Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Does Anybody Know...

1) how to get to the island from Pearson International Airport by bus? I've got a friend from the UK who is coming to visit us next week. The only problem is that I am unable to pick him up in Toronto. Does anyone know if there is a bus service that goes from Toronto airport to the island?

2) how to get rid of that awful cat pee smell? One of the kittens wanted to sleep in our bed last night, but Hubby didn't want her to. He kept taking her off the bed and putting her on the floor because she was bothering him. Poor Hubby! Anyway, the kitten was really upset and peed right beside Hubby's pillow. I've had to strip the bed since everything was soiled (the quilt, the flannel blanket, the fitted sheet, the mattress protector, and even the mattress)! Everything has been washed, and I sprinkled baking soda over the soiled area on the mattress and have vacuumed it. I've repeated the process and it still has that hint of cat pee. It certainly is odiferous.

Hubby's solution? Kick the kittens out of the house. I'm thinking I need some miracle product or solution that breaks down the enzymes. Any ideas? Help!


Curiosity.Killer said...

I got lost driving there from Toronto, remember? I wouldn't know how or what or where to begin...

Or it can just be a really expensive cab ride.

Anonymous said...

not a problem. tell your friend to take the airport "rocket" service from kipling and he can get to union station on front street from there. he can catch the bus (coach canada or greyhound, i believe) from toronto to sudbury. check out the webiste for schedules and fares. tell your frined not to worry- it's pretty easy!

t said...

Oh dear! Sorry to hear about the cat pee! That sucks. Cat pee is like the hardest thing to get rid of. Pet stores carry bottles of stuff that you can spray on the area where the cat peed and it takes out stains and removes smells. You should also look for some repellent spray and spray it where you don't want the kittens to pee. It's not supposed to smell for humans, but the cats can smell it. It's not supposed to harm them either.

About your friend. There's a train that goes to Sudbury from Union station in Toronto. That may be a faster way. Why doesn't he rent a car at the airport? We make it to the island in record time. It's such an easy drive. I don't know how anypne can get lost when you only have to go on like three major highways from Toronto. Your friend should be able to find his way easily. It takes us six hours to get to the island from Markham.

~M~ said...

Petsmart (not sure if you have those in your area) has a product called Nature's's an enzyme cleanser that works pretty well. I've tried everything under the sun and it works the best. You just soak the area and let it air-dry...may need to re-do it a few times. It works the best of all of the things I've tried. Good Luck.

mrinz said...

Hmm - can't help you with getting from Toronto to the Island (hehe for obvious reasons)- but cat pee - I have always used a weak, very weak - solution of Janola and water, seems to kill the smell. BUT CAUTION - Janola is a bleach so you have to try a bit first. Can be a bit risky.

Your local vet may well have some preparation that you can buy.

~M~ said...

Of course, you can link me on your blog. Thank you! And good luck with the cat pee smell.

Curiosity.Killer said...

I don't own a cat, C -- but you know something... I heard that "Odor-Out" (a product you can get from the vets, I heard)... are amazing and you should use a black light to see yellow and green spots which indicates where the cat pee ammonias are still lingering... when there's no spots, there's not smell, etc. That's what I heard.

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