate about.

Uncivil said...

LOL!!!!I so, needed the laughs this morning!!!!!
Me lub dis post!

japanmanpete said...

I am an English teacher, but I don't know what you are talking about. I also have dreams of thongs and dangly bits but I do not think they're the same as your dipthongs and dangling modifiers. Cheers for linking the definitions! I didn't know what those were. Now I can go to work tomorrow and make my co-teachers think I'm brilliant!


mrinz said...

'I am confusion' - I like it! I think I will adopt that saying, it rings a bell somehow!

louann said...

I did teach ESL for like 3 months - and I guess that's too short a time for me to say that I can agree with your list LOL!
I taught Koreans - we have tons of them here.

A Watkins Man! said...

Hey, I know what a “Caipirinha" is! Our Lions Club in Moose Factory was twinned with a Club from Osorio and we had the honour of hosting them at the International Convention in Montreal many years ago. Needless to say, a good time was had by all, at least until we ran out of limes!

Karen MEG said...

Your students are so rucky! That is so cute that you've kept the quotes from them. Love it C!

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