Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Not So Miserable Anymore...



I cannot tell you how horrible it has been to have no internet at home for six days! I know it sounds silly to be miserable just because I couldn't get online for almost a week, but I was seriously suffering withdrawal! I know that in the past, people have survived without the internet in their daily lives. However, much of my work requires the computer. I need to check e-mail from students (and potential students) in the morning and in the evening, and I often have to do research for the curriculum and do all sorts of interesting ESL things.

Okay, I did miss blogging and checking out my Facebook. Thank you to some of you really sweet friends who were worried about me not posting or getting in touch for nearly a week! Tee hee! I am fine and the only reason I didn't answer any messages was because we had no internet at home.

Oh, and if anything good can come out of not having internet at home, it's this:
I got a whole bunch of Christmas ornaments made and I've sent out all our Christmas cards. I even mailed off some presents to people we won't be seeing over the holidays.

and this:Our fridge was sooooo full and I didn't know what we had in there! We had everything from Japanese plum wine, a huge wheel of Brie, Korean kimchi, lots of jams, preserves and condiments, to a carton of soy milk with an expiration date of March 2004! Ick! We even had tupperware containers of soup and other leftovers that were growing green fuzz! LOL! Sooooo gross! I chucked a lot of things out into the compost and washed all the jars and containers. I even gave the fridge a good scrubbing. I'm pleased with our sparkling clean fridge.

It's amazing what other things you can find to do when you don't have internet access! All the things that you need to do actually do get done!!! LOL!I even got to brush up on my linguistics and phonetics for the pronunciation portion of my ESL (English as a second language) lessons. Most Japanese, Taiwanese, and Korean students know use the above symbols for pronouncing English words. My students are sometimes better with the symbols than I am because I haven't had to use them a lot recently. They're more familiar with the symbols because they have studied them much more than I have (since English is my first language and I've never really had to use those symbols outside of the ESL world). I had fun studying again and I left this note in the office for Hubby to see. He had no idea what I was trying to tell him.

If you can decipher this, you get a prize :)


D'Rae said...

We need a new computer as soon as possible.

Took me a few minutes, but I think this is what it says.

C said...

Oh my goodness! D'rae, you are amazing! Have you ever taken any Linguistics classes before? You get a prize since you were the first to comment with the correct answer. Just e-mail your info to me at cg underscore lee 121875 at hotmail dot com and I'll send you your special prize :) xo

t said...

Heh heh heh! You are too cute Chris! I actully emailed yo to see if everything was ok being that you didn't email or blog in a week, which is unusual!

D'rea is amazing because I certainly couldn't make out the code! And this is what you do for a living?!? Crazy girl! Your one smart cookie, thats for sure!

P.S.: I got your Christmas card in the mail this morning! Thank you! You guys are so cute especially Chance!

FancyMomma said...

I was wondering where you were!!!
I figured it out too!!!

Dina said...

argh. i was going to say "we need a new computer as soon as possible" as well...guess d'rae gets the prize as she said it first :)
I Loved that portion of linguistics!!
it is amazing what you can get done without internet access! i think i posted about that a while ago too! the only bad thing is it's harder to keep in touch with people who don't live near by if you don't want to rack up long distance charges:)

C said...

Glad you received the card! We had fun making it! Okay, I had fun making it! LOL!

Fancy Momma:
I'm off to check out your blog! Anxious to hear how your trip went!!! xoxo

C said...

That was one of the fun parts of linguistics! The word trees were fun too. I can't believe I still remember that stuff!

I got A LOT of things done around here (and we had ballet recitals, a play, Island Singers' practice, the Snowflake Fair, chores, appointment bookings, and tons of other things that needed to get done)...but I am so glad to have the internet back! LOL!

Uncivil said...

It's so good to see you back C. We've been missing you!

C said...

Thanks! You are too sweet! I'm sooooooo glad to have the internet back! LOL!

Ellie said...

I'm glad that you're back! I have had computer probelms myself recently, and it drives me crazy when I can't check in with people! You have inspired me to clean out my fridge, ugh, I guess if you were brave enough to do yours, I can manage to clean my own!

Your ornaments are great, btw!


D'Rae said...

I have never taken a linguistics class before. I just tried to sound it out.

Curiosity Killer said...


Then I realized you already have people answering and figuring it out.

Took me a few minutes, but once I read that your Japanese/Korean students would read this, I figured it was one of those dictionary pronunciation languages. Very cool!

Cherry said...

I am loving that light bulb snowman ornament! So cute!

mrinz said...

Love your Christmas ornaments!

Isn't it amazing how much time out of the day the internet can take!

I didnt have a hope of working out the 'code'!

louann said...

Those ornaments are the cutest! I recenlty (last Christmas) started collecting snowmen. Do you collect anything in particular?

C said...

I noticed you've got a lot of snowmen at your place! I think I like my snowman ornament better than the Santa Claus one we did.

Wow! You're good! I remember having a rough time with that part of our linguistics class! Wish I had known you back when I was in university! LOL! You could have helped me with my homework! :)

C said...

Hello, my lovely! How are things over at your end of the world? I was listening to Lily Allen again and thought of you. I wish we could replay that perfect day at KenB's cottage. Absolute perfection.

Cute, isn't it? It's so easy to make too! I think it's such a neat idea. I never know what to do with old light bulbs and I always feel so guilty having to get rid of them. Now I'll be making ornaments with them. To all of my friends out there, HAHA! YOU KNOW WHAT YOU'RE GETTING THIS YEAR, SUCKAS! ;)

Thank you :) I was just looking at all your wonderful photos on your blog. So pretty!

C said...

Hi there! Well, I didn't think I had anything in particular that I collected as ornaments. Our tree is practically naked because I wanted to start that new tradition of us making our ornaments together. LOL...Hubby is cringing as I write this! :) This will be our 3rd Christmas together and our 2nd Christmas as a married couple.

Oh! I did just notice that quite a few of our ornaments are either stars or snowmen. Hmmmm...thanks for bringing that up. Maybe I'll start collecting snowmen and stars!

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