Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I remember when I was in my teens and early twenties, thirty seemed ancient. Thirty seemed like this age that I'd never get to because it was so far away.

Today I turn 32.

I don't really feel old. I don't exactly feel young either. I catch myself thinking about my youth
and the "good 'ol days" quite often though. I miss those carefree days. This said, I am really happy and feel like my thirties are full of adventure, excitement and new lessons.

In honour of my 32nd birthday, here are 32 things about me:

1. I am a family person. Nobody messes with my family!

2. I have been married to my wonderful Hubby for a year and a half now!
3. When I was a teenager, I always thought I'd get married at 24 and have my first baby at 26. Things didn't exactly go as planned! Career and stability before all else for me!
4. Hubby and I want to have three or four children.
5. I picked out our future children's names already (Haha! I picked them out a long time ago)!
6. I don't like pop/soda/cola...whatever you call it.
7. For some reason, I've never been able to finish an entire can of pop/soda. I can only drink half a can and I always feel guilty for wasting!

8. Christmas is my favourite holiday.
9. I was born a week before Christmas.

10. My mom said she wanted to name me Christmas because I was a "blessing". Thank goodness she and my dad didn't name me Christmas!
11. The Chinese character for my maiden name translates to "tree" in English. Imagine being called "Christmas Tree"?
12. I have two nieces and one nephew.

13. I started taking pottery lessons and I am now addicted!
14. I'm allergic to cat and dog dander, but I have cats and a dog.
15. I'm allergic to dust and mold, but I live on a farm.
16. I'm allergic to cigarette smoke.
17. Hubby and I go down south to the International Plowing Match and the Outdoor Farm Show every year.
18. I actually love going to those farming events! They're educational and fun! Seriously.
19. When I'm on the Island, I sometimes feel like I'm not "country" enough for some people.
20. When I'm in the city, I no longer feel "city". My friends and family joke about how I've gone country. I'm neither here nor there. *sigh*
21. Hubby and I are very involved in the community.

22. I sometimes feel like I have too much on my plate.
23. I often don't know when to stop and rest.
24. I check my e-mail, blog, and Facebook every day.
25. I love teaching ESL (English as a Second Language).

26. I am horrible with using PhotoShop.
27. Friends are very important to me.

28. I love living on the Island.
29. I get stressed out driving in the city. I hate traffic.
30. I would like to learn how to drive standard.
31. I cannot parallel park and I'm horrible at reversing into parking spaces.
32. I wouldn't change a single thing about my life :)


dee said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Chickie!!!!! Hope you're day is a great one!! Did you score any wonderful gifts or is hubby waiting for x-mas to spring them on you???


Ellie said...

Happy Birthday!! Have a great day today. 32 is not old. Just wait until you turn 38!! Now that is old!! Or so my family keeps telling me!

There is a little something on its way to you via Purolator, if dh remembered to send it!


C said...

Thank you! Oh, Hubby spoiled me! He took me out for shopping and lunch on the weekend and we also got together with friends on the weekend. Today, he and my parents are taking me to an Italian restaurant.

I've been meaning to call you. We must do some catching up soon. Love and miss you! xo

Thanks for the birthday wishes! Oh, you and my Hubby are the same age! :) I keep telling him that when he was in kindergarten, I was just born! Better yet, when he was in college, I was in high school! LOL!

Awwww...Thanks in advance for the little something you've sent! You are so sweet! xoxo

PinksandBluesGirls said...

C, this was a wonderful post! You are truly blessed with a beautiful heart, and everyone who knows you is blessed because of that.

Have a very special birthday!

Oh, and regarding your comment to Ellie... I love reminding my hubby that when he was a freshman in college, I was in FOURTH GRADE!! Haha.

Big birthday hugs and kisses to you!


t said...

happy birthday chris! i'm at work and am not supposed to be surfing the internet but just wanted to wish you a very happy birthday. i'll call you tnight,

Ms. Mamma said...

