Saturday, September 01, 2007

Curiosity Killer's World Tour- This Stop: Canada

This post is a joint effort between Curiosity Killer and yours truly. Photos by: CK and C (but mostly by CK). Check out CK's post in a few days. She'll be posting after she returns to Hong Kong and perhaps after she recovers from jet lag!Many of you know that my gal pal, Curiosity Killer is in the final stretch of her Canadian Tour. After partying, visiting with her friends, shopping and enjoying her time in Toronto, she concluded her North American visit with a trip to the Island.

CK and I were friends in Toronto, but have surprisingly grown even closer after we both moved away. Thanks to the Internet, e-mail and blogging, we've been able to keep in touch.

There's no doubt that when CK said she'd be coming up to the island, I was excited! I just love this girl! She's so much fun, she's crazy like me, and she is intelligent and super talented! She's an accomplished pianist and a piano teacher, a fantastic cook, and is just filled with creativity and imagination. She's been one of the few friends of mine who has made the trip to the island every year since I've been up here. She was even at our wedding last summer.

CK and I spent the first day sightseeing. We went to the Bridal Veil Falls and then kicked back at my place with some mojitos. We then met up with Hubby and CK's friend, Mr. Über Coolness at the Garden's Gate Restaurant for supper. As always, the food was delicious. Hubby and I both had the Fettucini Alfredo with chicken. Mr. Über Coolness had the blackened trout, and CK had the whitefish. The mushroom soup and the vegetables were also very mouthwatering. None of us had room for dessert, but being the horrible people we are, we all decided to have some. I had the keylime pie (how predictable am I?), while Hubby and CK had the chocolate torte and Mr. Über Coolness had the Mad About Chocolate Cheesecake. We would recommend everything on the menu, because everything is so delicious! There isn't anything on the menu that we don't like at this restaurant.

The following day, CK and Mr. Über Coolness wanted to buy some fish from Purvis Fishery. I was impressed that they knew about Purvis fish! On Fridays (in the summer), the Purvis truck comes to town and parks in the parking lot where the Farqhuars' Ice Cream building is. People line up on Fridays for this! It's an event in its own! The fish is delicious and so fresh. I'm not a fish person, but I do love Purvis fish! I'd like to recommend the smoked trout in cajun flavour. Afterward, we went to Red Lodge Resort. Hubby and I are friends with the owners of the resort. They have a lovely restaurant nestled in the middle of the most picturesque setting. We had the dumpling soup, vegetables, mashed potatoes, and Rouladen, a German dish of meat rolls filled with bacon, onions and pickles. Instead of mashed potatoes, CK opted for the homemade Spätzle (German noodles). CK and I were bad and shared a Peach Melba for dessert.
For a unique dining experience, Red Lodge is also a nice place to try. It is really neat to be able to eat authentic German food and be by the water.

Lounging around at the Red Lodge. How relaxing and perfect can an afternoon possibly be?

On Saturday, Hubby and I were invited to Mr. Über Coolness' cottage for a BBQ. Hubby and I brought our homemade burgers and brought buns and drinks, while CK cooked up a storm. She made a deliciously sweet carrot soup, bacon covered in Hubby's homemade maple syrup, bruschetta with pesto sauce and topped with trout from Purvis, and some BBQ'd trout prepared with one of CK's wonderful assortment of ingredients.

We were stuffed and the pooch was exhausted. Chance thoroughly enjoyed himself at Mr. Über Coolness' cottage. He swam, fetched sticks in the water, and entertained himself by chasing rocks.

It was indeed the perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon. CK, we miss you already! xo


Curiosity.Killer said...

I love how you coined the name "Mr. Uber-Coolness". Very fitting indeed!

You didn't post the snacks I got you!!

C said...

LOL! I couldn't think of another nickname for him and that one just came to mind! Quite fitting, I think! ;)

I forgot to upload the pics of your snacks! I'm on it though! ;)

hotmommy said...

OHH looks like so much fun! Can I come over and chill with you too? :0)

japanmanpete said...

You are the hostess with the mostest! Everyone should be so bloody lucky to visit you on that island of yours. Thanks to CK's and your blogging about the trip, you'll be getting more and more visits from friends, I fear!


Uncivil said...

WoooooHoooo Chrissy

Great post and even greater life you guys have. Enjoyed hearing about CK's visit. Hello CK and Mr Uber Cool!
The pics were marvelous, and I liked the way you ended it with Chance chillin on the deck!

C said...

Sure! C'mon over! ;)

Awww...shucks! Thanks! Thanks for the e-mail too. Sorry to hear you guys won't be able to make it to Canada this year. Have fun in good 'ol England though! Maybe next year! ;)

Yes, we had a wonderful visit with CK and Mr. Uber Coolness. Chance had fun too!

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