Happy Birthday you sweet, dear person! You are so amazing. You never cease to surprise me. Who would have thought you'd send ME a present and I'd get it just before YOUR birthday. You should be getting something completely fat free on Friday! I heart you girlfriend!

mrinz said...

Happy Birthday Chrissy!!!!!!!
I hope that this year brings you lots of luck and happiness!

I think that 32 is a good age to be - young enough to remember what your carefree days were like, but old enough to appreciate all the good things in life.

Kia ora.

D'Rae said...

Happy Birthday! I hope your day is blessed with fun and family!

AnnieM said...

Happy, Happy Birthday! I 've said it before, but you really are the sweetest person I've never met. I'd love to meet up some day.
(wow that sort of sounds like a internet dating comment!) Hope you have a wonderful day.

Mason loves his soap. I showed him your picture online and told him that you sent it for him. He said,"that was very nice of her!" It was more than nice, Thank You.

J at www.jellyjules.com said...

Happy Birthday C! I'm 42 in just under two weeks, and I can tell you, the 30s are groovy, and the 40s seems OK so far, too. :)

I like your list. I'm glad you didn't say, "I'm allergic to cigarette smoke, but I smoke cigarettes"! :)

I saw your comment the other day on my blog, about altruism. I was thinking I might make a post about it, if I have enough to say. Want to post on the same day? :)

Karen MEG said...

Happy Birthday you sweet girl!!! And 32 .... you are a BABY... just wait, that means I'm more than a freakin' DECADE older than you are LOL!!!!
I loved these 32 things about you. And so characteristic, that you're actually allergic to cat/dog dander and yet you're such a loving pet owner. That says it all about you.
Hope you have a very, very special day!!! Hugs from me and the kiddos, esp. little G, who's particularly snuggly these days, believe it or not!

FancyMamma said...

Happy Birthday!!! Hope this is the best year yet!!!

~M~ said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you had a wonderful day! I'm only a couple of years behind you...

Uncivil said...

Happy BurfDay to you!
Happy BurfDay to you!
Happy BurfDay Dear Chrissy!
Happy BurfDay to yooooouuuuuuuuu!

Curiosity.Killer said...

Happy birthday chrissy!!!!

I can understand you being "not being here nor there". Well, I'm mostly city... but their local language here is foreign, but I don't look that foreign, so I'm really neither here nor there.

But I love this post! I love your blog, and I love you! Happy happy birthday!!

C said...

Thanks so much for the birthday wishes and kind words! Love you, girlfriend!

I forgot that Steve is older than you! :) Hubby is 6 years older than me. How many years is Mr. Routine older than you? You told me once, but I forget. I kind like being married to an "older man"! LOL! I love teasing him about that...and I know he'll be reading this! LOL!

Thank you! Thank you! You know, we got back from the restaurant and there were tons of messages on the answering machine. It was so sweet. Then I thought, "Hmph! The only time they call me is on my birthday???" LOL! Just kidding. I feel very loved today. I'm in a great mood :) TTYS! xo

C said...

No hay problema, amiga! Glad you enjoyed your pressies! Thank you for your kind words and your b-day wishes. You truly are one of my fave people in the world! :) xo

I always love reading your comments. You just have such a wonderful way with words and you always know just what to say and when to say it! xo

C said...

Thank you! You are so sweet! Please let me know when you receive your prize for decoding the secret phrase! ;) Hope you get it before the holidays.

Awwwww, shucks! Thank you :) That Mason is such a cutie! Both of your kids are A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!! Just like their Mama!

C said...

Haha! I was actually going to say, "I'm allergic to cigarette smoke, but both of my parents and my brothers smoke!" I think one of my brothers quit smoking though. Anyway, I get really, really bad reactions to cigarette smoke. I'm talking puffy eyes, chest pain, difficulty breathing, nausea, headaches. It's embarrassing. The sad part is that I get so sick from smoke, but I don't even smoke! :(

Yes! I think we should both post on altruism on the same day. Just gimme the word and I'm there. ;)

You CANNOT be an entire decade older than me!!! That is IMPOSSIBLE! I say this because you and I both look soooooooooooo young! Maybe it's our Asian genes! We age well! LOL! ;) Nah, you are definitely not a decade older than me! :)

C said...

Fancy Mamma:
Thank you! It did turn out to be a wonderful birthday. I was spoiled today :) Not just the shopping and dinner out or anything...more like the messages from friends and family, the notes, the phone calls...just the "I'm thinking of you" part makes me feel so happy. I'm feeling really good. What a natural high.

Thank you for the b-day wishes! :) How have you been?

C said...

You have got to be my favourite redneck in the whole world! I (heart) you! Thanks for the wishes!

Well, my dear, dear friend. I must say that you have succeeded in making me cry! Thank you for your b-day wishes and all those nice things you said. Love you too! Miss you lots! In some ways, you moving to HK and me moving to the Island has made us even closer friends :) When we were both in Toronto, our schedules didn't permit us to see each other much, with the exception of a few parties, camping trips, or girls' nights here and there. Now, with the distance and an ocean separating us, we've somehow become way closer. I do love the time we spend together when we do get together on the Island. The last three summers in a row were truly special. Thanks again, girlfriend! Love you! xo

Jeanna said...

Happy Birthday to you, (singing) Happy Birthday to you. It looks to me like you got it all. And you are at the perfect age; not a 20 something dork and young enough to do anything.
Funny, I took 21 and @$*ty pretty hard. But 32!

louann said...

Happy happy happy Birthday Chrissy!!! You are a wonderful person. I pray you have another good year ahead of you =)

C said...

It's funny, isn't it? I took 21 and 25 pretty hard, but 32...mehhh...no problem! I find my 30s to be just such a wonderful age!

Thank you so much! You are so sweet! xoxo

japanmanpete said...

Sorry I am late. Happy birthday. I'll have a pint of Guinness for you!


Uncivil said...

OK...I know I sang you a Burfday song yesterday.........but I gots anudder one today!

Just pretend it's yesterday!!!!

"Today is a burfday I wonder for who?
It must be someone right in your room?
So look all around and find somebody Whooooooooooooooooo!

.....is laughing and smiling....my goodness it's you!!!!!


C said...

LOL! Thanks! Go ahead and drink that pint of Guinness for me :) I tried to drink a pint of Guinness with some friends from the UK. I only had two sips and that was enough for me! LOL! A Bellini or a Mojito...that's an entirely different story! I'll take two of each! :)

LOL! THANK YOU! You just made my day! Sending you lots and lots of hugs!

caninecologne said...

happy (belated) bday! sounds like you had a lovely day! at 32, you are still a young thing! :)

C said...

Thanks! By the way, I got your package in the mail today! Sooooooooo excited to listen to those CDs! Thanks for the stationary and they origami paper! You are the best!!

caninecologne said...

so glad you got the stuff!

i'll send you the song list in a separate email

Cherry said...

Ack! I'm so behind in my blog reading.

HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY C! I hope you had a wonderful birthday and are enjoying a swell Christmas with your family.

I've always wondered how people with birthdays so close to Christmas felt about that. My grandmother shared your birthday and my mom always made sure we celebrated her birthday separate from Christmas.

BTW - that was a great list! I would never have guessed you were allergic to kitty and puppy dander. I'm glad you are able to still share your lives with them despite the allergies!

C said...

Thanks! We're listening to the CDs now. They're great! Thanks! :)

Thank you! :) I actually love having my birthday a week before Christmas. Many of my friends who are Christmas babies say that they always felt that they got ripped off, but I've always had a birthday and Christmas...double the fun! Being the only girl in the family for the longest time also helped! I was "the princess" for the longest time :) Now the novelty isn't there anymore, as I'm no longer the only girl! LOL!

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